Alm’s 300 game from the heart |

Alm’s 300 game from the heart

Bowling column by John Shott

Not only did George Alm become the first bowler from South Lake Tahoe to qualify for the California State Masters Tourney last year, but he also became the first bowler to roll a perfect 300 game on the new synthetic-urethane lanes at Tahoe Bowl last Tuesday night in the His and Hers League.

It took Alm 23 years of competing to qualify for the State Masters Tourney, which was in Bakersfield, Calif., last year, with a six-game block of 1,277. Add one more year for Alm to roll his first perfect 300 game.

The smooth right-handed power bowler started bowling when he was just 8 years old in 1973 in a small 12-lane bowling alley in Lowell, Ind. When Alm was 11 years old, he was already bowling in two leagues per week. During that time, Alm taught bowling to the other little children and became president of the league for four years.

Alm learned the basics and fundamentals of bowling by watching the Pro Bowlers Tour. While attending Vincennes College, Alm bowled on three teams and bowled against future members of the PBA.

Alm moved to Lake Tahoe in 1986 and opened his own business, Taylor Creek Auctions and Promotions, just two years ago. Alm has taught bowling for Lake Tahoe Community College for the past six years. Alm has also served on the Kiwanis Club for more than eight years, from 1989-97, and was president in 1996. In that year, Alm received the Ruby Award for fire prevention and Firefest.

Alm comes from a bowling family. His father, Robert, and mother, Marcele, took him to his first semi-pro event when he was just 1-year-old in Chicago, Ill.

Alm has been bowling on three or more leagues at Tahoe Bowl since 1986. The first highlight of Alm’s career occurred on March 14, 1991, when he recorded games of 268-279-201-279 for a 1,027 series in the Mixed Scratch Trio and became the second bowler to ever accomplish this mark.

The second highlight of Alm’s career happened on April 21, 1992, when he rolled games of 258-289-268 for an 815 series, earning a 800 ring from ABC. Alm is currently the president of the Tahoe Sierra Bowling Association and has been on the board for the past nine years, serving as president for eight of those years.

Alm’s dream came true on March 17, when he rolled his first perfect game.

“In all my years of bowling, I have met a lot of people and the one question was always asked, ‘How many 300 games have you had?’ Alm said. “Finally after 23 years of dedication, desire and determination, my dreams of rolling my first 300 game came true. It all came together for me after meeting a very special family just two hours earlier that day. “As president of the local bowling association, I was able to meet the entire Hart family where we presented the children with a $620 check that was raised through our local bowlers. It made me think of another family whose mother had cancer. Her daughter asked me to bowl a 300 for her mother as she laid in intensive care. I said I would try, and said goodbye, not knowing that it would be the last time with her mother. When I got back from the tournament, both of us did not get what we both wanted. Ever since then, I have kept that promise and dream inside about shooting a 300 for both of us. I dedicated my 300 game to my family, who have always supported me; the Hart family, who make me feel that we should always keep fighting and striving; and to my special friend who lost her mother.”

Alm is truly dedicated and loves the sport of bowling and would like to thank his sponsor, Dean Witter; all his friends who were with him at Tahoe Bowl; the entire Tahoe community; and fellow teammates.

Alm said the best part of bowling is the people you meet and how nice they really are to each other. The people who Alm has met from working for the city, the bowling alley, college, and Kiwanis Club have truly made this sport fun and exciting. After everything that George has done and given to the sport of bowling, Alm finally achieved his dream. So remember to always keep your dreams alive, because your dream may soon come true, just as George’s did.

This testimony is so special that I thought you should read it, just the way Alm’s heart stated it.

Congratulations, George – you did it!

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