Maisel lights up lanes with 704 series |

Maisel lights up lanes with 704 series

John Shott


The top men’s bowler for week No. 5 is Dennis Maisel.

Maisel bowls in the Tuesday night His & Hers League. Maisel unleashed games of 213, 261 and 230 en route to an awesome 704 series.

Maisel will receive his 700 series patch award from American Bowling Congress. Maisel’s great efforts earned him Shott’s Men’s Bowler of the Week.

Yours truly connected for the high game and series of the week with a 267 and 705, respectively.

The top women’s bowler of the week is Patti Page.

Page, who bowls in the Friday night Basin Bowlers League, recorded the highest women’s game of the week with a score of 212. This exceptional game earned her Shott’s Bowler of the Week honors.

Teenagers looking for something to do on Friday afternoons can still join the the junior majors division of the Junior League. The league is short of players. For more information, give Tahoe Bowl a call at (530) 544-3700.

Tune in next week for more bowling scores and results.

High scores of the week

South Tahoe Seniors (Oct. 26): John Filas 204-200, Franz Goepfert 224-203/619.

His & Hers (Oct. 26): George Alm 257-203/657, Kevin Root 225, Jim Smith 204, Mike Blank 221-224-206/651, John Shott 267-245-705, Dustin Sorensen 224, Laura Amaral 205, Ronald Ribble 222, Richard Brown 210, Dennis Maisel 213-261-230/704, Arlene Hailey 207.

Sierra Hi Balls (Oct. 27): Howard Bittner 211, Max Withrow 200, Tom Otomo 219, Will Thomas 202, Pat O’Connell 234-204, Scott Spivack 200.

Ho Hum Trio (Oct. 27): Jeanette Shippee 200, Carl Berdren 214.

Goofers (Oct. 27): Donald Mayer 215, Norman Attenborough 211.

Guys & Dolls (Oct. 28): Ken Kostelnik 221, Jere Petrie 223, David Smock 235/621, Scott Spivack 200-223/620, Sandy Campbell 200, Carol Christian 208, Pat Davie 221-201, Dan Tepper 233, Richard Brown 248-236-204/688, Jim Smith 205, Bob Swift 209, Danny Jones 216.

Basin Bowlers (Oct. 29): Tyler Boyle 213, Kevin McCartin 203, Evan Otomo 203, Jim Brothers 204, Ronald Ribble 215-236/626, Rick McDaris 203-212, Patti Page 212, Mike Hylander 254/623, Willie Thomas 212.

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