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Zephyr musician injured in mishap

Gregory Crofton and Robert Stern, Tribune staff writers

This man’s Monday was anything but sublime.

Floyd “Bud” Gaugh, a 33-year-old resident of Zephyr Cove, drummer for the Long Beach Allstars and member of Sublime, a reggae-rock band popular in the mid-1990s, cut his left wrist and was found bleeding at the foot of his driveway by paramedics.

The report came from dispatch at 3:30 p.m. after a Zephyr Cove resident walking by a driveway at the 100 block of Sugar Pine Drive found Gaugh covered in blood.

Gaugh reportedly told the man to call 911 because his girlfriend had cut him with a knife and run from his house.

Deputies arrived and reportedly found Gaugh extremely intoxicated, uncooperative and talking loudly.

At first Gaugh told deputies his girlfriend cut him, but later said he “accidentally cut his wrist while slicing steak.”

Although Gaugh admits to drinking, he told the Tahoe Daily Tribune a different story on Thursday. “I was working on my car, and I was stripping some wire with a knife and it cut my forearm,” he said.

According to reports, a deputy followed a trail of blood up the driveway into Gaugh’s house where furniture was overturned in a front room and a stereo was blaring.

Later Gaugh reportedly became more agitated and told a deputy not to talk to him anymore and headed toward the front door of his house. Deputies stopped Gaugh from allegedly slamming the door on them. They told him they couldn’t leave until they found out what happened.

After they forced their way through the front door, Gaugh reportedly came at a deputy who hit Gaugh in the eyes with a chemical spray, sending him screaming to the floor.

“I got sprayed in the face with pepper spray from the police officer because they thought something fishy was going on,” Gaugh said.

Deputies handcuffed the 33-year-old and paramedics took him to Barton Memorial Hospital where he was treated and released.

Inside the drummer’s house, deputies reported they found a large pool of blood on the kitchen counter and a smashed cordless phone on the floor.

A deputy reported that there was no steak in the kitchen and that Gaugh “most likely cut himself.”

Before the ambulance left, Gaugh’s mother and stepfather arrived at the scene. The stepfather reportedly told a deputy that Gaugh was having a relationship problem with his girlfriend who was in Southern California. He also said Gaugh had been on the phone all day with the woman.

But on Thursday Gaugh said he was relaxing with family.

“Everything is fine,” he said. “My family is in town and everything is great. I’m looking forward to a wonderful, white Christmas.”

Gaugh denies that he intentionally cut himself.

“Dr. (Steven) Banner said I could play drums today if I wanted to,” he said.

Gaugh said he was in and out of the hospital, just long enough to get six or seven stitches.

Gaugh was a member of Sublime until May 1996 when Brad Nowell, the band’s singer, died of a drug overdose. The band, a trio, formed in Long Beach, Calif., in 1988. They released three records during the 1990s.

Gaugh is also a member of Long Beach Dub Allstars, which includes the two surviving members of Sublime and guest vocalists. The Allstars released their first record “Right Back” in September 1999.

Gaugh said the Allstars will be coming out with a new album by the end of April and the band plans to tour ski resorts in the western states in February and March.

He said he didn’t get to do any skiing last year because he was busy in Los Angeles, but he wants to go soon.

“I’m looking forward to strapping on a pair of skis,” he said.

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