Viking swimmers stay undefeated in the pool |

Viking swimmers stay undefeated in the pool

Tribune staff report

South Tahoe’s boys and girls swim teams continued an undefeated season over Easter weekend.

The teams each had dual meets Saturday against North Tahoe and Truckee high schools at Fernley.

The girls beat Truckee 95-163 and North Tahoe 22-205. The boys beat Truckee 128-113 and North Tahoe 170-0 as the team didn’t show up due to the holiday weekend.

The next meet is a varsity invitational Saturday.

Girls 200-yard medley relay: 1. Truckee (Kates, Burill, Straw, Percin) 2. South Tahoe (Tang, Smith, Tang, Albrecht) 3. South Tahoe (Stewart, Swain, Pennington, Cefalu)

Boys 200-yard medley relay: 1. Fernley (Rodarte, Hamilton, Rodarte, Robertson) 2. South Tahoe (Marin, Barnett, McIntyre, Smith) 3. Fernley (Suarez, McManus, Adamson, Primeau)

Girls 200-yard freestyle: 1. Craig (ST) 2. Albrecht (ST) 3. Smith (ST)

Boys 200-yard freestyle: 1. McIntyre (ST) 2. Filce (ST) 3. Smith (ST)

Girls 200-yard individual medley: 1. Straw (T) 2. L. Tang (ST) 3. Kates (T)

Boys 200-yard individual medley: 1. Rodarte (T) 2. Marin (ST) 3. Piazzo (ST)

Girls 50-yard freestyle: 1. K. Tang (ST) 2. Cefalu (ST) 3. Lyons (ST)

Boys 50-yard freestyle: 1. Castillo (T) 2. Barnett (ST) 3. McKeen (T)

Girls 100-yard butterfly: 1. Burill (T) 2. Albrecht (ST) 3. Craig (ST)

Boys 100-yard butterfly: 1. Rodarte (T) 2. McIntyre (ST) 3. Robertson (T)

Girls 100-yard freestyle: 1. Percin (T) 2. Cefalu (ST) 3. Stewart (ST)

Boys 100-yard freestyle: 1. Rodarte (T) 2. Hamilton (T) 3. Smith (ST)

Girls 500-yard freestyle: 1. Persin (T) 2. Burill (T) 3. Swain (ST)

Boys 500-yard freestyle: 1. Robertson (T) 2. Peuse (ST) 3. Gronwald (ST)

Girls 200-yard freestyle relay: 1. South Tahoe (Tang, Tang, Albrecht, Swain) 2. South Tahoe (Craig, Lyons, Wirth, Stewart) 3. Fernley (Hall, Lopez, Blake, Wheeler)

Boys 200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Truckee (Hamilton, K. Rodarte, Robertson, M. Rodarte) 2. South Tahoe (Piazzo, Enkhbayer, Barnett, Filce) 3. Fernley (Kilbride, Adamson, Bittner, McManus)

Girls 100-yard backstroke: 1. K. Tang (ST) 2. Kates (T) 3. Gladner (NT)

Boys 100-yard backstroke: 1. M. Rodarte (T) 2. Marin (ST) 3. McKeen (T)

Girls 100-yard breaststroke: 1. Straw (T) 2. L. Tang (ST) 3. Smith (ST)

Boys 100-yard breaststroke: 1. Hamilton (T) 2. Peuse (ST) 3. McManus (F)

Girls 400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Truckee (Burill, Straw, Kates, Percin) 2. South Tahoe (Craig, Cefalu, M. Pennington, Smith) 3. (O. Pennington, Lyons, Gronwald, Smith)

Boys 400-yard freestyle relay: 1. South Tahoe (Marin, Peuse, Smith, McIntyre) 2. South Tahoe (Enkhbayer, Barnett, Jarrett, Gronwald)

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