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Far West series bring out the area’s best skiers

The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association’s Far West Division kicked of the North and Open Series last weekend, bringing Tahoe Basin skiers of all ages and abilities into competiton for the first time this season.

In the giant slalom at Sugar Bowl Ski Resort and slalom at Heavenly Ski Resort, some of the traditional winners reasserted their dominance while a few newcomers have pushed into the winner’s circle in younger divisions.

In the Mid-J3 Far West Open Series at Heavenly, Cory Harris of Heavenly Ski Education Foundation took advantage of familiar surroundings to finish first in the slalom Jan. 4. Harris was one of the few young skiers from Heavenly invited to participate in the U.S. National Championships last year. He’s also placed 10th among Americans is his first U.S. FIS race of the season in Winter Park, Colo., and ninth overall Aug. 22 in New Zealand. He didn’t finish his second run Sunday.

Sugar Bowl’s Amanda Goyne swept first place in both slalom races by several seconds. Heavenly’s Kendall Northrup, in her first year as a J2, finished third after tying Diamond Peak’s Merredith Bennett for runner-up after her first run on Saturday. The following day, Lily Palmieri, also from Heavenly, finished runner-up.

Northrup did not start her first run on Sunday.

Danny Lear, also racing in FIS races at home and abroad this season, did not finish his first run either day.

J4/5 North Series

In the J4/5 North Series giant slalom at Sugar Bowl, Kirkwood Ski Education Foundation’s Tyler Sambrailo swept first place in both races, beating his next closest competitor on Sunday by more than 1 second.

Sambrailo, 10, was followed by teammate Christopher Whatford in fourth both days.

“He’s been waiting for this moment for a long time,” said Mark Payne, head J4/5 coach at Kirkwood. “He’s gotten some second and thirds but never first. To sweep both events was really big.”

Bryce Bennet of Squaw Valley and Dylan Brooks of Mammoth Mountain filled out second and third on Saturday.

On Sunday, Heavenly’s Danny Souza and Austin Norton filled out the podium.

“They’re all definitley improving this year,” said Heavenly coach Sean Wetherston. “Danny lives in the Bay Area. This is his first real result and I’m pretty happy about that.”

Tim Denney of Heavenly also made top 10 both days.

Danielle Smallman of Squaw Valley finished first Saturday and runner-up on Sunday to Brooke Blackburn of Mammoth.

Heavenly’s Courtney Norton, one of the the younger skiers in the group, also made the top 10 both days.


Far West Open Slalom

Jan. 4 at Heavenly Ski Resort


1. Cory Harris, Heavenly, 1:19.99

2. Greg Bartels, Diamond Peak, 1:20.86

3. Chris Colpitts, Squaw Valley, 1:20.94

4. Shane S. Collins, Squaw Valley, 1:23.13

5. Arman Serebrakian, Squaw Valley, 1:23.46

6. Miles Mott, Squaw Valley, 1:24.00

7. Brandon Horst, Sugar Bowl, 1:24.00

8. Nathaniel Grigsby, Sugar Bowl, 1:24.98

9. Cody Mandeville, Diamond Peak, 1:25.33

10. Cory Richardson, UNR, 1:26.15

11. Ryan Wood, Mammoth, 1:26.57

12. Robert Gibson, Sugar Bowl, 1:27.14

13. Joel Sharbrough, Squaw Valley, 1:27.23

14. Peter Morning, Mammoth, 1:29.12

15. Joseph Markman, Diamond Peak, 1:30.22


1. Amanda Goyne, Sugar Bowl, 1:13.24

2. Meredith Bennett, Diamond Peak, 1:16.86

3. Kendall Northrup, Heavenly, 1:17.56

4. Mollie E. Zapata, Diamond Peak, 1:19.56

5. Kari Kompaniez, 1:19.79

6. Miranda Funston, Squaw Valley, 1:20.02

7. Ani Serebrakian, Squaw Valley, 1:20.59

8. Michelle Parker, Squaw Valley, 1:20.97

9. Christy Wise, AAST, 1:21.19

10. Sara Mancuso, PARK, 1:21.56

11. Jenny Hessenbruch, Diamond Peak, 1:21.61

12. Ashley Smallman, Squaw Valley, 1:22.72

13. Lashley, Simmons, Bear Valley, 1:23.31

14. Brianna Hand, Squaw Valley, 1:23.66

15. Morrigan Drew, Squaw Valley , 1:24.15

Jan. 5

Men’s Slalom

1. Robbie Blamire, Diamond Peak, 1:10.20

2. Ryan Wood, Mammoth, 1:10.35

3. Cory Richardson, UNR, 1:10.40

4. Peter Morning, Mammoth, 1:10.61

5. Will Day, Sugar Bowl, 1:10.85

6. Shannon Criss, MSST, 1:13.14

7. David Comingdeer, MSST, 1:13.34

8. Joseph Markman, Diamond Peak, 1:13.44

9. Nicholas, Calandra, Squaw Valley, 1:13.71

10. Matthew Hawley, Sugar Bowl, 1:13.93

11. Philip Frank, Kirkwood, 1:14.08

12. Erik Sambrailo, Kirkwood, 1:14.17

13. P.J. Bacon, Heavenly, 1:14.23

14. Devon Anderson, Diamond, 1:14.78

15. Arthur Leopold, Squaw Valley, 1:14.79

Women’s Slalom

1. Amanda Goyne, Sugar Bowl, 1:07.81

2. Lily Palmiere, Heavenly, 1:12.93

3. Sara Mancuso, PARK, 1:13.66

4. Michelle Parker, Squaw Valley, 1:13.69

5. Kari Kompaniez, Snow Summit, 1:14.23

6. Ani Serebrakian, Squaw Valley, 1:14.33

7. Kathleen Brady, Squaw Valley, 1:15.06

8. Miranda Funston, Squaw Valley, 1:15.17

9. Mollie Zapata, Diamond Peak, 1:15.58

10. Christy Wise, AAST, 1:15.67

11. Ashley Smallman, Squaw Valley, 1:15.97

12. Laura Hoff, Diamond Peak, 1:16.66

13. Jenny Hessenbruch, Diamond Peak, 1:17.00

T14. Brianna Hand, Squaw Valley, 1:17.12

T14. Geordie Lonza, Mammoth, 11:17.12

Far West Giant Slalom

Jan. 4 at Sugar Bowl Ski Resort

Men’s GS

1. Tyler Sambrailo, Kirkwood, 1:14.64

2. Bryce Bennett, Squaw Valley, 1:14.88

3. Dylan Brooks, Mammoth, 1:16.41

4. Christopher Whatford, Kirkwood, 1:16.82

5. Austin Norton, Heavenly, 1:17.32

6. Dillon McKeen, Heavenly, 1:17.50

7. Tim Denney, Heavenly, 1:18.90

8. Zachery Rickenbach, Squaw Valley, 1:19.20

9. Justin Smaine, Heavenly, 1:20.24

10. Scott Vogelgesang, Kirkwood, 1:22.65

11. Ty Sprock, Heavenly, 1:22.72

12. Samuel Dupratt, Squaw Valley 1:23.13

13. Evan Swayze, AAST, 1:23.32

14. Spencer Riffel, Mammoth, 1:23.92

15. Salvatore Monforte, Squaw Valley, 1:23.96

Women’s GS

1. Danielle Smallman, Squaw Valley, 1:14.82

2. Mara Gould, Sugar Bowl, 1:25.27

3. Carissa Allen, Mammoth, 1:25.77

4. Kate Gibbs, Sugar Bowl, 1:26.12

5. Nicole Trowe, Squaw Valley, 1:26.14

6. Haley Mayer, Squaw Valley, 1:26.63

7. Hilary Hickingbotham, Sugar Bowl, 1:27.04

8. Courtney, Norton, Heavenly, 1:29.08

9. Whitney Elder, Heavenly, 1:31.65

10. Avery Hellman, Sugar Bowl, 1:31.98

11. Alexandra, Ballantyne, Kirkwood, 1:33.30

12. Berkeley Fife, SLRC, 1:33.49

13. Amie Lonza, Mammoth, 1:34.72

14. Mariah Cushman, Squaw Valley 1:34.76

15. Madeline Riffel, Mammoth, 1:34.81

Jan. 5

Men’s GS

1. Tyler Sambrailo, Kirkwood, 1:20.13

2. Danny Souza, Heavenly, 1:21.69

3. Austin Norton, Heavenly, 1:23.73

4. Christopher Whatford, Kirkwood, 1:24.95

5. Dylan Brooks, Mammoth, 1:25.77

6. Justin Smaine, Heavenly, 1:26.21

7. Zachery Rickenbach, Squaw Valley, 1:27.07

8. Bryce Bennett, Squaw Valley, 1:27.29

9. Tim Denney, Heavenly, 1:28.43

10. MacLane Brady, Sugar Bowl, 1:29.06

11. Michael Suglian, Heavenly, 129.89

12. Rob Bradford, FALC, 1:30.20

13. Ty Sprock, Heavenly, 1:31.24

14. Dillon McKeen, Heavenly, 1:31.40

15. Luca Genasci Heavenly , 1:31.78

Women’s GS

1. Brooke Blackburn, Mammoth, 1:27.57

2. Danielle Smallman, Squaw Valley, 1:30.82

3. Lindsay Slocumb, FALC, 1:32.61

4. Kate Gibbs, Sugar Bowl, 1:32.69

5. Haley Mayer, Squaw Valley, 1:32.84

6. Nicole Trowe, Squaw Valley, 1:33.36

7. Courtney Norton, Heavenly, 1:35.50

8. Hilary Hickingbotham, Sugar Bowl, 1:35.83

9. Carissa Allen, Mammoth, 1:36.11

10. Avery Hellman, Sugar Bowl, 1:40.01

11. Madeleine Hall, Sugar Bowl, 1:40.08

12. Christine Wood, Mammoth, 1:41.06

13. Alexandra Ballantyne, Kirkwood, 1:41.52

14. Jess Winebaum, Mammoth, 1:45.21

15. Lena Andrews, Squaw Valley, 1:45.44

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