Lawton rolls 166 over his average |

Lawton rolls 166 over his average

Column by John Shott


Our featured men’s bowler of the week is Dale Lawton.

Lawton started bowling at Country Club Lanes in San Rafael, Calif., when he was 9 years old in 1965. His family and friends encouraged him to take up the sport. In the early 1980s, Lawton bowled with both of his brothers, Jerry and Al, on a five-man scratch team. Lawton moved to Lake Tahoe in 1978 and began bowling in the His and Hers League just last year.

Lawton’s highest game, 268, and highest series, 697, were rolled last week at Tahoe Bowl.

Lawton enjoys bowling in leagues and also enjoys bowling as a recreational sport.

In the His and Hers League, rolling for Woodfords Auto Service, averaging 177, Lawton rolled games of 268-201-228 for a 697 series to qualify as Shott’s men’s bowler of the week. By rolling 166 pins over his average, Lawton will receive his 150 pins over his average patch from ABC. Great bowling, Dale!

Our featured women’s bowler of the week is Meg Cretilli.

Cretilli started bowling at Santa Ana Bowl in Orange County, when she was 22 years old in 1949. Her husband, Roy, started her interest in the game by letting her keep score by hand for the league team.

In 1951, Cretilli started bowling in her first league at Anaheim Bowl on the Hot Shot team. Cretilli bowled in three leagues per week; the Mixed League, Lady’s Scratch Trio, and Ladies Handicap League. Her children, Lance and Linda, grew up in the bowling alley. Cretilli has bowled at Lakewood Bowl, Santa Ana Bowl, Anaheim Bowl, Buena Park Bowl, Glenwood Bowl and Big Bear Bowl, all throughout Orange County.

Cretilli moved to Lake Tahoe in February 1996 and started bowling in the Seniors League in 1997. She met George in the Senior League and they were married in January 1998.

Cretilli has participated in more than 20 state tournaments and last year in Sacramento placed 102 in the singles division for the entire state of California.

Her highest game, 255, was rolled at Lynwood Bowl in Anaheim in 1984 and highest series, 637, was shot at Big Bear Bowl in 1995.

Cretilli loves to bowl, be competitive, enjoys the exercise, and enjoys meeting good people.

In the Guys and Dolls, rolling for Safeway, averaging 144, Cretilli rolled games of 206-146-181 for a 533 series to qualify as Shott’s women’s bowler of the week. Great bowling, Meg!

Also congratulations to Kevin Iggens, who in the His and Hers League, rolling for the Goal Post, rolled games of 266-205-237, for a 708 series to earn his 700 series patch award from ABC.

High scores of the week

Gutter Gussies (3/29) – Doris Brozzo 170, Vicky Fuller 180, Tammy Kirchubel 184, Norma Thayer 200, Barbara Dudzcak 181, Bonnie Maderis 193, Judy Guinn 175. South Tahoe Seniors (3/30) – Rick Sanchez 195, Mona Terrell 200, Robert McGuire 193, Alva Hubbard 174, John Filas 224-205/617, Joan Haglund 199, Ken Miklosy 206, Bob Baker 190, Jack Post 197, Harold Bogardus 199, Hugh Campbell 215, Norma Gilbertson 175, Gary Gruber 192, Bob Allender 225, Franz Goepfert 211, Adelle Johnson 176, George Markis 193. His and Hers (3/30) – Wes Weins 215, Steve Craft 202, Tobin Malkus 186, James Sterling 201-212, Marcy Kivi 189, Mike Kivi 243, Richard Hart 253-212/638, Kevin Iggens 266-205-237/708, Ric Wasilchuk 202-213/603, Roman Vondriska 190, Bob Stephens 236, Dale Lawton 268-201-228/697, George Alm 216-243/654, David Dickinson 216-229/640, Dennis Hofferbor 235-267/694, Raymond Wilson 217-243-235/695, Daryll Regala 210-207-256/673, Julie Lucksinger 179, William Campbell 234-203/634, Jim Smith 204-212, Cheryl Miller 199-199, David Miller 204-201, Kathy Gregorich 210. Goofers (3/29) – Don Mayer 201-210-213/624, Nicolai Andrejeff 213/609, Norman Kellogg 209-201, Mona Terrell 205, Linda Cherry 193, Ann Fitzsimmons 183, Lita Ortiz 183, Ron Rathbun 191, Linda Puskas 174. Guys and Dolls (4/1) – Ben Storie 200, Lorna Hart 197-190, Pete Lily 211, Rick Soyland 245-210/650, Carol Redinger 193, Jere Petrie 211, Brian Stanton 214, Peggy Swift 193, Neil Jones 189, Monte Reece 234, David Smock 226, John Charney 212, Don Figeroa 205, Meg Cretilli 206, Tom Nobriga 215, Danny Jones 202, Jeff Stockton 224/609, Jeff Nielsen 238, Steve Sandborn 213, Al Line 216,

Richard Hart 201, Chris Fountain 209, Pat Fountain 218, Carl Moreland 190, Willie Campbell 267/613, Dick Robbins 202, Doris Brozzo 188, Ed Johnston 208. Scratch Trio (4/1) – David Ramsay 203, Tom Otomo 245-238/650, Willie Campbell 210, Russ Anderson 209-227/607, David Dickinson 224-203/601, Lee Hall 208-231/636, George Alm 215-207-233/655, John Shott 245-203/636, Kevin Iggens 223-212/623, Mike Blank 203-235, Arlene Hailey 226-204, Franz Goepfert 214, Kevin Blair 255/607. Basin Bowlers (4/2) – Larry Johnson 236, Patrick Heath 204-201-208/613, Wayne Koch 212/604, Russ Anderson 200, Karl Bieditz 213, K.C. Bodnar 200, SaNdy Campbell 213, Willie Campbell 237-237-238/712, Dan Pincus 212, Ray Knutson 199, Ray Wilson 215.

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