Running against the wind |

Running against the wind

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Fernley Invitational

Boys Results

100 meters, varsity finals

1. Brandon Cramer 11.34 South Tahoe

22. Kyle Moreno 12.40 South Tahoe

24. Rodney Aguirre-Rodriguez 12.55 Whittell

25. Tylor Nicholson 12.62 South Tahoe

36. Kiegan Shackleton 13.18 South Tahoe

200 meters, varsity finals

10. Tylor Nicholson 25.67 South Tahoe

13. Kyle Moreno 25.92 South Tahoe

27. Kiegan Shackleton 27.71 South Tahoe

30. Kyle Miller 32.39 South Tahoe

400 meters, varsity finals

12. Tylor Nicholson 59.54 South Tahoe

18. Ethan Strain 1:02.04 South Tahoe

32. Matthew Herring 1:08.39 South Tahoe

800 meters, varsity finals

1. Mark Waite 2:09.89 Whittell

10. Harley Norton 2:26.26 South Tahoe

17. Paul Mutz 2:35.80 South Tahoe

19. Josh Welch 2:36.31 Whittell

24. Rudy Mata 2:42.07 Whittell

26. Rodney Aguirre-Rodriguez 2:46.73 Whittell

1600 meters, varsity finals

3. Mark Waite 4:52.76 Whittell

5. Harley Norton 5:09.64 South Tahoe

6. Tyler Myers 5:11.14 South Tahoe

10. Josh Welch 5:22.55 Whittell

17. Ross Kovac 5:34.24 South Tahoe

29. Rudy Mata 6:12.39 Whittell

30. Gabriel Aguilar 6:12.45 Whittell

3200 meters, varsity finals

3. Tyler Myers 11:09.80 South Tahoe

4. Mark Waite 11:22.69 Whittell

5. Harley Norton 11:26.01 South Tahoe

10. Ross Kovac 11:59.16 South Tahoe

17. Josh Welch 12:56.44 Whittell

21. Austin Zaccor 13:15.54 South Tahoe

23. Gabriel Aguilar 13:41.00 Whittell

27. Rudy Mata 15:07.07 Whittell

110-meter hurdles, varsity finals

1. Brandon Cramer 16.00 South Tahoe

14. Carson Alexander 20.03 South Tahoe

20. Sean Noyes 21.85 Whittell

21. Ethan Strain 21.90 South Tahoe

22. Aubrey Felton 22.30 Whittell

300-meter hurdles, varsity finals

10. Kiegan Shackleton 50.93 South Tahoe

13. Carson Alexander 51.84 South Tahoe

15. Dylan Stetler 53.37 Whittell

16. Kyle Moreno 55.38 South Tahoe

20. Sean Noyes 57.29 Whittell

4x400 relay, varsity finals

4. 4:16.32 Whittell

Rodney Aguirre-Rodriguez, Max Primo, Sean Noyes, Dylan Stetler

4x800 relay, varsity finals

6. 10:29.88 South Tahoe

Shot put – 12 pounds

12. Kris Hurwitz 37-02.50 South Tahoe

16. Rafa Gutierrez 34-05.50 South Tahoe

28. Matthew Herring 28-11.50 South Tahoe

34. Blair Binns 26-04.00 South Tahoe

Discus - 1.6 kg

13. Rafa Gutierrez 95-09 South Tahoe

21. Blair Binns 79-02 South Tahoe

32. Griffin Hobson 55-00 South Tahoe

High jump, varsity finals

10. Ethan Strain 5-00.00 South Tahoe

Long jump, varsity finals

2. Brandon Cramer 18-05.50 South Tahoe

8. Kyle Moreno 17-02.00 South Tahoe

15. Rodney Aguirre-Rodriguez 16-07.00 Whittell

25. Aubrey Felton 15-06.00 Whittell

33. Noah Soloman 13-10.00 South Tahoe

Triple jump, varsity finals

14. Aubrey Felton 33-06.00 Whittell

18. Noah Soloman 31-05.00 South Tahoe

Girls Results

100 meters, varsity finals

2. Sierra Forvilly 13.59 Whittell

23. Grace Rosburg 15.34 South Tahoe

30. Gisselle Benitez 15.65 Whittell

31. Lindsey Herring 15.65 South Tahoe

200 meters, varsity finals

2. Sierra Forvilly 28.45 Whittell

26. Iran Manzano 32.84 Whittell

31. Lindsey Herring 34.48 South Tahoe

400 meters, varsity finals

22. Lindsey Herring 1:28.33 South Tahoe

800 meters, varsity finals

2. Cara Filce 2:43.41 South Tahoe

11. Christy Walowit 3:22.53 South Tahoe

15. Veronica Charles 3:38.14 Whittell

1600 meters, varsity finals

1. Emily Treat 5:56.03 South Tahoe

5. Gabriela Vargas 6:30.88 South Tahoe

15. Christy Walowit 7:23.22 South Tahoe

3200 meters, varsity finals

1. Cara Filce 13:32.68 South Tahoe

2. Emily Treat 13:33.97 South Tahoe

7. Gabriela Vargas 14:53.80 South Tahoe

100-meter hurdles, varsity finals

1. Sierra Forvilly 16.78 Whittell

14. Grace Rosburg 20.36 South Tahoe

20. Casey Anderson 25.38 South Tahoe

300-meter hurdles, varsity finals

1. Sierra Forvilly 50.49 Whittell

7. Kerry Norton 58.39 South Tahoe

9. Casey Anderson 59.68 South Tahoe

14. Grace Rosburg 1:01.82 South Tahoe

4x100 relay, varsity finals

6. 57.99 South Tahoe

Shot Put - 4kg, varsity finals

13. Kerry Norton 24-07.50 South Tahoe

16. Ciara Clavelle 22-03.00 South Tahoe

17. Christy Walowit 21’06.00 South Tahoe

19. Gisselle Benitez 21-03.00 Whittell

Discus - 1kg, varsity finals

8. Kerry Norton 78-08 South Tahoe

13. Gisselle Benitez 63-07 Whittell

17. Christy Walowit 60-09 South Tahoe

27. Ciara Clavelle 48-03 South Tahoe

High jump, varsity finals

16. Kimberly Marquez-Sanchez 4-00.00 South Tahoe

Long jump, varsity finals

7. Kimberly Marquez-Sanchez 12-07.00 South Tahoe

17. Iran Manzano 9-09.00 Whittell

Facing gusts of wind 20 to 30 mph, Whittell and South Tahoe runners dug deep in extreme conditions to turn in personal bests.

Despite the hostile weather, South Tahoe claimed eight podium positions, including four first-place finishes, and Whittell captured six podium spots with three first-place finishes at the Fernley Invitational on Saturday.

Whittell’s Sierra Forvilly and Mark Waite each won events and turned in season-best times.

Forvilly, a Whittell senior, finished first in both the 100-meter hurdles and 300-meter hurdles, second in the 200-meter and 100-meter dash with a personal best (13.59) in the 100-meter dash.

Waite, a junior at Whittell, ran a season-best 800 in 2:09 for first place. He also took third place in the 1600-meter, running the mile in under 5 minutes, and fourth in the 3,200-meter.

South Tahoe’s Brandon Cramer continued to impress coach Jake Hurwitz when he claimed podium spots in two events he normally doesn’t compete in.

“Brandon had a great meet. He ran the open 100 meters, which isn’t one of his normal events, and he ran an 11.34, which is pretty phenomenal. He’s ranked among the top guys in our division as well as in the North for the 100 meters,” Hurwitz said. “There are two or three kids who can break 11 seconds, but an 11.34 is pretty substantial.”

Cramer’s 100-meter time was good enough for first place. The senior also took first in the 110-meter hurdles and second in the long jump, another event Cramer doesn’t usually compete in.

“He’s just a very talented athlete and can probably do well in several events,” Hurwitz said.

South Tahoe’s Cara Filce tore up the track in both the 800 and the 2-mile. She legged out the 3,200 meters in 13:32 for first place and took second in the 800-meter with 2:43.

Teammate Emily Treat was equally impressive also claiming a first and second place. Treat finished first in the 1,600, with a sub 6-minute mile, and second in the 3,200, breezing in about one second behind Filce in first place.

“Running a mile or two miles is not always someone’s favorite thing, but these girls love to run these longer distances,” Hurwitz said. “They have great strategies in those types of races. They’re drafting and getting to the outside when there is wind, and it’s impressive.”

For Whittell, freshman Aubrey Felton had an inspired meet, turning in big personal bests in the triple jump and the long jump.

“His hard work in practice is starting to translate to his meet results,” Whittell coach Larry Sidney said.

Whittell senior Rodney Aguirre-Rodriguez flew into 15th place in the long jump, and helped Whittell take fourth in the 4 by 400 relay team race.

“He is coming back from an injury, and has been steadily improving each week,” Sidney said.

Whittell’s Josh Welch also took an impressive 10th in the 1-mile.

For South Tahoe, Harley Norton took fifth in both the 1-mile and 2-mile races, running a near 5-minute mile, and 10th in the 800-meter.

“Harley Norton was 5 seconds behind his personal best this year, but he ran a great race and looked really strong, especially pushing into that wind,” Hurwitz said.

Kerry Norton took eighth place in the discus with a throw of 78 feet, and seventh in the 300-meter hurdles.

“It’s just incredible for a small girl. She gets looks left and right, and then she throws and just really has the form down. She’s another one of those kids who could probably do 10 events,” Hurwitz said. “She joined the girls 4 by 1 this week because we were short on some kids and she ran a great leg. She’s just really is a runner at heart.”

South Tahoe’s Tylor Nicholson captured 10th and 12th-place in the 200 and 400 meters. Tyler Myers took sixth in the 1-mile and third in the 2-mile, and Ross Kovac captured 10th in the 2-mile. Kiegan Shackleton finished 10th in the 300 hurdles. Kyle Moreno finished eighth in the long jump, and Ethan Strain took 10th in the long jump.

Among the South Tahoe girls, Gabriela Vargas finished fifth in the 1,600 and seventh in the 3,200. Casey Anderson snagged ninth in the 300-meter hurdles, and Kimberly Marquez-Sanchez took seventh in the long jump.

UP NEXT: The track and field teams will travel to Douglas High School this weekend for the Big George Invitational.

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