Young Pros Weigh In: Why we should travel |

Young Pros Weigh In: Why we should travel

Elizabeth Blann
Tahoe Regional Young Professionals
Elizabeth Blann

Tahoe is world-renowned for its panoramic mountain views, abounding regional ski resorts and active outdoor lifestyle. People flock from all over the globe to celebrate the natural beauty and recreation that Tahoe has to offer. For those of us who live here however, these amazing features are just the makeup of what makes this beautiful city, “home.” However, in order to fully appreciate Tahoe, one must venture away to return with more understanding.

In the short time since my husband and I have moved back to Tahoe, I have heard the same message from numerous people: “Everyone comes back.” We have come into contact with a large population of Tahoe residents with fabulous stories of how they have lived in and out of Tahoe but seem to find their way back here. The most interesting people I’ve met share their stories, not necessarily of where they went, but how they overcame challenges they faced or their reaction to trying something outside their comfort zone.

Traveling develops skills you may never have knows you had. Fumbling through a foreign language to find your way to a train station, surviving a whitewater rafting trip, reaching the summit of a mountain top, or scuba diving for the first time shows you what you are capable of accomplishing and sharpens the desire to do more! Those who have had traveled abroad are often more tolerant of others. By being immersed in an unfamiliar culture, one is forced to examine what and why these people do what they do. Religion and socio economic status are often the heaviest weighted factors. These key differences also force travelers to acknowledge where they come from and how they view the world. There is nothing like spending time in a developing country to make a person re-examine what is truly important in life.

One of the best parts of traveling is making new friends. Fellow travelers can be an excellent resource of places to explore. They also have different points of view than what you may share with your circle of friends back home, which can be extremely influential on how you choose to perceive the world. Mass media doesn’t always have the most unbiased viewpoint, so it can be mind-blowing to see the subject matter for yourself.

Before you pack your bags, consider a few important things. Make sure to live within your means. Whether choosing to travel outside your city or outside your country, do so responsibly. If a long-term trip abroad is in your future, look into working visas, which would allow you to travel and earn a living in your country of choice. Also important is recognizing the customs. Not everyone finds midriffs (or even knees) appropriate. And lastly, go with an open mind. It’s the only way you can reap all the benefits of what can be learned through travel.

So go. Take a risk, and come back to Tahoe as a more well-rounded, fulfilled, influential adult with stories to start a conversation to lead change. And join us at TRYP to lead us in a new conversation about how to create positive change in this gorgeous place we call, “home.”

Elizabeth Blann is a marketing associate for Harrah’s & Harveys. She has lived in six states and traveled abroad to 17 countries. She is an active member of the Tahoe Regional Young Professionals. she can be reached at or by phone at (775) 586-6832.

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