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Bowling, bowling, bowling

John Shott


The California State Bowling Tournament was in Fresno, Calif. in May and ran through September. More than 22,000 bowlers participated in this huge tournament, which lasted four months.

Lake Tahoe had nine teams (36 bowlers) who participated in the tournament. One bowler from Tahoe excelled at state and rolled a 2,286 series with handicap for nine games; 798 in singles, 796 in doubles and 692 in team events. His 798 in the singles division placed him in 14th place; his 796, along with Sue Dickey’s 660 series for a total of 1456, gave them 184th place in the doubles division. And he bowled 692 for the Wallpaper Wizard team. We would like to present Michael Blank with a special recognition award for his accomplishment and achievement for placing 19th overall in the California State Bowling Tournament out of 22,000 bowlers. It has been the highest anyone from Lake Tahoe has ever placed in the state tournament.

Blank started bowling in 1979 at Pinole Valley Lanes in Pinole, Calif., when he was 17. Blank began bowling in the Business Merchant League where he would socialize with his friends and enjoy himself. Blank began to practice more and more and began bowling in three leagues. When Blank moved to Hawaii, he took a 12-year layoff from the game, but moved to Lake Tahoe in 1991 and began bowling at Tahoe Bowl. Blank’s sons, Michael Jr., 8, and Matthew, 6, both bowl in the Bantam Leagues for the third consecutive year.

Blank now participates in three leagues, the His and Hers, with his wife, Carmen; the Budweiser Classic in Carson City; and the Mixed Scratch Trio. On Feb. 10, Blank rolled his highest series and highest game, 757, with games of 279, 247 and 231.

The highlight of Blank’s career occurred in November, 1996, when he captured first place in the King of the Hill tournament at Tahoe Bowl. Blank won the B Division and defeated Kathy Kochen from Carson City, who won the A Division. Blank attributes his bowling success to strong motivational attitudes toward the game from a few of his closest friends who inspire and encourage him to excel far beyond his abilities. Blank participates in all local and regional tournaments and would like to begin bowling in professional tournaments. The Lake Tahoe community would like to congratulate Michael Blank for his awesome performance in Fresno and wish him continued success throughout his bowling career. Well done, Michael!Our featured men’s bowler of the week is Rick Soyland. In September 1976, when Soyland was 13 years old, his father, Dick, and mother, Betty, started him bowling at Tahoe Bowl.

Soyland bowled in the junior program and learned the basics and fundamentals; his instructor was Dick Swartz. When Soyland was 14 years old, he started rolling a fingertip bowling ball and rolled a career- high 235 game. Soyland grew and began keeping score for his father’s team and began bowling in the Mixed Scratch League when he was 18. His parents encouraged him to bowl. Soyland took a four-year layoff and then began to bowl at Carson Lanes and Tahoe Bowl, where he has been employed for the past four years. Soyland runs the Pro Shop, drills all the balls, measures all the customers’ hands for new bowling balls, and is the head mechanic for oiling of the lanes and maintenance of the machines. Soyland is a valued member of the bowling community.

The highlight of Soyland’s career came on Nov. 5, 1993, when he rolled his highest series, 782, with games of 226, 277 and 279, with 279 being his highest game ever. In the Guys and Dolls League, bowling for Pete Lily Firestone with a 201 average, Soyland rolled games of 277, 258 and 213 for a 748 series, the second-highest series this year.

Soyland qualifies for his 700 series patch award, loves competitive bowling and with his great shooting became Shott’s Men’s Bowler of the Week. Way to go, Rick!

Our featured women’s bowler is Kimber Wasilchuk. Wasilchuk started bowling on her fourth-grade elementary school team when she was 9 years old at Delta Bowl in Antioch, Calif. Wasilchuk moved to Lake Tahoe in 1985 and began bowling in the Goofers League at Tahoe Bowl, laid off for four years and then started bowling in the Ho Hum Trio in 1994. She now bowls in the His and Hers League, with her husband, Ric, who has helped her with her bowling game, and all the rest of the Wasilchuks: Marge, Fred and Bob. They are a bowling family!

The highlight of Wasilchuk’s career occurred on April 13, when she and her partner, Adolph Zertuche, captured first place in the Scotch Doubles tournament at Tahoe Bowl, sponsored by Tom DeGuide, owner of the Goal Post. Wasilchuk enjoys bowling, socializing with friends and family and having fun at the lanes.

In the His and Hers League, with an average of 137, bowling for Lake Tahoe Golf Course, Wasilchuk recorded her first 500 series ever, 505, with games of 188, 180 and 137. Great bowling, Kimber!

Upcoming events: The Junior Adult Tournament will take place on Dec. 21 at Tahoe Bowl. Sign-ups are at Tahoe Bowl. The Women’s City Bowling Tournament will be on Dec. 6, so come down and bowl. We’ll have a great time.

High Scores of the Week:

Ho Hum Trio (11/25) – Margie Stephens 189, Carmen Withrow 182, Mary Bondietti 199, Chris Henricksen 186, Terri Paul 181. South Lake Tahoe Seniors (11/25) – Virgie Rogez 201, John Charney 202, Rick Sanchez 180, Joan Haglund 176, Ray Horton 179, George Markis 202, Lena Brum 198, Jackie Smith 175, Gary Gruber 211, Bob Allender 212, Franz Goepfert 202, John Stanberry 190, Mona Terrell 212, Mike Kazarian 184, George Cretilli 183, Leo Fuller 183, John Filas 215, Wayne Logan 197, Rande Howell 181, Ray Bennett 211, Meg Barth 179, Jack Post 184, Ken Miklosy 194, Vern Lee 193, Harold Bogardus 182. Merchants (11/25) – Gerry Catinari 199, Norm Attenborough 190, Mark Shehadi 200, Larry Johnson 210-212-203/625, Reggie Swift 176, Willie Campbell 226/601, Scott Everson 234-201/629, Jason Kershell 200. His and Hers (11/25) – Vanessa Morin 171, Mike Stewart 181, Don Swafford 193, Sandy Campbell 188, Kathy Gregorich 219, Willie Campbell 215, Sharon Dendauw 194, Elaine Gray 213, Josh Gioscia 208, Gerald Catinari 205, Julie Holzhauer 201, Kevin Iggens 215, David Olivo 236, Michael Blank 205, Roman Vondriska 225, Bob Stephens 203, Don Halvorson 205, Jeremy Agnew 188, Ed Dworak 234, Kimber Wasilchuk 188, Marge Wasilchuk 179, Fred Wasilchuk 214, Ric Wasilchuk 243/632, Tobin Malkus 179, Rich Obregon 187, Bob Bolinger 219, David Miller 215, Presley Driskill 214, Sharon Dendauw 196, Mary Bondietti 219, George Markis 221-212/616, George Alm 203-201/601.

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