Fishermen’s time running out as tributaries begin closing |

Fishermen’s time running out as tributaries begin closing

Doug Busey

Hello, fellow anglers, you better get to fishing, because many of our waters are closing for the season.

On Sept. 30 all tributaries leading into Lake Tahoe are closing, including Trout Creek, Taylor Creek and the Upper Truckee rivers. Topaz Lake will also close for the season. On Nov. 15 all of our rivers and streams in California will close, such as the Carson rivers east and west, Wolfe Creek, Silver Lake and some of our reservoirs like Twin Lakes and Bridgeport Reservoir. The only good thing I can think of is that ice fishing is right around the corner.

On another note, Pyramid Lake will be opening Oct. 1, but there are special regulations to abide by. First, you can only use artificial lures or flies and on those lures you can only have two hooks so if you use a kwik fish or a flat fish that is jointed, you have to remove one of the hooks.

Second, there is the slot limit of 16-19 and over 24 and you can only have two in your possession. You can keep two in the 16-19, or one in the 16-19 and one over 24. On your way out from the lake you must stop at the creel station to have your fish checked. This is to help the people at Pyramid study the growth of the Lahontan cutthroat trout. You do not need a Nevada fishing license, but you have to purchase a tribal permit. This you can get at the general store located one mile from Pyramid Lake on the Pyramid highway.

Let’s check out our fishing world:

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE: Mackinaw action is doing well around the Ski Run area as well as the nub in front of Eldorado Beach. Best presentation is a dodger followed by a live minnow in 120-200 feet of water. Kokanee action is still almost unheard of. For whatever reason I have not found any. Rainbow action has been very successful in the areas of Logan Shoals and Emerald Bay — basically anywhere you can find a rocky area. Rapalas in a rainbow or fluorescent orange pattern have been most productive. For more information call the Sportsman at (530) 542-FISH.

CAPLES LAKE: Rainbow and brook trout action have been good for trollers using flasher blades and either a needle fish or half of a worm. Shore angling has been fair and the best action has been with power bait in a rainbow or Captain America color. For more information call the Caples Lake store at (209) 258-8888.

RED LAKE: Rainbow and cutthroat action has been good from what I’m hearing from many anglers. One special note is the CDFG has put some tagged fish in worth $10. Now with the price of gas the way it is, it may be worth the trip to go fishing.

CARSON RIVERS: Talking with Todd at the Carson River Resort, he informed me that the CDFG planted 1,034 rainbow trout last week and the action is red hot. This week a 9-year-old angler named Katie caught a 4.9-pound rainbow, also Doug Jennings (5.0 pound), Frank Smith (7.5 pound) and Tianna Hathway with a 6.0-pound rainbow. The best action has been using salmon eggs or small spinners. Also down on the catch and release section of the East Carson, three fly anglers in three days caught and released 34 trout using dry flies. For more information call the Carson River Resort at (877) 694-2229.

BLUE LAKES: The road construction is still under way, but delays are now minimal. The road will be paved to the Sunset Lakes turnoff this year. Fishing at Lower Blue has been very good using power bait or night crawlers. The best location has been in the steep drop-offs where the original creek bed lies. Upper Blue has been fair for anglers.

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR: Action is still slow. The lake has a lot of ‘lake salad’, as I call it. The fish are in the deeper water near the dam if you can get out to them.

TOPAZ LAKE: Talking with Chuck Fields at the Topaz Marina this week, he told me “It’s hard to get a fishing report when there have only been three boats on the lake all week.” But we always have New Year’s Day to look forward to for the 2004 Topaz opener. For more information or just to say thanks for a great year, call Chuck or Linda Fields at (775) 266-3550.

I hope this helps to make your next trip a good one. Keep in mind, there are some changes in the fishing regulations for California. To get caught up, go on line at If you have a picture of your last fishing adventure, drop it off at the Tahoe Daily Tribune, attention Mac-The-Naw. You could be in the NAW hall of fame! If you have any questions, Call the NAW line at (775) 267-9722.EE

Good fishin’ and tight lines!

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