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Leagues are rolling on without you

Bowling column by John Shott


Bowling is now in full swing at Tahoe Bowl. There are a few openings left for new league bowlers. Contact Tahoe Bowl at (530) 544-3700 to sign up.

Serving on the South Tahoe Women’s Bowling Association for the 1999-2000 season are K.C. Bodnar, Sandy Campbell, Doris Brozzo, Kim Koch, Kimberely Brady, Mona Terrell, Myrtle Fritz and Norma Thayer.

Serving on the Tahoe Sierra Bowling Association for the 1999-2000 season are William Campbell, Ray Wilson, Jim Sterling, Russ Anderson, Chuck Crites, David Dickinson, John Filas, Patrick Heath, Wayne Koch, Ken Kostelnik, Tom Otomo, and John Shott.

Each board meets once a month to lay out all upcoming tournaments, set up guidelines for break the bank, run the monthly doubles tournament, submit all awards earned by bowlers to ABC and discuss all bowling-related topics to improve bowling at Tahoe Bowl.

All bowling results have been posted, so you can read to see if you qualified for the newspaper. At the end of the month our first tournament, the Halloween Scotch Doubles, will take place. Entry fee will be $20 per team, which will consist of any two bowlers.

Our featured guest columnist this week is Chuck Crites, and his tip of the week is on consistency.

Crites’ Tip of the Week: Consistency

Bowling is a sport that can and has humbled every one of us, yet it is a sport anyone can participate and improve. There are no secrets to better bowling, but there are better ways. Here are some tips for you to try and remember.

First, get your delivery down as pat as you can. Then find the most comfortable spot on the lane for you as your target. It can be the dots, some 8 feet down the lane, but better yet, the arrows at about 15 feet, and the most common target area for righties, between the second and third arrows.

Once in your stance, create your line to the target. Keep your eye on the target all the way through and watch the ball until you see it go over the target mark or miss it. Then look up to see the results. Be loose, let the bowling ball do the work. Do not let people and events sway you and don’t try to be like someone else. In general, if you’re loose, the general reaction of the ball is much more effective. Most of all, have fun.

High scores of the week

Tahoe Seniors (9/14) – Richard Danna 184, John Capasso 189, Ray Bennett 210, Bob McGuire 255/616, George Markis 225-205, Ann Fitzsimmons 182, John Filas 202-202, Rande Howell 201-227, Gary Gruber 196, Bob Allender 199, Franz Goepfert 205, Joe Neri 193, John Charney 204. His & Hers (9/14) – Sharon Dendauw 210, Willie Campbell 202, Jim Sterling 231, Mike Kivi 221, Don Halvorson 230, Dale Lawton 213, Bob Wasilchuk 211-201/601, Fred Wasilchuk 221-218/600, Ric Wasilchuk 219/613. Sierra Hi Balls (9/15) – Ken Kostelnik 220-200, Michael Hegyes 202, Steve Cooney 219, Bert Lucido 203, Deneva Moore 192, Chet Moore 226, Norm Attenborough 200, Don Swafford 211, Tom Otomo 205-201. Guys and Dolls (9/16) – John Charney 209, Carol Redinger 190, Jere Petrie 216, Brian Stanton 201-234/616, Danny Jones 212-200, Kim Jamieson 199, Judy Brown 210, Chuck Crites 203, David Smock 212, Steve Sandborn 212, Judy Houle 211, Mario Lomibao 203-227, Richard Hart 211, George Alm 211, Dick Robbins 213, Gene Topham 224. Basin Bowlers (9/17) – Rande Howell 208, Willie Campbell 228, Wayne Koch 213. Ho Hum Trio (9/21) – Margie Stephens 224, Linda Robinson 182, Terri Paul 188, Tillie Allen 189. Tahoe Seniors (9/21) – Joe Neri 198, Rick Sanchez 202, Roger Bush 199, Rande Howell 203, Bob McGuire 204, Franz Goepfert 206, Alva Hubbard 182, Leo Fuller 192. His and Hers (9/21) – Robert Pederson 201, Carol Christian 209, Kevin Iggens 201, Bob Bolinger 207, Michael Stewart 209, James Sterling 232, Mike Kivi 215, Bob Stephens 222, Margie Stephens 211, Don Halvorson 229, Dale Lawton 211, Tobin Malkus 198, Bob Wasilchuk 223, Fred Wasilchuk 224, Ric Wasilchuk 223-217-202/642, David Dickinson 210-236/625, Tom Otomo 206-225, Dan Pincus 225, Devin Blair 229, Dave Monegan 203-245/629. Sierra Hi Balls (9/22) – Howard Bittner 219, Gary Toyama 194, Max Withrow 209, Ken Kostelnik 247, Shorty Lucido 201, Bert Lucido 203, Ron Eberhardt 206-200. Guys and Dolls (9/23) – Mario Lomibao 239, Mike Cullen 203, Al Line 203, Barbara Smith 184, Jim Smith 204, B.B. Bolinger 202, Steve Sandburn 224-226/615, Judy Brown 199, Sandy Campbell 207, Willie Campbell 215-214/619, Doris Brozzo 192, Jere Petrie 222, Brian Stanton 215-224/606, Franz Goepfert 231-202/622, George Alm 205-205. Basin Bowlers (9/24) – Wayne Koch 205-226/620, David Dickinson 223, Russ Anderson 217, Willie Campbell 204.

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