Need another idea to make your first million? |

Need another idea to make your first million?

Column by Steve Yingling

Are you beginning to lose hope that Ed McMahon is going to slip on your icy steps, punch the door bell and give you his trademark belly laugh as he informs you Publisher’s Clearinghouse has a million-dollar check with your name on it – even though you didn’t buy any of their pricey magazines?

Maybe you’re realizing you might become a millionaire faster if you saved all the $1 bills you’ve spent on the California lottery.

What about the faith you have in Anna Kournikova or Jonny Moseley coming to their senses and realizing that one is your soulmate and demand you stop working immediately?

Or are you holding out hopes of catching Mark McGwire’s 757th home run and selling the ball to the highest bidder – maybe even McGwire himself?

Is there still an outside chance that you’ll strike up a dirty conversation with Jesse Ventura during the celebrity golf tournament and he’ll make you his campaign manager, whereupon you convince the Minnesota governor he has a better chance resurrecting his pro wrestling career?

Concocting ways to make a million bucks takes lots of free time and an active imagination. Sometimes it helps if someone gives you a tip or two.

At the expense of lowering my chances of becoming a millionaire, I’ll let you in on a few more way to strike it rich before any of your other ideas pan out.

The investment is cheap – if free fits into your budget.

Here’s what you need:

– Knowledge of how to turn on a computer.

– Access to Internet.

– Very limited knowledge of college basketball.

– Know-how to complete a bracket without leaving any spaces.

– Ability to detach yourself from your favorite teams when filling out your bracket.

– Sixty-three correct answers.

– A high tolerance level for Dick Vitale.

– Ability to sit on your butt and watch basketball nonstop for four weeks.

– Driver’s license, so you can cash your $10 million or $1 million check.

Sounds so easy, doesn’t it?

Really, it’s not.

Several Internet sites are offering contests in conjuncture with the upcoming March Madness in college basketball. If you have the time, and you didn’t need to study to ace those multiple choice tests in school, then check out and

Both sites are offering a $10 million first prizes to anyone who can fill out a perfect NCAA tournament bracket. That means you can pick the first 62 games correctly and stumble in the final and come away with nothing. Wouldn’t that hurt?

At least CNNSI is offering a consolation contest for the mortal prognosticators who can’t pick them all right. Up for grabs are a video camera, pocket binoculars and a combination TV-VCR unit.

If millions aren’t that important, then go to and enter the 2000 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament contest. One grand-prize winner and a companion will receive a four-day trip to the 2001 NCAA Final Four in Minneapolis. Hopefully, you’ll turn in your perfect bracket in one of the $10-million contests

If you win, just remember who helped you become a millionaire.

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