Cabral remains hot, wins memorial event |

Cabral remains hot, wins memorial event

Mixing an afternoon of training with fun, national moguls champion Travis Cabral still came out on top in the Meridy Davidson Memorial bump contest Saturday at Heavenly Ski Resort.

In his first competition since winning the U.S. Freestyle National Championship last month in Deer Valley, Utah, the 15-year-old Cabral won seven duals to come away with the title. He beat Jesse Jenison of Tahoe City in the finals on Heavenly’s famed Gunbarrel Run.

“I was fired up; it was my second day on snow since winning nationals,” said Cabral, who is sponsored by Sierra-at-Tahoe. “It was a good day to get back on snow and start training again.”

Cabral used the event held in honor of Meridy Davidson, an intermountain bumper who died three years back in an automobile accident, to prepare for this week’s Bust and Burn in Sugarloaf, Maine.

“I was out there having fun. I really didn’t need to prove anything to anyone. It’s not a competition where I’m going to do big air and hurt myself,” Cabral said.

Cabral avoided catastrophe in the quarterfinals, when Squaw Valley’s Scott Fitzmorris lost control while trying to land his second jump and veered into Cabral’s lane. Cabral compensated after landing his jump, stopping to avoid a collision.

“I knew I could stop or at least I was hoping,” Cabral said. “I didn’t see him until I landed and he just appeared right in my way.

“He landed on his outside edge and blew into my line, so many things could have happened. It could have been way worse.”

Competition will escalate for Cabral on Saturday when he takes on some of the world’s best in the Bust and Burn. With a cash prize of $10,000 for first place tantalizingly available in Maine, Cabral took advantage f his victorious-but-busy practice session Saturday at Heavenly.

U.S. Ski Team member Chris Hernandez of South Lake Tahoe was fourth.

It was an all-U.S. Team finale on the women’s side as Shelly Robertson bested Shannon Bahrke. Robertson advanced to the finals with a victory over 12-year-old Amber Ramos, who finished third.

Brooke Ballachey, a veteran U.S. Team member from South Lake Tahoe, didn’t compete because of a knee injury that will soon require surgery, according to Heavenly Freestyle coach Jere Crawford.

Male age group winners included: Fitzmorris, seniors; Jesse Jenison, J1; Cabral, J2; Scott Bahrke, J3; Thomas Schwindeman, J4; and Cooper Golding, J5. Female division champions were: Robertson, seniors; Bahrke, J1; Jessica Davis, J2; Kelley Schanley, J3; Ramos, J4; and Courtney Royce, J5.

Heavenly’s Travis Woodcock and Ryan Hickey also placed in the top 10, according to Crawford. Crawford was also pleased with the performances of Sho Kashima, second J4; Jerel Dutton, J4 semifinalist; Kyle Hernandez; Brent Abrams; and Ian Norman.

Travis bet Jesse Jenison of Tahoe City in the finals, fun contest,

eeryone out there having fun.

athletes and regular judges judging

“Lowell Shanley, Joey Gilant.”

“I was fired up, my seocnd day on snow. It was good day to get back on snow and start training again.

second time back since winning nationals.

Sprint Bust and Burn on Saturday in 17th. Sugarloaf, Maine.

Not sure

askd couple of world cup skeirs from around world to come. two finnish, skiers few of other country’s best, soe don’t really know who is going to be ther and who’s not.

invite only, 30 in pro event, 200=300 amateur. $10,000 first prize. not sure.

7.500 for second. 45000 third, 2500 fourth, 1,500 fifth; 1000 to eighth. 7775t o 16th.

Squaw Valley, semifinals,

scott fitzmorris round of 8, quarterfinal.

“I knew I could stop, at least I was hoping. I actual saw him when I landed. right when I jumped, I didnt’ see him ayntime else he just appeared right in my way.

I just hit a bump and stopped.

he finished my line, he was cutting

“skiing easy, it’s not competition where I’m going to go out, hang it back seince have big competition nexzt weekn. not going to do big air and hurt myaelf.

actually it was training for me.

even if beat me if was just a fun competition. It was just a day where eveyrone was out there having fun. no one had pressure on them.

plus, speed doesn’t matter.

not semifinal, didn’t lost any other runs.

seven races, perfect day.

Chris Hernandez, made to quarterfinals.

Brooke got hurt again, didnt’ compete.

Women, Shelly Robertson, first; Shannon Bahrke, second.

“I was otut here having fun. I really ddint’ need to prove antyhing to anyhone. having fun, training day for me duals day you go ou;and do bunch rrhns if ekeep winning. I kew if ketp winning it was going to wear hm top bottoruns it gives me pretty much a trainign day.

landed on outside edge blew into line, so many thing could happen.

Oh, boy, I almost hurt me. It could have been way worse.

Age groups: Men’s Seniors; Scott Fitzmorris; J1, Jesse Jenison; J2, Cabral; J3, Scott Bahrke; J4, Thomas Schwindeman, Heavenly; J5, Cooper Golding.

Shelly Robertson, seniors; J1, Bahrke; J2, Jessica Davis, Squaw; J3, Kelley Schanley, Squaw; J4, amber Ramos; J5, Courtney Royce, Heavenly.

Double elimination

J4, Sho Kashima,s econd; Jerel Dutton, semifinals bracket, J4; Other guys Kyle Hernandez strong showing; J4, Brent Abrams; Ian Norman, J5;

Quarterfinals. Travis Woodcock and Ryan Hickey were in top 10 overall. Hernandez fourth overall.

real long course, lots of deep mougls, big jumps, it was tough for the kids. snow was soft that made it deep, cooled off later in day and made hard. it wa nice course but it was tough course.

Garret Altman, Squaw.

Women, amber third.

more meniscus repair for brooke, as season prog started aching. didn’t compete. same one.

meridy Davidson Memorial.

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