Hurwitz back to racing after disqualification |

Hurwitz back to racing after disqualification

Steve Yingling

Disappointment stills fills South Tahoe High sprinter Jake Hurwitz’s heart, but he has a cure for it this weekend: The sophomore speedster will compete in the Great Southwest Track and Field Classic on Saturday at Arizona State University in Tempe.

Only two days removed from the greatest hardship in his prep career – being disqualified in the state 100-meter dash finals – Hurwitz resumed his training regimen with coaches Rick Brown and Julie Pope at South Tahoe Middle School earlier in the week.

“It was kind of hard going to the prom (Saturday) because most of the people there were asking how I did. But stuff like that happens. There will be next year and the year after. Hopefully I will learn from my mistakes and go on from there,” Hurwitz said.

Hurwitz, one of the prerace favorites by virtue of his Northern Nevada zone champion dash of 10.80 seconds May 15 in Sparks, was disqualified in Las Vegas for a false start.

“I don’t even remember what happened. All I remember is a guy saying set and I was out. I just kind of blocked it all out,” he said.

“It was a character builder. He thinks that he will wake up for from the dream and discover that it didn’t happen,” said Jerry Hurwitz, Jake’s dad.

On Saturday in Tempe, the 16-year-old Hurwitz will compete on Nevada’s 4-by-100 relay team. However, if Nevada 100-meter champion Arnold Parker doesn’t compete, Hurwitz, an alternate, will get another try at a big-meet 100.

“It would be great to run against that kind of competition. It would be a good learning experience, if anything,” he said. “Any type of racing I can do, whether it’s on a relay team or just competing in a little meet, anything I can get in will help me for the next couple of years.”

High school athletes from Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado will participate in the two-day meet.

“This will be great training and exposure for a sophomore to receive and I fully expect that he will South Tahoe High School proud,” Brown said.

After a best of 11.4 in the 100 as a freshman, Hurwitz focused on making the most of a growth spurt.

“I’ve gotten a little bigger and I guess my legs are a little longer, and I’ve been doing squats and leg exercises,” Hurwitz said. “My coaches have helped me a lot and it’s paid off.”

So where did his unnatural sprinting talent come from since Jerry played baseball and his grandfather preferred the pigskin?

“I have no idea where it came from, and I’m just glad it’s there,” said Hurwitz, who also carries the pigskin for the Viking football team in the fall.

Hurwitz is the first Viking student-athlete to take part in the meet since Jeff Seitz and Elliot Hubler.

Instead of dwelling on the disappointing conclusion to his prep season, South Tahoe High sophomore sprinter Jake Hurwitz has resumed

“it’s kind of still thinkgibt what happened at sate, but it’s been OK.”

guys 4 by 100 team shoudl be pretty good, none were in the 100, two in 200, winner and second place, guy second place in 200, 10.54 fastes only ran 200, last guy is 400 runner.

alternate, if the guy running 100 for nevada, then I run in his place.

“It would be great to run, the guy running 100 is on 4 by 100t eam, if makes, if doesnt make. it would be great to run against htat compettion, it would be good for learning experience if anything.

“it was kind of hard, most people there weere asking waht I did, stuff like that happens, there wil lbe next year and year after. Hoepfully I will learn frm mistaekes and go there. It was fun night, I tried to take mind off much pssoiblee, because set sights on it all year. one little mistake and it’s over.

“workign on starts all year, especially week before and it was just nerves. I don’t even reemeber what hpappened, all reme is guy saying set and I was out. I just kind of blocked it all out. i dont rememebr what happened.

havent’ checked tape.

“I’m glad for soeome peopl when senrn year, I’m just glad it happened early so I can learn from that.”

I’m not sure. My gradpa plaeyd football, btu he was one of bigger playes, dad played baseball, other than that…

I have no idea where it came from and I’ just glad it’s there.

during season focuse on that one sport, I dont’ aprt favortie, football is one of main ones, already started sessons nothng really big, throw ball around, it’s been almost six montsh since we touched ball. good get little bit of pracitce. we have great tewma this year, we’re kind of msallm, but size isn’t everythign if kow posisito well.

team had last year was great, we just paleyd som hard games and ditn’ go our way.

last year fastest time 11.4 and gotten little bigger and legs ltitle longer and I’ve bene workng otu doing squats and doign leg exercises. durng begin season all did was conditiononging, springs across gym and that would help, getting in feel of running, working on starts, just all around, coaches helped me out a lot.w,orking all the time and it’s aid off. rest of year was really fun, one mistake happened.

Yeah, hopefully a lot of caoches look at my speed, somtehng to negate it, we have great team, jared uppendahl, tim sprinkles, neck and neck now, we have real good receivers, James Clemmer, K.C. Kaczmarek, lot of improvement, all guys it’s really good to see some new poeple out there.

It’s just reeally good to see new peopel comeing out every year.

Its’ reall neat for me, the exposure it gives me, any type of racing I coudl do, wheter on relay team, or just a ltitle meet, anything can get in will helkp me for next coupel of years. It’s really excitng to run against

e of the best people out there.

Jake, 16.

Hurwitz has been invited to the prestigious Great Southwest Track and Field Classic on Memorial Day weekend at Arizona State University in Tempe … The last Vikings to compete in the meet were Jeff Seitz and Elliot Hubler.

It’s character buildier, wake up dream taht didn’t happen.

“only chance to be

Nevada, arizona, texas, Olklahoma, Colorado and Utah. at Sun Angel Stadium

invitatiopnal, submit time if best time in state invite you to come.

by 100 relay (team all Nevada) and possibley 100 meters

training with rick and Julie Pope.

coach is Reed

Events are Saturday, May 29 at night

7:12 100 meters

8:06 is the relay

definitely in relay, haven’t announced 100 meters

10.8 at zone;

best time in Nevada

“Coach of Nevada team: Lynn Mentzer, Reed track coach (775-353-5700, Reed High)

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