30th annual Echo-to-Kirkwood race another success

Chad Sellmer, Tribune staff writer

The 30th annual Echo-to-Kirkwood Race and Tour on Saturday drew about 260 cross country skiers and snowshoers under blustery spring skies. Paul Cushing of Carnelian Bay was the overall winner, crossing the finish line with a time of 1 hour, 53 minutes and 33 seconds.

Ann Klinefelter of Bishop, Calif., was the first woman to compete the 13-mile course from Echo Summit to Kirkwood Touring Center. She completed the trail in 2:09:43. Second-place overall weent to Joe Pace of Tahoe City (1:54:15), followed in third place by Doug Read of Carnelian Bay (1:59:38).

Ted Lenzie of Folsom, Calif., was the first snowshoer across with a time of 3:16:11 and Trina Tagas of Shingle Springs was the first female at 4:32:30.

The race is sponsored as a fund-raiser by the El Dorado Nordic Ski Patrol.

Monte Hendricks, a senior patroller with the EDNSP, acted as operations chief for the race. He said the weather played some tricks on participants but also created a more picturesque atmosphere.

“The highlight is always the participants for me, but weatherwise we were predicted to have a bright, sunny day,” Hendricks said. “It was an absolutely wonderful day, but not quite bright and sunny. It was blustery with partly cloudy skies and much higher winds aloft because the clouds were just zipping by. It made for great views. It was very dramatic.

“I knew the participants were enjoying it because whenever somebody came by me with a camera, I was always asked to take their pictures,” he added.

Mark Stanley, head of timing for the race and involved since 1982, said it was “the best weather we’ve had in several years.

“No rain, no snow, which is good news,” Stanley said. “The snow was a little bit slower than in years past, but it was a good day.”

Stanley noted that of the 258 athletes on the course, a “great majority” of them are there for fun and exercise as opposed to heavy competition, although there is that as well.

“Our main thing is for people to come and have fun,” he said. “A great majority are doing it as a tour and to beat previous times. It works out really well and we were very pleased.”

This was the 14th annual event hosted by the ski patrol as its annual fundraiser. Hendricks said the EDNSP made “a little bit of money,” but the experience is the real reward.

“One of the benefits is having our patrol put on the event. It is an incredible organizational and training exercise for our patrol (with) planning the different elements of publicity, logistics and actually running it,” Hendricks said.

Some of the top local finishers in the ski portion of the race included the top two in the female 20-29 division: Rachel Marker and Carlie Johnson of South Lake Tahoe, while Dawn Hirokawa was fourth. Debby Thompson of South Lake Tahoe finished second in the female 30-39 division, while Rachel Pollard and Ann Friederich placed fourth and fifth, respectively. In the female 50-59 class, Davey Paiva finished fifth.

In the male 19-and-under division, Alex Sharp and Chris Filipko of South Lake Tahoe took first and second. In male 20-29, South Lake Tahoe also claimed a one-two finish with Anthony Kordonowy in first and Brendan Weiner second. In men 30-39, Mark Novak placed third.

In snowshoeing competition, Margaret Silva of South Lake Tahoe was first in the female 50-59 division.

2003 Echo To Kirkwood Results

March 22, 2003

Time Name Hometown

Cross Country Ski

Female 20-29

2:54:49 Rachel Marker S. Lake Tahoe

3:43:25 Carlie Johnson SLT

4:01:27 Mary Wholey Pleasant Hill

4:13:28 Dawn Hirokawa SLT

5:16:16 Jessica Fulton Auburn

6:09:14 Pei-Lin Hsinng Cambridge

6:09:17 Christine Chin West Lafayette

Female 30-39

2:20:10 SusanSheffield Truckee

3:10:15 Debby Thompson South Lakeoe

3:46:11 Stacey Harmer Davis

4:43:06 Rachel Pollard South Lakeahoe

4:43:29 Ann Friederich South Lake hoe

5:09:28 Karen Morvay San Jose

5:24:14 Lea Nielsen Walnut Creek

5:34:49 Marchel MunneckeTwin Bridges

6:41:18 Diane Neill Shingle Springs

Female 40-49

2:09:43 Ann Klinefelter Bishop

2:22:55 Cheryl Chipman Bishop

2:26:23 Julie Raymond Mountain View

2:37:07 Stefanie Stewart Camino

2:49:00 Kathy Walters Kirkwood

2:59:55 Cathy Bianco Sausalito

3:12:22 Kim Pawlick Davis

3:14:07 Michele Violett Brownsville

3:15:35 Janet Moody Menlo Park

3:38:33 Alison Tucher Oakland

3:38:37 Linda Zarzana Sacramento

3:38:44 Denise McKee Reno

3:44:22 Sally Coverdel Half Moon Bay

3:46:58 LorraineLeonard SLT

3:48:23 Brenda Giese Tahoe City

4:13:02 Randy Mitchell Springville

4:15:20 Lisel Blash San Francisco

4:21:51 Debby Broback Truckee

4:28:12 Cheryl Blomquist Davis

4:45:09 DianeMcCormack Verdi

4:45:24 Natialie Rossow Reno

4:46:37 Lenny Sue Tinseth Markleeville

4:55:05 Heidi Bosselman Walnut Creek

5:00:39 Maureen Reilly Chester

5:09:06 Jan LaRoss Petaluma

5:11:01 Linda Duncan Citrus Heights

5:18:15 Marjorie AHebert Reno

5:29:29 Sandra Wendel Gardnerville

5:35:25 Sarah Paul Kensington

5:35:49 Cathy Holland Mountain View

5:39:06 Deanne Hansen Pollock Pines

5:44:08 Robin Fogg Placerville

5:44:08 ValerieLauritzew Placerville

5:54:00 Emily Sprague Sacramento

5:56:38 Kristen Kiehne Placerville

6:32:24 Dree Bleakly Orangevale

Female 50-59

2:22:05 Maggie Fillmore Oakland

2:57:31 Debbie Cox Oakland

3:23:19 Ellen Petteroe Tahoe City

3:47:43 Jean Snuggs Sacramento

4:18:00 Davey Paiva SLT

4:20:59 Karen Beumer Kirkwood

4:21:33 Barbra Howard Markleeville

4:31:46 Arlene Jamar Rocklin

4:32:04 Sandi Haas SLT

5:31:30 Linda Miner Gardnerville

5:34:47 Miriam Wells Twin Bridges

5:58:49 Linda Howard Somerset

6:10:09 Maxine Binn Sacramento

Female 60 +

2:29:28 Louise Wholey Saratoga

4:20:53 Sarah E.Ramsay Garden Valley

4:32:27 Marilyn Gerhard Sacramento

4:52:25 Dorie Harmon Placerville

5:09:34 Mary Erba Kyburz

Men 19 and Under

2:46:22 Alex Sharp SLT

3:38:47 Chris Filipko SLT

5:47:15 Jason Guild Camino

Men 20-29

2:19:56 Anthony Kordonowy SLT

2:38:46 Brendan Weiner SLT

2:40:33 Michael Benevento Woodfords

4:36:22 Scott Gibb Menlo Park

Men 30-39

2:33:08 Steve Collie Truckee

3:13:27 Raoul Wertz Mill Valley

3:13:55 Mark Novak SLT

3:14:37 Dimitri Hallerbach Reno

3:16:04 Robert Spurlock Sacramento

3:19:21 Aric Wood Reno

3:39:48 Julin Maloof Davis

4:13:29 Edward Farrell SLT

4:14:55 Greg Bailey San Francisco

4:18:28 Lance Schrey Sacramento

4:24:19 Joaquin Solis Twin Bridges

4:41:13 Jean-Pierre Babka San Rafael

4:41:15 Pierson Bourquin Sausalito

5:09:20 Fred Bertsch Stateline

5:45:49 Ben Hannah SLT

Men 40-49

1:53:33 Paul Cushing Carnelian Bay

1:54:15 Joe Pace Tahoe City

2:13:05 Neil Hunt Mountain View

2:18:51 Allan Erbes Los Gatos

2:26:21 Mike Weiss Walnut Creek

2:28:49 Michael Sokolosky San Mateo

2:46:23 Michael Sharp SLT

2:48:42 Charles Fromm Pleasant Hill

2:50:04 Lars Feldskee Sacramento

2:51:26 Joe Feller Tempe

2:54:40 Jonathan Feller Mill Valley

2:56:11 John Nypl Citrus Heights

2:59:30 Jacques Landy SLT

3:02:53 Gabriel Amador Roseville

3:05:06 Bill Convis Grass Valley

3:06:39 Paul Violett Brownsville

3:09:56 Charles Dyke Oakland

3:11:35 Steve Milne Palo Alto

3:15:50 Tim Costello Shingle Springs

3:19:50 Daniel Karr Saratoga

3:20:12 Joseph McGuire SunnyVale

3:24:49 Steve Grove Sacramento

3:26:45 Barry Curran Folsom

3:31:12 Gary Mesick Gardnerville

3:31:35 Tom Logue Walnut Creek

3:31:54 Joe Filipko SLT

3:32:32 Christopher Polk Berkeley

3:32:57 Klaus Kolb Grass Valley

3:41:21 Gary Gauthier Sacramento

3:42:14 David Bakke Fairfield

3:50:09 Rhys Rowland Davis

3:58:46 Russ Plumley Shingle Springs

3:59:16 David Rittenhouse Fair Oaks

4:03:01 Jim McKee Reno

4:06:31 Michael Kennedy Palo Alto

4:10:51 Richard Wiebe San Francisco

4:13:19 Mike Hickox Alameda

4:13:56 Ken Anderson Sacramento

4:17:43 Mark Corley Davis

4:18:13 Thomas Pesko Diamond Spring

4:19:22 Jeff Woodhouse Sacramento

4:20:51 Dennis Lauritzew Placerville

4:25:21 Stephen Harding SLT

4:25:32 David Peterson San Francisco

4:28:13 William Flink Sacramento

4:29:40 Carroll Fall SLT

4:32:36 Russell Henly Sacramento

4:32:52 Ted Appel Sacramento

4:33:53 Steven Cagle Placerville

4:34:16 Michael Henehan Palo Alto

4:39:17 Peter Millman Milpitas

4:46:38 Bill Bleakly Orangevale

4:51:36 Michael Kraus San Mateo

5:05:15 Glenn Arisumi Gardena

5:05:16 Andrew Deniger Castroville

5:08:26 Christian Dragheim W. Sacto

5:11:00 Bruce Duncan Citrus Heights

5:17:41 Bruce Carlson Orangevale

5:22:03 Craig Urasaki Windsor

5:27:01 Rodney Paul Kensington

5:28:13 Kent Royle San Rafael

5:29:35 Charles Nelson Red Wood City

5:35:26 Joe Hearst Berkeley

5:35:46 Patrick Garner Vacaville

5:35:52 Bill Holland Mountain View

5:37:49 James Curry Folsom

5:42:43 Russ Whitney Sacramento

5:45:56 Tony Chapman SLT

5:47:06 Harold Guild Camino

5:52:25 Tom Compston Placerville

5:52:30 Jeff Novak Placerville

5:54:01 Jeff Sprague Sacramento

6:35:11 Gregory Vayda Monterey

Men 50-59

1:59:38 Douglas Read Carnelian Bay

2:01:50 Jim Granger Tahoe City

2:08:01 Thomas Altenbach Tracy

2:46:53 Philip Horning Nevada City

2:57:10 Jim Wholey Saratoga

3:01:02 Don Lenkeit Modesto

3:20:05 David Deffner Fair Oaks

3:29:10 Bob Maddison Mill Valley

3:33:29 Larry Benoit SLT

3:40:46 Tim Weakley Wellington

3:44:10 Ken Coverdel Half Moon Bay

3:57:40 Jim Toresdahl Estes Park

3:59:50 Ron Spencer Folsom

4:02:59 Paul Beatty Mokelumne Hill

4:03:18 Dick Neilsen Tahoe City

4:14:17 Robert Owens Auburn

4:14:25 Jeff Rockholm Placerville

4:15:52 Mike Baller Oakland

4:16:04 John PersoneniGarden Valley

4:19:08 Jim Coate Placerville

4:19:39 Bill Tichenor Gardnerville

4:27:21 Bob Cooper Placerville

4:28:02 Gregory Greenwood Placerville

4:28:58 Michael SaunderS Orangevale

4:30:02 Arther Fulton Auburn

4:30:25 Jim Ellsworth Applegate

4:31:56 Michael Browner Kirkwood

4:45:47 James Freeman Pollock Pines

4:47:31 Larry Layman Reno

4:49:08 Tom Van Noord Lotus

4:54:19 David Nurmi Chester

4:55:12 Bill Whitney Roseville

5:18:11 Mark Hebert Reno

5:19:34 Peter Lukavich SLT

5:35:57 Dennis Scott Sacramento

5:39:05 Jim Hansen Pollock Pines

5:40:52 Paul Minault Mill Valley

5:50:44 Paul Disario Gold River

6:26:40 Ronald Biell San Jose

Men 60 +

2:35:18 Rick Sylvester Olympic Valley

2:37:27 David Stewart Gardnerville

3:46:53 David Buel Pollock Pines

4:03:12 Edgar Brichta Sacramento

4:14:24 Lee Harmon Placerville

4:15:36 Warren Harnden Minden

4:41:40 Bill Straka Palo Alto

5:00:48 Richard Morissette Minden

5:09:23 Ray Hildebrand Gardnerville

5:29:13 David Willmott Folsom

5:50:11 Joe Hayes SLT

Female Snowshoers

Female 20-29

4:32:30 Trina Tagas Shingle Springs

5:02:51 Molly Visser Pine Grove

5:36:14 Kristen Vilhauer Ross

5:36:17 Kari Schroeder Davis

Female 30-39

4:32:59 LilI Joy Shingle Springs

4:38:32 Andrea Hicks Placerville

5:58:05 Jennifer Faulk Reno

6:15:45 Pam Riches SLT

6:44:11 Christine Bloomer Oakland

6:44:16 Kathy Fairbanks Sacramento

6:44:18 Nancy Fairbanks Sacramento

Female 40-49

4:32:56 Judy Huarte Shingle Springs

4:46:05 Lynn Henringer Modesto

5:59:27 Colleen Wolfe Sparks

6:18:09 Adi Miro SLT

Female 50-59

5:05:41 Margaret Silva S.Lake Tahoe

6:00:05 Wendy Butterfield Bay Point

6:44:13 Lolly Bartlett Auburn

Male Snowshoers

Male 30-39

3:44:52 Marc Gelinas Dublin

4:24:37 Alexander Kalkanis Oakland

Male 40-49

3:16:11 Ted Lenzie Folsom

3:50:33 Greg Keys Littleton

4:26:16 Jeff Hughes Rocklin

6:00:06 Chuck Butterfield Bay Point

7:02:20 Jim Baker Placerville

Male 50-59

4:28:06 David Smith San Ramon

6:14:47 Steve Shortes Shingle Springs

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