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AYSO playoffs kick into gear

Parents stopped using their lawn chairs and players started realizing that soccer season doesn’t last forever.

South Lake Tahoe’s American Youth Soccer Association playoff fever has gripped the South Shore.

During the week of October 14-20, the Galaxy Girls went planetary on the Red Devils, winning 5-0 a girls’ U-10 Division playoff game at Kingsbury Middle School.

Lauren Pickering scored a goal 5 minutes into the game with an assist from Lindsey McCall. McCall scored two more goals in the first half with assists from Pickering and Alexis Arens. Kaelyn Dion scored a goal in the second half with an outstanding assist from Kayleigh Smiley and Lindsey McCall scored her third goal of the game with a picture-perfect assist from Ash Salcedo.

In other games, the Blue Angels flapped their wings and breezed past the Wizards 6-0, the Galaxy Girls rocketed by the Pink Pounders 2-1, the Silver Bullets blazed past the Tidal Waves 3-0, the Purple Flames burned the Clover Crushers 3-2, the Pink Pounders hammered the Red Devils 5-1, and the Galaxy Girls caught a comet to heaven in beating Blue Angels 3-1.

In playoff game No. 21, the Galaxy girls defeated the Blue Angels 3-1.

McCall opened the scoring in the first half on an assist from Pickering.

McCall scored a second goal before the half expiered. Midway through the second half, Kaelyn Dion scored on a McCall cornerkick, making the score 3-0.

With several minutes remaining, Tera Backinger of the Blue Angels scored on a high-speed breakaway to make the final score respectable.

In othe playoff action, the Purple Flames smoked the Silver Bullets 2-1, the Tidal Waves tubed the Clover Crushers 2-0, the Pink Pounders with a slight blush passed the Wizards 1-0 , the Silver Bullets struck at the heart of the Tidal Waves 1-0 and the Galaxy Girls went Super Nova on the Purple Flames 4-0.

On Oct. 20, the Galaxy Girls put it all together to put out the Purple Flames 4-0.

McCall scored twice in the first half, once off a centering pass from Pickering and the other on a feed from Kaelyn Dion.

McCall scored her hat trick at the outset of the second half on a pass from Hannah Townsend. Midway through the final half Alexis Arens sent a beautiful crossing pass to Pickering, who capped the Galaxy Girls’ scoring.

Also keeping the Galaxy girls unbeaten in tournament play were goaltenders Amanda Sothard and Hannah Townsend, midfielders Arens, Kayleigh Smiley, Ash Salcedo and Ashley Forrer and defenders Melissa Smith, Alma Burtraw and Jennifer Altman.

In the boys’ U-10 Division Oct. 13-20 at Meyers Elementary School, the Green Dragons rattled the Earthquakes 4-1; Team 11 beat Team 5, 2-1; Team 8 defeated the Strikers 1-0; Team 9 also squeaked past the Tigers 1-0; Team 12 dropped a loss on the Emerald Bombers 4-1; Team 2 was frozen by the Tahoe Ice 7-1; The Earthquakes were rocked by Team 5, 3-1; the Strikers put their foot into the Tigers 2-0; The Green Dragons breathed fire on Team 11, 1-0.; Team 8 outscored Team 9, 4-3; Team 5 squeezed by Team 11, 2-1; Team 12 sent a chill into the Tahoe Ice 4-2; The Green Dragons loomed over Team 8, 3-1; the Emerald Bombers exploded against Team 2, 4-1; Team 5 won again 4-2; and the Green Dragons kept their unbeaten postseason going with a 3-2 win over Team 12.

In girls’ U-12 division playoffs Oct. 13-20 at Kahle Park, the Eruption melted the Tahoe Ice 1-0; the Barnacle Babes hustled Team 9, 3-2; the Green Geckos slithered past Team 6, 3-1; Blew by You blew by the Firecrackers 3-1; the Barnacle Babes looked sharp in their second playoff victory, a 1-0 win over the Riptides; the Riptides then got sucked under and out of the tournament the next day by Team 9, 3-1; the Barnacle Babes attached themselves to the Eruption and prevented a score in a 1-0 squeeker; the Tahoe Ice froze Team 9 out of the playoffs with a 1-0 win; and the Firecrackers blew up Team 6, 1-0.

In boys’ U-12 division playoffs Oct. 13-20 at Todd Fields, the Blue Demons scared the Tahoe Icemen 1-0; the Blue Thunder struck the Green Clovers 1-0 and the Terminators sliced up the Red Devils 4-1; the Blue Demons outlasted the Blue Thunder 4-3; the Earthquakes shook the Green Reapers 3-2; the Green Clovers spread all over the meadow to defeat the Tahoe Icemen 2-1 on a pair of late goals by Miguel Gonzalez; and the Terminators Schwarzeneggered the Earthquakes 9-4.

In a morbid game, the Red Devils took the Green Reapers to the depths. The Red Devils got a first-half lead when Bryce Hiob put a ball through to Colt Johnston, who hammered it in. In the second half, another through ball by Nolan Flynn to Colt Johnston led to a second goal.

The sulphured smell of victory was halted by a quick goal from James Morisson with an assist by Dino Elias. The continued good play of Reaper keeper Nicky Kushner gave them a chance, but the sterling defense by Devils’ keeper Garren Rohrich and fullbacks Ricky Braun and Chris Whatford kept the 2-1 lead intact for the Devils.

In elimination games, the Blue Demons put the Terminators in a vice and ousted them 3-1; the Blue Thunder rattled the Green Clovers 4-1; and the Red Devils left the Earthquakes shaken 5-1.

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