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Emeralds take 2 of 3 from Samoa

Steve Yingling

The American Samoa Olympic Team found out last weekend that the high altitude of Lake Tahoe is a nice place to hit but not to pitch.

Tahoe took two of three games from Samoa at Todd Fields as the teams combined for 87 runs.

The Emeralds rallied from an 18-10 deficit in Friday’s opener with a 14-run sixth inning. Earlier in the seven-inning contest, Samoa wiped out an 8-2 edge with a 12-run uprising.

With midnight quickly approaching, Samoa elected to forgo the final two innings after scoring once in the seventh.

“The game went so long and so late and they were staying in Reno, they said, ‘We’ll see you tomorrow. We wanted it to end, too,” said Emeralds skipper Gary Shidaker.

South Tahoe High graduates Starbuck Teevan and Chris Barna had big nights at the plate. Teevan, who played for Sacramento City College’s California state championship team last spring, went 5 for 6 and scored five runs. Barna, who plans to walk on at the University of Nevada, had two singles and a double.

On Saturday, Barna blasted three-run and two-run homers as Tahoe outslugged Samoa, 14-10. Aaron Wicklund, a Whittell High grad who has a season left at NCAA Division I Centenary College, hit a solo homer.

“Maybe that says something what playing at home can do for a team,” Shidaker said.

Samoa, however, avoided a three-game sweep by hitting three homers in a 13-7 win in the series finale. Teevan led Tahoe with a double and two runs scored.

The Emeralds, 22-10, play a four-game set with Hollister this weekend at Todd Fields. Games times are 7 p.m. Friday, 1 p.m. for a Saturday doubleheader and noon Sunday.

the game went so long and so late, the were staying in Reno, for 1 p.m doubleheaer, that’s good, you win, we’ll see tomorrow. Whe wanted it to end, too.

Tahoe Emeralds:

Friday 7 p.m., Saturday 1 p.m. doubleheader and Sunday noon single, Hollister Angels, all Todd Fields.

American Somoan Olympic Team, ran out of gas in third game but beat in first two, they were young scrappy team and not a lot of pitching.

High-scoring games

behind 6-5 after three, emeralds Barna hits second bomb, two-run bomb for 3-2 lead earlier, hit three-bomb to give lead in second game.

five-run fifth,

14-10 Tahoe second game. Wicklund hit solo homer in third inning to make 5-4.

“Maybe that says something what playing at home can do for a team.”

First game,

Somoa 20(12)121 1-19

Tahoe 44011(14) x-24

the game went so long and so late, the were staying in Reno, for 1 p.m doubleheaer, that’s good, you win, we’ll see tomorrow. Whe wanted it to end, too.

one game, 4 hour game after 7 innings

“5-hour game at lampe in uls open two years ago, that was incredible, it wasn’t this high scoring.”

managing 20 years

Wicklund, single walk, double, hit by pitch, three runs

Starbuck 5 runs scored, 5-6

Barna, single, double, single, 3-6

Alex Schneeberg, 1-2, 3 waks and two rusn scored

Adam Heggen, 3 runs scored from nine hole

Mitchell, pitched around him all night, double, single, 2 walks, one run scored.

Somoa 4(back to back homers) 10 5(third homer)030

Tahoe 1002040

13-7 final, leading hitters: Starbuck Teevan, double, two runs scored; Barna 0-3;

Season record: 22-11

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composite last half season, could last only day, can break, wood bats break that easy, 1-2 in big league game.

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