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Harris, O’Brien first, North Tahoe takes team post

ALPINE MEADOWS — Wax? Marty Harris don’t need no stinkin’ wax.

Harris follows the unwritten rule that declares all amateur ski professionals just regular high school students in the Tahoe Basin Ski League. Therefore, particulars like racing wax and mandatory speed suits may not be used when skiing against high school pals, even if they are lake rivals.

Harris didn’t need racing wax anyway. The South Tahoe High and Heavenly Ski Education Foundation skier finished more than 1 second ahead of the competition with a combined giant slalom time of 1 minute, 2.02 seconds.

After the first run, Harris led the pack by 1.19 seconds with North Tahoe’s Travis Ganong runner-up. Ganong, a freshman whose older sister, Megan, skied for the U.S. Ski Team, led Harris in the second run by .13 seconds, but it wasn’t enough to change the overall result.

“I almost died on that delay!” exclaimed Harris to teammates at the bottom of the second run, referring to the change in fall lines midway through the course that had many pulling hard on the breaks. Harris said he got caught in a cross-rut, and “got knocked around.”

South Tahoe’s P.J. Bacon was runner-up to Harris after his first run but put his hand through a gate on the second run to finish ninth in the order. He finished seventh overall.

North Tahoe won the opener with a combined team total of 362, besting South Tahoe’s 323.

“We’re really pleased with the way the team is coming together,” said Laker head coach Bob Milani.

“We’ve got a lot of new skiers, but the young ones have stepped up and taken the place of the older ones.”

North Tahoe filled five of the top 10 spots in the men’s division, with three in the top five, and with four out of the top five for the women’s division.

But not the top women’s spot. That was claimed by George Whittell’s Holly O’Brien, who moved up three places to finish No. 1 after two races.

“Holly did super,” said Whittell head coach Mike Kiger. “It looks like she’s a really good, competitive person. We’re real proud of her.”

Harris, O’Brien and Ganong recently competed in the J3 Topolino Shootout at Snow King in Jackson Hole, Wyo. Harris dominated all four races to win first overall. He leaves for Italy later this winter to race against the world’s best. Ganong finished fourth and O’Brien finished third. All three will ski with the U.S. Ski Team’s Development program Jan. 20-27 in Lake Placid, N.Y.

Truckee High finished third with 275 points, narrowly edging out Whittell with 263. Douglas finished fifth with 183. Incline did not participate.

Whittell’s James Rastello finished as the top Warrior at 11th. He moved up four places after his first run. Seniors Patrick Flanagan and Phil Bowman were next at 17th and 21st, respectively.

The next ski race is Jan. 21 at Heavenly Ski Resort. Harris, O’Brien and Ganong won’t likely attend, which will leave the top spots open for new competitors.

As well, North Tahoe rescheduled finals that week to recoup the week of canceled classes during the storm.

Tahoe Basin Ski League

Season Opener Jan. 8 at Alpine Meadows Ski Resort

Giant Slalom

Individual Results

1. Marty Harris, South Tahoe, 1:02.02

2. Travis Ganong, North Tahoe, 1:03.08

3. Russel Dodge, North Tahoe, 1:04.51

4. Bryce Wehan, Douglas, 1:04.73

5. Joel Sharbrough, North Tahoe, 1:04.79

6. Robert Ramm, North Tahoe, 1:05.00

7. P.J. Bacon, South Tahoe, 1:05.30

8. Troy Carson, North Tahoe, 1:06.08

9. Holden Sapp, Douglas, 1:06.29

10. Josh Benge, Truckee, 1:06.80

11. James Rastello, Whittell, 1:08.58

12. Samuel De La Canal, South Tahoe, 1:09.12

13. Trevor Ricioli, South Tahoe, 1:09.26

14. Par Hartman, Truckee, 1:10.24

15. Chase Cohee, Douglas, 1:10.86

16. Chris Wallace, South Tahoe, 1:11.20

17. Patrick Flanagan, Whittell, 1:12.76

18. Kaya Lampe Truckee, 1:12.84

19. Scott Horn, Truckee, 1:12.91

20. Jacob Hash, South Tahoe, 1:13.37

21. Phil Bowman, Whittell, 1:13.43

22. Justin Steng, South Tahoe, 1:13.81

23. Owen Smith, Truckee, 1:14.17

24. Kyle Sullivan, South Tahoe, 1:14.34

25. Justin Darrow, Whittell, 1:14.72

26. A.P. Faccinetti, Whittell, 1:14.72

27. Kiernan Mooney, Truckee, 1:15.12

28. Travis Johnson, Douglas, 1:15.63

29. Doug Carr, Douglas, 1:18.34

30. Devin Farnsworth, Whittell, 1:18.47

31. Graham Chase, Douglas, 1:20.09

32. James Barnard, Whittell, 1:20.24

33. Jarret Guajardo, Whittell, 1:22.45

34. Robert Lane, North Tahoe, 1:22.61

35. Travis Pyne, Douglas, 1:24.66


1. Holly O’Brien, Whittell, 1:05.41

2. Allison Jones, North Tahoe, 1:05.63

3. Jessie Poulsen North Tahoe, 1:06.24

4. Michelle Parker, North Tahoe, 1:06.33

5. Alex Drew, North Tahoe, 1:08.29

6. Casey Rise, South Tahoe, 1:08.45

7. Grace Harding, South Tahoe, 1:08.83

8. Miranda Funston, Truckee, 1:09.05

9. Ashley Smallman, North Tahoe, 1:09.32

10. Kristin Royce, South Tahoe, 1:12.04

11. Jessa Yurosek, North Tahoe, 1:13.48

12. Emily Betts, North Tahoe, 1:13.90

13. Leanna Apland, South Tahoe, 1:14.02

14. Jannette Bak, Whittell, 1:15.89

15. Olivia Rassuchine, Truckee, 1:16.76

16. Kim Smith, Truckee, 1:17.35

17. Cassey Wilson, Truckee, 1:17.64

18. Darcy Albino, South Tahoe, 1:18.32

19. Brooke Schussel, Whittell, 1:19.65

20. Courtney Royce, South Tahoe, 1:21.50

21. Kim McGlothlin, Whittell, 1:22.46

22. Ashley Daw, Whittell, 1:22.50

23. Sara Piccola Whittell, 1:24.17

24. Michelle Smith, Truckee, 1:25.66

25. Dana Hjelte, 1:27.34

26. Meghan Stice, Douglas, 1:27.37

27. Alicia Thorne, Whittell, 1:28.54

28. Kathy Kiger, Whittell, 1:34.70

29. Lauren Martin, Douglas, 1:38.29

Junior Varsity Boys

1. Eli Osborn, North Tahoe, 1:06.85

2. Ryan Scardigli, North Tahoe, 1:07.73

3. Spencer Headley, North Tahoe, 1:08.21

4. Nick Heng, South Tahoe, 1:10.98

5. Sean Nelson, South Tahoe, 1:11.28

6. Todd Carson, North Tahoe, 1:12.31

7. Iain Lowis, North Tahoe, 1:13.38

8. Alex Yure, South Tahoe, 1:14.13

9. Randy Davis, North Tahoe, 1:14.16

10. Danny Strickley, South Tahoe, 1:14.74

Junior Varsity Girls

1. Danielle Daly, Whittell, 1:23.99

2. Katie Kromydas, North Tahoe, 1:28.32

3. Nicole Adams Whittell, 1:30.03

4. Alison Dunleavy, 1:34.13

5. Kristin Kline, Whittell, 1:34.51

6. Hayley Shaw, Whittell, 1:35.88

7. Emile Esders Whittell, 1:40.16

8. Marlow Eckert, North Tahoe, 1:58.11

Team Results

Boys Girls Total

1. North Tahoe 180 182 362

2. South Tahoe 163 160 323

3. Truckee 135 140 275

4. Whittell 122 141 263

5. Douglas 140 43 183

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