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Column: bowling

by staff


This week, Shorty Lucido and Adolph Zertuche II qualified as the bowlers of the week.

Shorty Lucido bowls in the Sierra Hi Balls league and carries a 167 average. Rolling for R.J.L.S., Lucido rolled games of 167-179-206 for a 552 series to qualify as Shott’s women’s bowler of the week. Great bowling, Shorty!

Zertuche started bowling at Futurama Bowl in San Jose, Calif. in 1972 when he was 25 years old. His good friends, Tom and Alice Guercio, introduced him to the game and also to Virginia, his lovely wife now of 30 years.

The Zertuches moved to Lake Tahoe in 1979 and started bowling at Tahoe Bowl in 1989 in the Basin Bowlers League. Their son, Adolph III, started bowling at age 11 in the junior program and together with his father won first place in the junior/adult tournament in 1995. Adolph’s daughter, Alissa, started bowling at age 10 in the junior program and together with her father won second place in the junior/adult tournament in 1996.

Virginia and Adolph have been bowling in leagues for more than 10 years. The Zertuches are one of Lake Tahoe’s bowling families. Zertuches highest game, 263, and highest series, 723, were rolled in the Basin Bowlers League in 1994. Zertuche captured first place in the city tournament in the doubles event at Tahoe Bowl with teammate Rande Howell in 1995.

The right-handed Zertuche needed right shoulder surgery in January of 1998 and was not able to bowl, but Zertuche’s determination prompted him to bowl left-handed for the rest of the 1998 season. For the remaining three months, Zertuche bowling left-handed started out at a 100 average and by the end of the league finished with a 120 average. Zertuche is truly a remarkable person and a good friend. His best time of bowling is when he can outbowl his buddies and win their side pots, said Zertuche.

In the Basin Bowlers, rolling for Bobbie’s Kids, averaging 166, Zertuche rolled game of 212-179-221 for a 612 series to qualify as Shott’s men’s bowler of the week. Great bowling, Adolph!

Our hot shot bowlers are Kevin Blair and Mike Kivi.

Kevin Blair, rolling for Predators in the His and Hers league, scored the first 700 series a – 706 series with games of 277-223-206. Awesome, Kevin!

Mike Kivi, rolling for Pine Tree Printing in the His and Hers League, followed with a 717 series with games of 230-252-235. Awesome!

Both bowlers will receive their 700 series patch award from ABC.

Remember the annual Halloween Mixed Scotch Doubles event will take place at the end of the month. Entry fee is $20 per team. Closing date for entries is Oct. 23. Prizes and cash awards will be awarded to the top four teams.

Read on to see if you qualified for the newspaper this week in the recap section.

Otomo’s Top 10 Bowling Tips of the Millennium

Our featured guest columnist this week is Tom Otomo, and his tip of the week deals with his 10 best tips in bowling.

Over the past years of bowling, I’ve been the recipient of many great tips. Here’s some of the best ones that have helped me along the way. I hope they can help your game as much as they have helped mine.

1. Feel your good shots

Bowling is a game of repetition. Repeat the feeling of a good shot, memorizing that feeling and try to repeat it again and again.

2. Develop your own style

Everyone’s style is obviously different, so do what works best for you and feel comfortable.

3. Follow through

Swing by bringing your hand up to your ear and hinging at the elbow in a straight line toward your intended target.

4. Timing is everything

Timing is what separates good bowlers from great bowlers. The key thing to remember is, the speed of the arm swing sets the pace for the speed of the feet.

5. Spares

Face them with your entire body and go straight at them. It’s best to shoot corner pins at angles and use as much of the lane as possible. Again, relax … it’s just a game.

6. Arm swing alignment

Keep your elbow close to the side of your body during the entire arm swing for more accuracy and leverage during the release.

7. Gear up for your game

Proper fitting equipment is essential to achieve consistent performance. Consult your local bowling guru to find out what’s best for your game. Using your own equipment can only improve your scores and enjoyment of the game.

8. Mental game

Start by thinking positive. Visualize success. Don’t let one bad shot affect the quality of your next. Take them one at a time and remember, there are 12 frames to each game. A great game is not decided by a single ball.

9. A balanced approach

Use your lower body to give you a solid finish on the last step of the approach. On the last step you need to slide into a comfortable knee bend and then extend your right leg out to the left side of your body (right-handers). This will give you added power and accuracy.

10. Point like a bird dog

Be sure to follow through with each shot. This will help your consistency and you will look real cool!

High scores of the week

Ho Hum Trio (10/5) – Margie Stephens 204, Helene Klebingat 190, Candice Castiglione 186, Sandy Campbell 203, Chris Henricksen 198, Sue Dickey 192, Tillie Allen 191. Tahoe Seniors (10/5) – Mac Miranda 199, Virgie Rogez 214, Rande Howell 215-228/609, Roger Bush 193, Jackie Smith 189, Myrtle Fritz 200, John Filas 204, Terry Cannon 215, Norma Thayer 203, Ken Miklosy 189, Steve Layton 190, Franz Goepfert 207-221/613, Ruth Eastin 212. His and Hers (10/5) – Kevin Blair 232-200/628, William Campbell 220, Tom Otomo 225-222/613, Kevin Root 218, Marcy Kivi 203, James Sterling 211, Mike Kivi 230-252-235/717, Doris Brozzo 204, Mike Wondka 253-235/682, Jim Smith 227, Bob Bolinger 212, Julie Holzhauer 192, Kevin Iggens 230-225-212/667, Vic Nagy 196, Michael Stewart 235. Sierra Hi Balls (10/6) – Shorty Lucido 206, Rick Robinson 201, Dennis Barton 194, John Kett 246, Ken Kostelnik 200-223. Guys and Dolls (10/7) – Pete Lilly 211, Brian Stanton 206, Jim Stokes 192, Ronnie Sessbruegger 193, Pat Fountain 207-214, William Campbell 213-239/641, Jim Klopp 209, George Alm 246-211, Richard Hart 203, George Markis 217. Basin Bowlers (10/8) – Ray Wilson 233, Wayne Koch 201, Russ Anderson 212-235-204/651, William Campbell 211-205, Adolph Zertuche 212-221/612, Randy Howell 208-201, Karl Bielitz 212-206, Jeremy Agnew 218.

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