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Hattendorf, Alm lead Tahoe Bowl’s summer rollers

John Shott


Congratulations to our top summer bowlers Gerry Hattendorf and George Alm. Hattendorf rolled a 299 game in the summer league and Alm shot a 290 game. Hattendorf will receive his 299 ring from the ABC and Alm will receive his 11 strikes-in-a-row plaque. Great bowling, Gerry and George!

Our top two women’s bowlers of the week are Eva Zimmerman and Arlene Hailey. Zimmerman bowls on the Smith’s Awesome Woodcrafts team in the His and Hers League and carries a 150 average. Zimmerman connected for games of 183-161-245/589 series. Her 245 game was the second-highest women’s game recorded for the week. Her efforts earned her Shott’s top women’s bowler of the week. Great bowling, Eva!

Hailey bowls on the U-Haul team in the His and Hers League and carries a 189 average. Hailey posted games of 180-208-246/634 series. Hailey recorded the highest game and series in the women’s division. Great bowling, Arlene!

Our top two men’s bowlers of the week are David Miller and David Dickinson.

Miller bowls on the DNA Painting team in the His and Hers League and carries a 188 average. Miller posted the highest series recorded this year with games of 183-279-299/761 series. Miller will receive a 299 ring from the ABC. His awesome bowling earned him Shott’s top men’s bowler of the week. Great bowling, David!

Dickinson bowls on the Clearly the Best team in the Ho Hum Trio and carries a 184 average. Dickinson posted games of 231-223-276/730 series. Dickinson will receive his 700 series patch award from the ABC. Great bowling, David!

Earning their 700 series patch awards from the ABC are John Shott, 708 series; George Alm, 704 series; and Kevin Blair, 702 series.

Yours truly drew up and proposed the Tahoe Disaster Relief Bowling Tournament, which will be sponsored by the TSBA and Tahoe Bowl. The proposal was submitted at the bowling board meeting on Oct. 8 and passed unanimously. Vic Nagy, proprietor of Tahoe Bowl, has also endorsed and backed the tournament. The tournament is open to all league bowlers, non-league members, open bowlers, adults and children of all ages. There will be five divisions in the tournament:

1. Bumper bowling – 4-7 years old

2. Preps – 8-12 years old

3. Juniors – 13-18 years old

4. Adults – men

5. Adults – women

Bowlers will have their three games posted along with a $5 entry fee. All participants in each division will then roll off in a tournament in each division with the top three bowlers receiving awards. Tournament entries will begin on Oct. 15. Sign-ups are at the Tahoe Bowl. Call (530) 544-3700 to reserve your spot now. Tournament qualifying will be for four consecutive weeks with the grand tournament to follow. Businesses and people who wish to donate to the Disaster Relief Tournament, can contact Nagy at (530) 544-3700, or Shott at (530) 541-5513, to make contributions, donations or prizes. A representative of the TSBA will be contacting everyone for donations, so let’s all help keep America great.

Tune in next week for more bowling stories, scores and tips.

High scores of the week:

South Tahoe Seniors (10/2) – Rande Howell 233/615, Ron Rathbun 224, Ida Nily 201, Leo Fuller 202, John Filas 225, Bob Allender 201. His and Hers (10/2) – Eva Zimmerman 245, Tom Otomo 223-243/642, Chris Fischer 202, Laura Amaral 210, Kevin Blair 201-223-278/702, Michael Blank 205, Jessica Urias 204, James Sterling 244-225/618, Richard Hart 228, Charold Post 190, David Dickinson 245/613, Jon Wallace 204, Mike Kivi 209/201, William Campbell 214, David Miller 279-299/761, Arlene Hailey 208-246/634, George Alm 256-201-247/704, John Shott 245-278/708. Ho Hum Trio (10/3) – David Dickinson 231-223-276/730, Sandy Campbell 205. Sierra Hi Balls (10/3) – Kevin Root 203, Tom Otomo 233, John Demasi 203, Tony S. 214. Guys and Dolls (10/4) – Bob Diaz 202, Jim Hammond 200, Kathy Bolinger 214, Tullio Sarra 235, Bob Pederson 211, Ronnie Sessbruegger 223, Steve Sandborn 204, George Alm 216-202, Steve Seitz 210, Brian Ware 200, Brian Stanton 217-233-201/651, David Smock 229. Basin Bowlers (10/5) – Gerry Hattendorf 212, Tony DeNunzio 246, David Dickinson 234/618, Jeff Parks 206, Kevin McCartin 207, Rande Howell 214, Willie Campbell 200, Jeremy Agnew 232.

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