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Woman’s car burglarized at Vikingsholm parking lot

After she parked her car at the lookout point at Emerald Bay above Vikingsholm and taking in the scenery, a 29-year-old British tourist returned to her rental car to find a man inside rifling through her purse, an El Dorado County sheriff’s deputy said.

The woman, from Isle of Man, located among the British Isles, believed she had her 2003 Dodge Neon rental car unlocked, which gave access to the man who fled down the hillside with about $350, the deputy said.

He is described as an Asian male, 5-feet-7 inches tall, 170 pounds and about 20 years old. He was wearing a white jacket, black pants, black hat and had a camera around his neck.

In other news:

n A 48-year-old South Lake Tahoe man was taken into custody on charges related to child cruelty when he allegedly struck a 16-year-old in the face and shoulder, a South Lake Tahoe police officer said.

The man came home with the teenager’s mother and told the teenager that he shouldn’t be there, authorities said. The man fell down some stairs, went into the room where the teenager was hiding and reportedly hit him, the officer said.

The teenager’s father took the boy to the police station and a report was filed. The teenager said the man had hit him before, the officer said.

n A 20-year-old South Lake Tahoe man was arrested on charges of battery and possession of a deadly weapon after he punched his roommate and was found with metal knuckles in his pocket, a South Lake Tahoe police officer said.

The roommate came to pick up the man, who was intoxicated and couldn’t drive, and the two soon got into an argument about an earlier incident in the day when the man allegedly threw a beer bottle at the roommate, the officer said.

The roommate told authorities he was tired of similar past incidents, and decided to call the police and report the Wednesday night battery, the officer said.

n A 1996 Nissan Sentra had all its windows broken, a fence was spray-painted and windows on a house on the 1200 block of Sierra Boulevard were smashed by somebody Wednesday morning, a South Lake Tahoe police officer said.

n A 1991 Jeep Cherokee used by a state water agency had four of its tires, including the spare, stolen.

The left rear tire was not taken and the loss was estimated at $600.

n A fight that occurred during the Super Bowl at Harveys Resort and Casino resulted in a 30-year-old Redwood City man being taken into custody, a Douglas County sheriff’s deputy said.

While being escorted out, the man reportedly pushed and struck several security officers, the deputy reported.

During the fight, a woman got knocked over and complained of a sore thumb, while a man was struck in the face and a lens in his $400 prescription glasses was broken, the deputy said.

n Angry that his friend was asked to leave Caesars Tahoe, a 22-year-old South Lake Tahoe man was also asked to vacate the premises. He was escorted out and as he neared the exit he turned and punched a security officer in the face, a Douglas County sheriff’s deputy said.

n A manager of a clothing store located at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe noticed a missing Sahara-colored, 44-sized Remy coat worth $750, a Douglas County sheriff’s deputy said.

The manager guessed the theft occurred sometime on Jan. 24 between 4 and 10:30 p.m. Casino security said a camera was aimed at the rack and it would take awhile to review the tape.

n More than $2,000 in musical equipment was taken from Bill’s Lake Tahoe Casino when a man caught on security tape unplugged a guitar amplifier and later walked out with it, a Douglas County sheriff’s deputy said.

The camera followed the man walking out to his dark-colored car resembling a Chevy Camaro without the equipment, then parking near the ramp used by musicians, the deputy said.

The vehicle was out of range so authorities couldn’t see if the man was loading the Line 6 amplifier and foot pedal into the car during the early hours of Jan. 17, the deputy said.

n A 22-year-old woman from Lancaster reported her 178-cm Rossignol Bandit skis with Fritchi bindings stolen from a snowbank near Boulder Lodge, a Douglas county sheriff’s deputy said.

The skis were worth $1,000.

n Two men from Southern California reported goods stolen from their 1987 Toyota Camry that was parked at the Harrah’s Lake Tahoe parking lot, a Douglas County sheriff’s deputy said.

A blue Burton snowboard, snowboard boots, duffel bag filled with clothes and transponders were among the items missing.

n A 22-year-old Concord man was taken into custody for allegedly using a Heavenly ski pass found in a friend’s car and attempting to ski before a lift operator caught him, an El Dorado County sheriff’s deputy said.

n A 1998 tan Ford Taurus, parked at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe, was reported stolen on Jan. 24 when the 58-year-old owner returned and could not find it, a Douglas County sheriff’s deputy said.

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