Pringle an asset to Tahoe bowling community |

Pringle an asset to Tahoe bowling community


Our featured Women’s Bowler of the Week is Mae Pringle.

Pringle began bowling in 1965 at Broadway Bowl in Oakland, Calif., when she was 59 years old. Her older sister got her involved in bowling and then she moved to the Piedmont area and began bowling at Piedmont Bowl under the supervision of Helen Duvaul (Hall of Fame bowler and owner of Piedmont Bowl in 1967).

Pringle currently bowls in the South Lake Tahoe Seniors League on Tuesdays, Monte Carlo at Pinion’s Plaza in Carson City on Thursdays, and Monte Carlo at Tahoe Bowl on Fridays.

Pringle’s highest game, 199, was rolled at Santa Rosa Bowl in Santa Rosa, Calif. Pringle bowls because her son, Vern Lee, who also bowls in the Seniors League, encourages her to bowl. Vern purchased a new ball and new shoes for his mother this year.

Last week, Pringle, bowling for Rodney Import Auto, with a 106 average, rolled games of 132, 123 and 124 in the South Lake Tahoe Seniors League.

Pringle bowls to meet new people, have fun, and occupy her time. Pringle is truly a remarkable woman and the oldest bowler to bowl in leagues in Tahoe. She is 92 years old and an inspiration to all of us. I feel very proud and honored to write about Mae Pringle. She is an example to all of us and the entire Tahoe bowling community.

Our featured Men’s Bowler of the Week is Clyde Perlenfein.

Perlenfein started bowling in 1988 with the Bank of America team, East Bay Chapter, in Concord, Calif., when he was 54 years old. Perlenfein bowled for nine years in Concord and moved to Lake Tahoe in September 1996 and began bowling in the South Lake Tahoe Seniors League, Goofers, and SIRs (Sons of Retirement no tap bowling for seniors). His highest game is 244 and was bowled at Diablo Lanes in Concord. His highest series, 588, with games of 206, 191 and 191, was rolled this week at Tahoe Bowl in the Seniors League. Perlenfein bowls for Ernie’s Coffee Shop and carries a 142 average. By shooting 162 pins over his average, he achieves his 150 Pins Over Average award from the American Bowling Congress and qualifies as Shott’s Men’s Bowler of the Week. Perlenfein bowls because he enjoys the people and the recreation of the game. Congratulations, Clyde!

Our featured junior bowler is Tommy Araujo.

Araujo, 14 and a freshman at South Tahoe High School, started bowling at Castro Valley Bowl in Castro Valley, Calif., when he was 7 years old. Araujo lives with his grandparents, Maxine and Nick Araujo, and they moved to Tahoe in November 1994 and enrolled Tommy in the Prep League at Tahoe Bowl.

Araujo has bowled every year since preps and now is in the Junior League. Araujo enjoys the competition and the friendships associated with bowling.

Araujo has a 138 average, his highest series is 508, and his highest game of 212 was rolled this week at Tahoe Bowl, qualifying him as Shott’s Junior Bowler of the Week. Araujo participates in football, Babe Ruth baseball, races his BMX in Carson City, competes in junior golf at Tahoe Paradise and loves snowboarding. Great bowling, Tommy!

High Scores of the Week:

Gutter Gussies (1/12) – Doris Aeberli 194, Charold Post 197, Susan Forvilly 178. Ho Hum Trio (1/13) – Carmen Withrow 187, Margie Stephens 188, Elaine Gray 193, Terri Paul 187. South Lake Tahoe Seniors (1/13) – Harold Bogardus 206, John Filas 192, Joe Haic 183, Dolly Zanoeelli 169, Rick Sanchez 197, Jackie Smith 183, Gary Gruber 211, Clyde Perlenfein 206, Ray Bennett 202, George Markis 202, Dick Soyland 238. His and Hers (1/13) – Vic Nagy 203-201, Josh Gioscia 210, David Miller 222. Sierra Hi Balls (1/14) – Chuck Crites 222, Al Line 205, Tom Otomo 245/621, Bert 222, Ken Kostelnik 200, Steve A. 204, John 212, Mario Lomibao 209, Howard Juretschke 204. Guys and Dolls (1/15) – Jeff Germain 204, Rick Soyland 213-203/609, Pat Fountain 221, John Filas 216-206/615, Brian Stanton 226-211/603, Doug LaPierre 205, Tom Nobriga 224-200/606, George Cretilli 228. Mixed Scratch Trio (1/15) – Kevin Iggens 212, John Hesa 259/623, David Ramsey 221, Chuck Crites 216, Russ Anderson 212-206/612, Daryll Regala 214, Jim Sterling 215, Arlene Hailey 206, Rick Soyland 212-207/601, John Shott 276-222/656. Goofers (1/14) – George Bergman 255-213/630, Nicolai Andrejeff 209-206/604, Dan Sullivan 211, Denny Minami 207-201, Norm Attenborough 224, Ann Fitzsimmons 190, Jodie Vineyard 190. Basin Bowlers (1/16) – Adolph Zertuche 224, Rande Howell 215-215, Mark Terrell 218, Matt Fowler 196, Russ Anderson 206-205/609, Skip Sayre 237. Bantams (7-8 years old) (1/17) – Sherilyn Horvatich 78, Adam Loomos 52, Shane Litchey 83, Mayela Carver 88, Amy Dubry 60, Jason Heitger 61/71, John Heitger 58, Josh Kramer 72, Mitchall Taggart 58, Matt Loomos 47, Joel Morris 115/125, Derrick Sweet 78, Richard Horvatich 89, Matthew Marsh 75/70, Jenelle Alessi 94, Michael Blank 123, Ky Wilson 57/62, Chelsea Smith 79. Preps (9-11 years old) (1/17) – Christopher Shott 148, Ahleia Brown 90, Jeffrey DeGuide 144, Matt Ault 119, Carrie Bauwens 125, Andrew Gregorich 124, Jordan Bowles 130, Michael Beil 124, Vanessa Hodges 142. Junior/Majors (12-18 years old) (1/17) – Jesse Kruger 165, Amy Carter 211, Grant Carter 195, Brian Ware 193, Nick Leferoff 152, Adrian Cook (83 avg.) 338 series, Jennifer French 161, Shawn Swinger 136 (89 avg.) 344 series, Andrew Zion 165, Chris Bussey 211, Tommy Araujo 212, Matt Morrison 137 (73 avg.), Jared Letendre (99 avg.) 355 series, Jason Bergman 189.

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