Erickson floors ’em with Axel F |

Erickson floors ’em with Axel F

Tribune Staff Report

Tahoe Gymnastics recently competed in the Gymnastics Nevada Hilton Invitational on February 23-24.

Bailey Erickson competed in level 8 optionals and pulled in very high scores. She scored a 8.2 on the vault, 7.4 on the bars, 8.3 on the beam and an 8.375 for her floor routine.

This was Bailey’s second meet in level 8.

“At the optional levels, routines are designed by their coaches, based on the rules and requirements set forth by USA gymnastics,” said Tahoe Gymnastics owner Judi Sabo. “Bailey has learned many difficult skills this year.

“She does a powerful floor routine to the music Axel F from the movie Beverly Hills Cop.”

Competing in level 7 optionals was Julianne Kollar. Kollar pulled in scores of 8.6 on the vault, 8.0 on the bars, 7.2 on the beam and 8.65 for her floor exercise.

Julianne passed the required all-around score of 31.00 by receiving 32.45 combined points for her events. Hence, she will compete at level 8 for the next meet.

“Julianne has an exceptional elegance within her performance,” Sabo said. “She is also a dancer and is able to bring that talent into her beam and floor routines with a beautiful result.

“This is twice in one month that Julianne has passed the USA Gymnastics required score.”

Tahoe’s level 6 compulsory competitor was Tess Braun. Braun pulled in high marks for her performance. She scored 8.050 on the vault, 7.0 on the bars, 7.750 on the beam, 8.825 on the floor, and a sixth-place all-around score of 31.625.

“Tess has worked very hard to achieve the required 31.00 score in order to pass to level 7,” Sabo said. “We are so proud of her and excited that she will now move on to the optional level 7 and join Elena Hight.

“Now Tess can bring her own creativity and personality into her routines.”

Alyssa Mesechor competed in level 5 compulsory. She had scores of 7.350 on the vault, 6.4 on the bars, 7.650 on the beam and an 8.075 on the floor. Alyssa, 9, continues to improve her competitive readiness.

“Compulsory routines are designed entirely by USA Gymnastics all the way down to toe point and hand/arm movement,” Sabo said. ” Any deviation from this routine is a deduction in your score. “

Tahoe Gymnastics team girls also participated in the Technique Gymnastics 2001 High-Tech Invitational on Feb. 3-4 in Rancho Cordova.

In level five, Stacy Anderson improved dramatically during her first year on the competitive team. This was her second competitive meet and with results of 8.050 on vault, 7.625 on beam and 7.50 on bars – all fifth-place scores and a sixth-place all-around – it is clear that she is on the road to a great competitive season.

Mesecho’s vault score improved from a 7.300 to a 7.500 at this meet. Her other scores included a 6.400 on bars and an all-around score of 25.725.

Cierra Xavier reached her hard-earned goal to move on to level six. She received a fourth-place all-around score of 31.125, which included a second-place vault score of 8.650 and fourth place on uneven bars (8.050).

In level 6, Joanie Anderson is striving to pass the required score of 31.00. She was well on her way at this meet with a 7.800 on vault, 8.000 on bars and 8.250 on floor. Unfortunately, she had a tough day on the balance beam.

Braun received an all-around score of 30.350, just missing the passing score by .650. She received an 8.150 on vault and an 8.000 on floor.

Julianne Kollar began her level 7 season by surpassing the required score of 31.00 by .650. Her overall performance resulted in an impressive vault score of 8.750 and 8.175 on bars.

Bailey Erickson started off her first year in level 8 with an 8.600 on floor, 8.000 on vault and a 7.800 on bars.

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