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A tough night to ‘bear’

Doug Busey

Hello, fellow anglers.

I would like to share some important information that all campers need to adhere to. When you venture to most campgrounds the first thing you may notice is a large, brown metal box for storing food.

Last week, Renee and I camped at Indian Creek Reservoir for four days. Each evening we would sit around the campfire peacefully except for the third night when it sounded like someone taking out the trash, and someone was. It seems the people next to us left out their cooler and a big, beautiful fuzzy bear was indeed taking it out, out of the cooler and out of the containers inside it. We watched for a few minutes until the bear left, but not for long. As I pointed my light into the forest, his stare came back at us. He watched for a few minutes until Renee yelled, “Go away”, and he did because we had no food or beverages out. I must admit it did make for a restless night’s sleep.

Afterward, when I spoke to Jerry, the camp host, he told me, the bears come down at night and go through the camp areas looking for food, but that is why there are food storing boxes. He told me the bears usually pass by and go to Stevens Lake below and return early in the morning.

Later on I found out one of the individuals thought it was OK to leave out your cooler if it only contains beverages. Wrong? It seems the bear drank all of the Budweiser and left the soft drinks. Please remember that is what a bear box is for. Put all away. Don’t even leave your cook stove out because bacon grease sure smells as good as a midnight snack to a bear.

Now for a short fishing update:

I spoke with Richard from Caples Lake Resort on Tuesday. Red Lake is ice-free but still has some snow around it.

As for Caples Lake, the lake is 85 percent ice-free. The main body of the lake is clear; the ice was from the resort to the spillway. Richard is trying to get the ramp open for all you anglers. Richard estimates he can have it open by this weekend. I would advise anyone planning to take their boat up to Caples Lake to call the resort first at (209) 258-8888.

Last but not least, we still are looking for volunteers for the Sawmill Pond Free Kids’ Fishing day on June 10. You can call the Naw line (775) 267-9722; leave your name and number. I will return your call.

Good fishin’ and tight lines.

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