Miller rolls second career 300 game |

Miller rolls second career 300 game

John Shott


Our top men’s bowler of the week is David Miller, who began bowling at the age of 14 at Huntington Lanes in Huntington Beach, Calif.

Miller decided to bowl on the traveling scratch junior team and, over the next four years, did so with friends Bruce Bolinger and Chris Weatherbee. During this time, the team would travel to more than a dozen different bowling alleys every Saturday afternoon. Miller averaged 190 during his junior career.

Miller moved to Lake Tahoe in 1981 with Cathy and Bob Bolinger and their son, Bruce. They all began bowling in the His and Hers League on Tuesday nights, with Miller also bowling in the Friday night Basin Bowlers League.

Seven years later, Miller met his wife, Cheryl, and they started bowling together in the His and Hers League in 1989. Cheryl is employed at the Bank of the West and is a teammate of her husband on the DNA No. 1 painting squad.

Miller’s business partner, Jim Hoehn, and close friend Richard Brown sponsor the DNA No. 2 team. Both have recorded 300 games of their own at Tahoe Bowl, and both have helped Miller with his game.

As a result, perhaps, Miller rolled his first-ever 300 game on in the 1996 city tournament in the Doubles Division, and he also recorded a career-high 782 series in the doubles event. Eleven years later, he rolled his second career 300 game on Nov. 27 at Tahoe Bowl.

Miller bowls to get out with fellow friends as well as meet new bowlers and locals. He also enjoys the fun and relaxation of the sport.

His opponents in the league – John and Michael Shott – both started their games on Nov. 27 with eight consecutive strikes, which Miller said inspired him to roll his perfect 300.

His awesome game will net him his 300 ring from the United States Bowling Congress, and naturally he is Shott’s men’s bowler of the week.

Our top women’s bowler of the week is senior bowler Bernice Attinger. She bowls on the Lake Tahoe Surgery Center team in the South Tahoe Seniors League and maintains a 139 average.

Attinger rolled a season-high and personal-best 201 game, and that high game led to her selection as Shott’s women’s bowler of the week.

A special congrats goes out to Larry Coffman, who rolled the seniors’ high game of the year (277), and Brian Stanton, who recorded a personal-best 286 for the season.

Tune in next week – and next year – for more bowling scores and results. I hope all of Tahoe had a Merry Christmas and I wish everyone has a Happy New Year. See you in 2008.

High Scores of the Week

South Tahoe Seniors (Nov. 27): Bernice Attinger 201, Larry Coffman 277/619, Margie Stephens 201.

His and Hers (Nov. 27): Jeremy Agnew 203, Jeremy Agnew 201-206-238/645, Jim Hoehn 201-257, Richard Brown 237-242/660, Jim Clark 206-212, Bob Bolinger 205, David Miller 203-300/694, Sky Rosselle 203-202, Zach Gordon 216-209, Michael Shott 265-641, John Shott 213-261-228/702, Kevin Miller 200, Kevin Root 211-210, Scott Spivack 203, Tommy Otomo 233-202/631, Tony DeNunzio 201-241-213/655, Tommy Buyak 213, Michael Blank 205, George Alm 214-247/642, Greg McGowan 214-241/630, Willie Campbell 226-205-214/645.

Ho Hum Trio (Nov. 28): Andrew Gregorich 242/627.

Guys and Dolls (Nov. 29): Michael Taylor 201, Pat Davie 224, Dan Tepper 207-246/623, Michael Shott 221-223/626, Willie Campbell 200-249/629, Kevin Miller 200-224, Jere Petrie 208, Brian Stanton 286.

Basin Bowlers (Nov. 30): Samantha Taylor 203-202, Rob Kraczek 202, Toby Sharp 202, Mike Stewart 210, David Miller 221-227/640, Richard Brown 244-217-248/709, Kevin Blair 227, Greg McGowan 224-248/642, Sandra Hibler 224, Tristan Sanders 224, Jeremy Agnew 206-204, Kevin Close 223, Lenny Lopez 204-213-222/639, Tom Buyak 214, Scott Spivack 205-210, Kevin Iggens 247-205-246/698, Kendra Campbell 223, George Alm 242/612.

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