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Babe Ruth roundup

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Jim Grant/Tahoe TribuneMatt Bobman of the Cubs safely slides into second base under the tag of Marcus Mellberg of the Red Sox during South Tahoe Babe Ruth action Tuesday night at Todd Fields. For results of recent games, See Page 2B.

Even with a first-inning home run by the A’s Ryan Gosh, the Rangers managed to beat the A’s 12-6 on May 12.

For the Rangers, the fourth inning was the barn-burner. All but three of the Rangers’ 10 batters in the order scored. The A’s pitchers combined for 13 walks for the day, eight were in the fourth.

The Rangers had four hits for the day and made five errors. The A’s had six hits and one error.

Indians 7, Reds 4

The Indians edged past the Reds, scoring three runs in the sixth after tying the game 4-4 in the fifth.

In the sixth, the Indians’ Chris Diana, Kyle Jones and Bo Hallum got on base through walks. Diana scored on a passed ball; Jones scored after stealing a base and advancing on a passed ball; and Hallum scored on a wild pitch.

Alex Huxtable led the Indians going 3 for 3 with a double.

For the Reds, Gavin Smith went 3 for 4 with a triple, double and single with one RBI. Randy Henson tripled.

Kyle Jones pitched the whole game for the Indians and struck out nine batters.

Mariners 8, Cubs 4

The Mariners doubled up on the Cubs on May 12.

Lead-off batter Alex Urreaga started with a triple on the Mariners’ Jerel Dutton. Matt Bobman’s RBI single started the Cubs off 1-0 going into the second.

In the second, the Mariners took a 3-1 lead with Spencer Swearingen and J.P. Foster scoring runs off walks with the help of a passed ball and Severin Nobriega’s RBI single.

The Mariners scored one more in the third and three more in the fourth to hold on for the win.

For the Mariners, Cody Harrington hit 2 for 4 with an RBI; Dutton hit 2 for 3 and scored twice; and Nobriega hit 2 for 3 with one run.

Giants 17, Red Sox 3

The Giants crushed the Red Sox to end the game in the fifth inning on May 11.

It wasn’t that the Red Sox didn’t field the ball, it’s just that the Giants kept hitting.

Mikey Van Gorden hit 2 for 3 for three RBIs, three runs and he homered in the second inning; Jake Jacobs Jr. hit 2 for 4 for two RBIs, three runs and two doubles; and Nick Heng hit 2 for 4, scoring twice and hitting a triple in the first to log three RBIs for the day.

The Giants scored five runs in the first and 10 in the fifth.

A’s 17, Yankees 7

The A’s lead-off single set the tone in their convincing victory over the Yankees in six innings on May 11.

With A’s home runs by Ryan Gosh and Kyle Churchill, the team had productive offensive innings in the first, third and fifth against Yankees’ pitcher Datrio Garrett.

Jake Cain and Daniel Tinlin hit 2 for 4 to score twice; Mike Massingale hit 2 for 4 with a triple.

Rangers 14, Mariners 5

The Rangers took an early lead with hits by Spark Antheien, Kevin Schlange and Bubba Hernandez in the top of the first to go up 3-0.

Three straight putouts by shortstop David Shue to first baseman Greg Dupree gave the Mariners their second at bat.

Despite a double by Dupree in the first, the Mariners didn’t convert until Chris Anton scored in the second, advancing on three errors. By that time, however, the Rangers were up 5-1 and they didn’t look back.

Antheien hit 3 for 4, scoring three, bringing one home; Nick Kallenbach hit 2 for 3; Schlange hit 3 for 4 with two RBIs; Ryan Bosson hit 2 for 4; Bubba Hernandez hit 3 for 3; and Chris Smith hit 2 for 3.

Cubs 9, Reds 8

Going into extra innings, the Cubs’ defense took the first three Reds down and Matt Bobman scored on a single by Michael Orman in the bottom of the eighth to clinch victory.

It was tied 2-2 in the first.

The Reds went up 6-2 in the second and 7-2 in the fifth.

But the Cubs came back with three runs in the fifth and three runs in the seventh to tie the game at 8-8 in the seventh inning.

The Reds’ Gavin Smith hit 2 for 3 and the Cubs’ Matt Bobman hit 2 for 2.

Rangers 20, Indians 5

The Rangers trounced the Indians in five innings on May 9, scoring in 20 of their 38 batting opportunities.

The Rangers had 16 hits for the day and 12 RBIs.

Giants 25, Reds 9

The Giants had it their way against the Reds, ending the game in five innings.

But it was back and forth for a while.

The Giants went up by three in the first. The Reds answered with one.

In the second inning, the Giants scored five and the Reds scored six to head into the third trailing 8-7.

The Giants scored one more in the third, then the Reds tied it, scoring two in the third.

However, against Randy Henson, who faced only three batters in the third inning, giving up one hit and striking out one, the next eight Giants scored. Henson struck out the ninth for the first out. One more runner scored. The Reds made eight errors in that inning, 17 total for the game.

The Reds went into the fifth and final inning trailing 18-7.

For the Giants, Mikey Van Gorden led the team going 2 for 3 with one RBI and four runs. Ian Rice hit 2 for 3 with one RBI and three runs.

Yankees 7, Mariners 6

In a game of evenly matched teams, the Yankees had eight strikeouts and the Mariners had six.

In the bottom of the first inning, the Mariners went up by three with two unearned runs.

The Yankees didn’t score until the third, when Garrett Datrio got on with a walk and Dean Spencer singled on a fielder’s choice play. Both scored.

So did the Mariners’ Jamie Moore and Chris Anton to head into the top of the fourth leading 5-2.

The Yankees outscored the Mariners 4-2 in the fourth to tie the game at 6-6.

In the top of the sixth, Spencer hit and eventually scored the winning run on a passed ball.

The Mariners’ Spencer Swearingen hit 2 for 3 and Jamie Moore hit 2 for 4 with the the team’s only RBI.

Cubs 5, Rangers 4

Trailing the whole game until the tying and winning runs scored in the seventh inning, the Cubs edged passed the Rangers.

The Cubs’ Matt Bobman hit 2 for 2. Ryan Bosson and Kevin Schlange combined for eight strikeouts.

For the Cubs, Schlange hit 3 for 4 and scored twice and Jason Holland hit 2 for 2.

Mariners 22, Indians 2

The Mariners’ Jacob Hash hit 4 for 4, scored twice and knocked in three runs in the Mariners five-inning victory against the Indians.

Jerel Dutton hit 3 for 4, with two RBIs and three runs.

Haven Wilvers, Albert Palaron and Bo Hallam combined to walk 12 batters for the Indians. The team made six errors.

Reds 16, Yankees 11

The Reds scored nine runs in the second inning to beat the Yankees.

The Yankees started with a 4-0 lead heading into the second.

When it was over, the Yankees led 9-5.

In the fourth, the Reds stretched their lead to 14-7 with only one hit by Gavin Smith. Randy Henson got on after a third-strike wild pitch, Evan MacLean got on with an error, and Austin Jenks and Devin Middlebrook walked. All who reached base scored.

For the Yankees, Sho Kashima hit 2 for 3 and scored three and Bryan Finkel hit 2 for 2 and scored three.

Giants 7, A’s 0

The Giants had two productive innings offensively, but combined with its defense, it was enough to blank the A’s.

The Giants score four in the third and three in the fifth to end the game in five innings.

Four of the seven runs scored on wild pitches.

Mikey Van Gorden hit 1 for 2 and scored twice; Jake Jacobs hit 1 for 2 with an RBI and scored twice; and Brian Vogt hit 1 for 2 and scored twice.

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