Deductions don’t stop Hinojosa |

Deductions don’t stop Hinojosa

In a fight that certainly lived up to expectations, top lightweight Efren Hinojosa defeated Ivan Robinson by unanimous decision Friday night at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino.

In spite of losing three points due to low blows, Hinojosa’s fight plan execution was helped by Robinson’s willingness to duke it out in the middle of the ring. He was counting on it.

“We had studied tapes of him and his style and we were prepared to stand in the middle and counterpunch him,” said Hinojosa, who remains unbeaten with a 23-0 record.

“His plan was to get me engaged into fighting him in the middle the first couple of minutes of each round, then to have me chase him around for the last minute. And I did just that,” added Hinojosa (pronounced EE-no-Hoe- sah). “The only thing that didn’t happen was for me to get careless while chasing him.”

The altitude did not have an impact on Hinojosa either, although it might have affected Robinson. The Philadelphia native had a hard time catching his breath after the sixth round.

“We prepared for this fight running in the mountains near Mexico City,” said Hinojosa, who holds the USBA lightweight title and may get a shot at an IBF world title by the end of this year. “Mexico’s altitude is similar to Tahoe’s so I was in good enough shape to go the distance.”

On a night when almost none of the fights went the distance (the first two were first round TKOs) the attending crowd was given a spectacular battle with neither of the two boxers speculating or wasting time. The fighter’s received a standing ovation after the final bell.

This fight threw Hinojosa in the mix for a world championship. Although Robinson may have had let his one chance for a title back in 1999, he certainly was no pushover. His two victories over Arturo Gatti in 1998 gave him the reputation as a tough and relentles underdog. Hinojosa, who previous to this fight was ranked 10th by the IBF may see his stock rise and a chance for a title match come to a reality maybe before the end of this year.

“They (my promoters) are working it out and it could happen soon,” Hinojosa said. “I may have to have a preparation fight before the championship one and then I would like to have a chance at a championship, hopefully here or in California.”

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