Kevin Iggens rolls first 300 game of his career |

Kevin Iggens rolls first 300 game of his career


Bowling is like any other sport; sometimes you’re on, sometimes not. Just remember that you’re out to have fun with your friends. The great games will come, but mostly there are usually average games.

In the Carson Classic League, which bowls every Wednesday in Carson City, the Wallpaper Wizard team, the only Tahoe team, broke the high individual game, which was 1,131, with a 1,158 series. The breakdown of the score went as follows: Kevin Iggens, 300; John Shott, 227; George Alm, 258; Franz Goepfert, 185; Michael Blank, 188.

It took Iggens 31 years to accomplish his dream of rolling his first perfect 300 game. He now has the highest game in the league so far. Congratulations to Kevin and the entire Tahoe team on their special achievement.

Iggens’ bowling career began when he was in the fifth grade at the age of 10 at South Twins Lanes in St. Louis, Mo. in 1968. His mother, Alice, and father, Charles, and Marge Frank – coach of the Pepsi Junior League – all contributed to Iggens’ interest in bowling.

His father inspired him to pick a sport, stick with it, and do it to the best to his ability. Iggens selected bowling. He began bowling in the junior leagues every Saturday in three leagues for five consecutive years. He then bowled on the Oakville High School bowling team all through high school.

After high school, he began bowling in the Assumption Men’s League at Knittig Brothers Bowl for the next three years and then moved to Concord Bowl, where he continued to bowl for the next five years. He bowled in three leagues in St. Charles, Mo. and Lakewood, Calif., for the next 15 years before moving to Lake Tahoe in 1996 with his beautiful wife, Julie, who has been bowling with Kevin for the past 10 years.

Iggens started bowling in the summer league at Tahoe Bowl in 1996. He then began bowling in the His and Hers and Men’s Scratch leagues for the next three years.

Iggens’ highest series, 734, was rolled at Rossmoor Bowl in Seal Beach, Calif., in 1995. His highest game, 300, occurred on Nov. 24 at Carson Lanes in the Carson Classic League on the Wallpaper Wizard team. After 31 years of persistence, patience and determination, Iggens accomplished his dream of rolling his first perfect game. His only other goal is to roll an 800 series.

Iggens bowls to have fun, meet people, and loves competition.

He has rolled eight 700 series and has picked up the 7-10 split. The entire bowling community is proud of Iggens’ achievement and I was privileged to have witnessed his first perfect 300 game.

Iggens will receive $100 from the Carson Bowl and has earned his 300 ring from ABC. It only took 31 years to earn it. Congratulations, Kevin; well done!

Our featured men’s bowler of the week is Robert Pederson.

Pederson started bowling when he was 8 years old at Star Lanes Bowl in Butte, Mont., in 1970. His parents, Bud and Pat, would take him to the lanes to watch them bowl in their league. Pederson began bowling in the Bantam League for three years.

Pederson moved to Lake Tahoe in 1980 and began bowling at Kingsbury Lanes for five years, before beginning to bowl at Tahoe Bowl in 1985. Last week, Pederson rolled his highest game and highest series. With games of 209-278-226 for a 713 series, Pederson will receive his 700 series patch award from ABC. This was Pederson’s first 700 series; he never rolled a 600 series beforehand.

Pederson bowls because he enjoys and loves the game. In the His and Hers League, rolling for Pro Tow, averaging 166, Pederson rolled games of 209-278-226 for a 713 series to qualify as Shott’s men’s bowler of the week. Great bowling, Robert!

Our hot shot bowlers of the week are Pederson, Kevin Root, Tom DeGuide, Mona Terrell, Virgie Rogez and Dennis Puskas.

Pederson rolled the highest series of the week with games of 209-278-226 for a 713 series in the His and Hers League. Root rolled a 268/653 series in the Sierra Hi Balls. Guide shot a 277/634 series in the Goofers League. Terrell rolled games of 231-186-185 for a 602 series and became the first woman bowler at Tahoe Bowl to record a 602 series in the Tahoe Seniors League. Rogez rolled a 244/558 series in the Tahoe Seniors League. Puskas rolled a 255 game in the Goofers League and earned a 100 Pins Over His Average Award.

Our featured guest columnist this week is Ken Kostelnik, and his tip of the week is having fun while you bowl.

Ken says, “Bowling is just a game. Whether you bowl a 200 or 100 game, you should have fun. You may start out throwing a straight ball, or by watching better bowlers you may want to switch to a fingertip ball and begin to throw a hook. Straight ball bowlers will average considerably less than a hook bowler due to the pin action. Equipment does have something to do with your game. It’s best to line up on the middle dot and look down at the arrows on the lane and try to hit your mark. When the condition of the lanes seem to change, just continue to shoot your same shot because 90 percent of the time it’s not the lane condition messing up your game, it’s just yourself having a bad day.

High scores of the week

Ho Hum Trio (11/16) – Margie Stephens 202, Sue Dickey 185, Rebecca Agnew 173, Terri Paul 175, Linda Matzinger 173, Chris Henrickson 170. Tahoe Seniors (11/16) – Clyde Perlenfein 182, Vivian Horton 178, Gary Gruber 195, Patti Howell 199, Mona Terrell 231/602, Mike Kazarian 214, Doris Aeberli 186, Bob McGuire 200, Otto Heffner 185, John Filas 201, Don Berry 180, Harold Bogardus 198, Mac Miranda 193, Virgie Rogez 244, Franz Goepfert 227/608. His and Hers (11/16) – David Eckenrode 192, Cliff Bell 198, Fred Wasilchuk 203, Ric Wasilchuk 202-209, Robert Pederson 209-278-226/713, William Campbell 233, Kevin Blair 218-228/639, John Hall 213-212-200/625, Kevin Iggens 205, Mike Kivi 202, Jacque Nyswonger 198, Kymberly Jamieson 195, Margie Stephens 211. Sierra HI Balls (11/17) – Chet Moore 206, John Kett 211, Dennis Barton 246, Steve Anderson 207, Scott Spivack 211, Kevin Root 268/653, Tom Otomo 213-215/605, Max Withrow 203-206. Goofers (11/15) – Karen Bodnar 189, Tom DeGuide 277/634, Ann Fitzsimmons 202, Norman Kellogg 215, Dennis Puskas 255, David Ramsay 204-236/612, Dennis Minami 224-200, Don Mayer 208, Norma Phayer 191, Jodie Vineyard 187, Brenda Tarbell 163. Guys & Dolls (11/18) – Cindi Wells 190, Willie Campbell 224, Chuck Crites 201, Nick Andrejett 236-203/606, Mario Lomibao 223-204, Shirley March 184, Pat Fountain 203, Joann’ Shope 205, Jim Stokes 197, Mike Cullen 235, Al Line 209-220-206/635, Brian Stanton 200, Danny Jones 209-214, Bob Bolinger 233, Kim Klopp 213, George Alm 257/634. Basin Bowlers (11/19) – Willie Campbell 211, Cristina Bouss 176, Wayne Koch 206-201, Karl Bielitz 208, Adolph Zertuche 214-202, Larry Johnson 237, Rande Howell 201, David Dickinson 201, Don Swafford 191, Jeremy Agnew 197, Dan Pincus 213, Barrett Burghard 201.

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