By George, Vikings make presence felt on first team |

By George, Vikings make presence felt on first team

Examine the South Tahoe High football team’s seven all-division first-team selections, three first-team all-conference picks and division co-defensive MVP honor and you’d think the Vikings won the division title and went deep into the playoffs.

Not quite. South Tahoe finished runner-up in the Northern Nevada 4A League Division II and lost to Reed in the first round of the state playoffs at home. Still, the 6-4 Vikings experienced their most successful postseason award collection since they went to the zone championship and finished second in the state in 1991.

“You never know how that goes, but I thought they were pretty accurate this year,” said Viking 13-year coach Tim Jaureguito.

Top honors went to senior defensive back Matt George, who not only earned for first-team all-league but shared defensive player-of-the year honors with Wooster senior linebacker Jase Kallames.

“It feels good to know that other coaches out there selected me as co-MVP,” said George, who had a knack for making game-turning plays.

George blocked two potential game-winning field goals in the fourth quarter and set a school record with six interceptions.

“He was a total defensive player, whether he was on defensive special teams or defensive teams itself,” Jaureguito said. “He was a guy who had great impact in our division.”

The honor, however, did little to soften the blow of the Vikings’ 38-31 home playoff loss to Reed.

“Sometimes before I go to bed, I replay the whole game in my head of what we could have done better to win,” George said. “I know we could have done a lot better than that. We could have taken it all, but mental mistakes ruined it for us.”

Senior defensive end Ian Price, who missed several games with a partially torn knee ligament, and league-leading rusher Jake Hurwitz also earned recognition among the conference’s best. Hurwitz rushed for 1,275 yards, including the playoff, as a junior, behind a young but rapidly improving offensive line.

“One thing people should understand is how hard it is to make an all-league team,” Jaureguito said. “With so much parity among the 13 teams in the league this year and picking the 11 best players on each side of the ball, it’s quite an accomplishment for those guys to make the first team.”

Knee ligament injuries to senior quarterback Tim Sprinkles and senior running back James “Stump” Fabrizio forced Hurwitz to carry the offensive load. Hurwitz responded by edging Wooster’s Josh James for the rushing title, but the defending 100-meter dash champion didn’t always please his coach.

“I think he proved in the playoff game he can run hard, and that’s the attitude he has to take going into next season,” Jaureguito said. “There were times when Jake and I butted heads because I thought he wasn’t running hard enough.”

Hurwitz, Price and George were joined on the all-division first team by fellow South Tahoe seniors Tim Sprinkles, quarterback; Matt Arzio, wide receiver; Justin McGrath, defensive tackle; Justin Murray, linebacker; and junior kicker Carlos Romero.

McGrath, Murray, Sprinkles, Arzio and Romero earned second-team all-conference.

Vikings second-team division selections were senior linebacker Mario Guerrero; senior defensive back and returner Chris Seals; and sophomore offensive tackle Jake Bobman.

Jaureguito, the Division II coach of the year, and his loyal staff have much to look forward to next season since virtually the entire offensive unit returns.

“We averaged 31 points per game throughout the season and knowing they are all coming back, obviously that creates some expectations,” Jaureguito said. “We should be very explosive next year and what we do lose on defense, hopefully, our offense will carry us until the defense get its feet on the ground and we play as a team.”


Coach of the Year

Rob Kitrell, Sparks

Most Valuable Player

Ryan Still, Sr., Elko

Most Valuable Offensive Player

Lamar Lee, Sr., Reed

Most Valuable Defensive Player

Matt White, Sr., McQueen

Most Valuable Lineman

R.J. Marsh, Sr., Wooster


First Team

Quarterback: Lamar Lee, Sr., Reed

Running backs: Jake Hurwitz, Jr., South Tahoe; Josh James, Sr., Wooster; Chris Carr, Jr., McQueen

Tackles: Matt Newcomer, Jr., Elko; Brian Murdock, Sr., Reed

Guards: An Houston, Sr., McQueen; James Sande, Sr., Reno

Center: R.J. Marsh, Sr., Wooster

Tight end: Matt White, Sr., McQueen

Receivers: Brian Gorsett, Sr., Reed; Ryan Kane, Sr., Reno

Punter: Marc Kaiser, Sr., Reno

Kicker: Graham Siderius, Jr., McQueen

Second Team

Quarterback: Tim Sprinkles, Sr., South Tahoe

Running backs: Abner Lopez, Sr., Hug; Ryan Still, Sr., Elko; Andy Johnson, Sr., Sparks

Tackles: Bryce Lister, Sr., Douglas; George Bergin, Jr., Wooster

Guards: Randy Deming, Sr., Elko; Steven Robinson, Sr., Wooster

Center: Dennis Augare, Sr., Elko

TIght end: Dayton Hendricks, Sr., Hug

Receivers: Mark Westhoff, Sr., Sparks; Matt Arzio, Sr., South Tahoe

Punter: Graham Siderius, Jr., McQueen

Kicker: Carlos Romero, Jr., South Tahoe


First Team

Tackles: Garye Twitchell, Sr., McQueen; R.J. Marsh, Sr., Wooster

Ends: Brian Murdock, Sr., Reed; Dusty Farrar, Sr., Elko; Ian Price, Sr., South Tahoe

Linebackers: Chad Lexa, Sr., Sparks; Justin Ashby, Sr., Reed; Matt White, Sr., McQueen; Jase Kellames, Sr., Wooster

Defensive backs: Ryan Still, Sr., Elko; Gen Berbo, Sr., McQueen; Matt George, Sr., South Tahoe; J.J. Stallings, Sr., Wooster

Second Team

Tackles: Chris Corchado, Sr., Reed; Nakia Kanekoa, Sr., Galena; Dennis Augare, Sr., Elko; Sili Mafua, Sr., Douglas Justin McGrath, Sr., South Tahoe

Ends: Steve Robinson, Sr., Wooster; Jake Ward, Sr., McQueen;

Linebackers: Dayton Hendricks, Sr., Hug; R.Stallings, Jr., Wooster; Jeff Larson, Sr., Lowry; Justin McGrath, Sr., South Tahoe; Ryan Bader, Jr., McQueen; Jules Laprairie, Sr., Reno; Joe Lostra, Sr., Elko

Defensive backs: Kyle Wentz, Sr., Douglas; J.C. Callahan, Jr., Reed; Marc Kaiser, Sr., Reno; Josh Henry, Sr., Lowry

All-Division II Selections


R.J. Marsh, Sr., Wooster; and Marc Kaiser, Sr., Reno

Defensive Players of the Year

Matt George, Sr., South Tahoe, and Jase Kellames, Sr., Wooster

Offensive Player of the Year

Josh James, Wooster

Lineman of the Year

Dayton Hendricks, Sr., Hug

Coach of the Year

Tim Jaureguito, South Tahoe

First Team


Quarterback: Tim Sprinkles, Sr., South Tahoe

Running backs: Jake Hurwitz, Jr., South Tahoe; Abner Lopez, Sr., Hug; Josh James, Sr., Wooster

Tackles: Bryce Lister, Sr., Douglas; George Bergin, Jr., Wooster

Guards: James Sande, Sr., Reno; Steve Robinson, Sr., Wooster

Center: R.J. Marsh, Sr., Wooster

Tight end: Dayton Hendricks, Sr., Hug

Receivers: Ryan Kane, Sr., Reno; Matt Arzio, Sr., South Tahoe

Second Team

Quarterback: Bryan Tilton, Sr., Hug

Running backs: Kyle Baker, Sr., Douglas; Marc Kaiser, Sr., Reno; Doug Brooks, Jr., Carson

Tackles: Pat Ouellette, Sr., Hug; Jake Bobman, Soph., South Tahoe

Guards: Ricky Guy, Sr., Hug; James Hamtak, Sr., Carson

Center: Tom Yturbide, Sr., Reno

Tight end: Jase Kellames, Sr., Wooster

Receivers: Gabe Hatchett, Jr., Douglas; Aaron Lesue, Sr., Fallon

Honorable mention

Quarterbacks: Branden Griffith, Sr., Douglas; Kenny Redner, Sr., Fallon; Sean Davis, Jr., Reno; John James, Jr., Wooster; JOrdan Payette, Sr. Carson

Running backs: J.J. Stallings, Sr., Wooster; Evan McQuirk, Sr., Carson

Tackles: Chris Bonde, Jr., Fallon

Guards: Jules Laprairie, Sr., Reno; Billy Humes, Sr., South Tahoe

Centers: Tyler Ingram, Sr., Fallon; Vince Johnson, Jr., Hug

Tight ends: Garrett McIntyre, Soph., South Tahoe; Will Johnson, Jr., Reno

Receivers: Adam Pruitt, Sr., Hug; Scott Beveridge, Sr., Reno; Richie Ball, Sr., Fallon; J.D. Patay, Sr., Douglas; Robbie Handley, Jr., Carson; Immanuel Williams, Jr., South Tahoe


First Team

Tackles: S. Mafua, Sr., Douglas; R.J. Marsh, Sr., Wooster; Justin McGrath, Sr., South Tahoe

Defensive ends: Ian Price, South Tahoe; Steve Robinson, Sr., Wooster

Linebackers: Jules Laprairie, Sr., Reno; Justin Murray, Sr., South Tahoe; Robby Stallings, Jr., Wooster; Dayton Hendricks, Sr., Hug; Jase Kellames, Sr., Wooster

Defensive backs: Kyle Wentz, Sr., Douglas; Marc Kaiser, Sr., Reno; Matt George, Sr., South Tahoe; J.J. Stallings, Sr., Wooster

Kickers: Marc Kaiser, Sr., Reno; Carlos Romero, Jr., South Tahoe

Punter: Marc Kaiser, Sr., Reno

Returner: Abner Lopez, Sr., Hug

Second Team

Tackles: Robert Garcia, Jr., Hug; Matt Gardner, Soph., Reno

Defensive ends: Mo Tupou, Sr., Hug; Tyrel Armstrong, Sr., Carson

Linebackers: Jason Porterfield, Jr., Douglas; Jed Aboud, Jr., Carson; Scott Blagen, Sr. Reno; Mario Guerrero, Sr., South Tahoe

Defensive backs: Aaron Lesue, Sr., Fallon; Mike Cruz, Sr., Reno; Chris Seals, Sr., South Tahoe; Abner Lopez, Sr., Hug; Marc Liveratti, Sr., Carson

Kicker: Jose Avilla, Sr., Wooster

Punter: Kyle Baker, Sr., Douglas

Returner: Chris Seals, Sr., South Tahoe

Honorable mention

Tackles: Robert Gilder, Sr., Carson; Curtis Wright, Sr., Wooster; Bryan Morello, Sr., Hug

Defensive ends: Joe Andrews, Sr., Douglas; James Sande, Sr., Reno; Joe Stecker, Jr., Wooster

Linebackers: Jason Lamborn, Sr., Carson; Shawn O’Daye, Jr., Wooster; Ricky Burrell, Sr., Fallon; Brendon Boise, Sr., Hug; Josh Himmelrick, Sr., Douglas; Ryan Griffith, Jr., South Tahoe

Defensive backs: Matt Wagaumann, Jr., Hug; Josh Wilcox, Sr., Douglas; Jeremy Stockings, Sr., Wooster

Punter: Carlos Romero, Jr., South Tahoe

Returner: Deick McNiel, Jr., Wooster

Tim Jaureguito three weeks ago

Jake Hurwitz, running back; Matt George; Ian Price, defensive end.

on first team all-league

most state runner-up team.

never how that goes but somtimes it’s strange. I thought pretty accc this year. guys pushed for psoitons got votes needed

second team Sprinkles; Matt Arzio, receiver; def., Justin Murray, Linebacker; justin mcgrath, def tackle.

all-division, first team, qb, sprinkles; matt arzio, wr; honoroable dvision, tight end, mcintyre; off guard, Billy Humes; second team all division tackle, jake bobman; secnd team punter, Carlos romero;

defense, first team, justin mcgrath, dtackle; first team def end, Ian Price; first team linebacker, justin murray; second team all division, Mario guerrero, linebacker; ryan griffth, honorballe mention, ryan griffith.

matt george, first team all-divisin; second team, Crhis Seals; carlos romero, first eam divisiln kicker; Chris Seals, second team all returner.

HM wide receiver, Williams.

Matgt Geore, co-defensive player of year, Division II, otehr guy Jason Kellams, Wooster.

Lamar Lee, off MVP, for conference.

“improtant thing def player on def and secondary itnercetipons way he palyed def and tackleing ability, but also from stadnpoitn he blocked kics, he blocked putnes. he was total def palyer. ws on def special teams or def teams istself. he was guy who had gret impact in our division.

He’s young, as junior he had outstanding year. there were times jake butt heads I thought wasnt’ runjign hard enough. I think proved in poalyoff game he can ran hard. I wil lshow. that’s att he has to take going into next season.

“without doubt, I thought off line was quesito mark going tino season and perforfmed well throughotu out seaosn even playof game, gve timy time he needed, reed moved up take away run btu didnt’ . picking up blitzes young off lines nice knowing have all guys coming back.

Billy humes not, some guys waiting behind him, have rights.

Lose George, Price, jake back, romero, lose bouth justins; what we’ve coming back alldivison players, two sophs make all division on line, that’s pretty impreossive, got them comign back but coming back for two years.

he fill in just fine, averaged 31 points per game, throughout season, knowing all coming back, obviously creates some expec and I hope ext, we should be very espliosiv next year, what lose def hopefuly off carrr us until def feet on ground and play as team.

seeley, hickey, both tight ends.

he’s good size.

“he’s runs outstanidng proram, when talkiing going out doing thisn eneedd ot be run, he does it all, fundraisng, offseaosn work, that’s why he’s survi and shwy he’s been successful as he has.

“it’s hard enough to coach for 25 years, let alone in one place for 25 years.”

2-4 tuesday, 1:45-3:45, more welcome.


one thing, peopole shoudl udnerstand how hard it is to make all-league team. when take a look o fit, so much parity entire league this year, with 13 teams, 13 teams picking out 11 best on each disd eo fbal. for those gusy to make first tema llal euge is quite accomplishment and it sodesn happen very often.

“I know matt thinkikng abou tit, walkign on some palce or aac state, I think seals and tim sprinkles could play somewhere, then again, if guy wants to play, he ca find to play.

playing team semifnals nationa champ, ranked 11.

broke his leg about six weeks ago, just got clearance

quite playing time.


“It feels good to now that otehr coacehs out there selected me to co-MVP player of the year,”

“Yeah, I think i could do more. there were a couple interceptions I dropped and a couple tackles I missed. I think everyone can do better than what they do.”

application at sac state, humboldt and UNR,

“It might be the disapoointmet of the playoff. i knwo we could have done lot better than that. We could hjave fartehr than that. We could have taken it all, it’s just matter of badly wanted it. Mental mistakes ruied if for us.

I still feel it lingering. sometime before go to bed, replay whole game in head of how done better to win.

Second team all-division.

makes our team look better, we som many people on oall-league an all-dision teams and makes coach J look good

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