Rookie wins 37th city tournament |

Rookie wins 37th city tournament

Column by John Shott

A rookie won the 37th annual city of South Lake Tahoe bowling tournament.

The winner of the singles division was Jason Bergman with a 727 series. This was the first adult tournament Bergman was eligible to bowl in after completing the YABA program.

Berman began bowling in the bantam league at Tahoe Bowl in 1985 when he was 5 years old. His parents, Jan and George, taught him the basics and fundamentals. Berman bowled all through the bantams, preps, juniors and majors. Bergman’s highest series is 635 and high game is 264.

Both Bergman and Chris Hunter tied with 727 series and Bergman nudged out Hunter in the three-game roll-off with another 727 series. Bergman will attend Huron University in South Dakota majoring in sports management on a football scholarship.

The winners of the doubles division are Kevin Root and Daryll Regala, with a score of 1,424.

Root began bowling at Alhambra Bowl in Sacramento, Calif., in 1970 when he was 12 years old. His wood shop teacher in junior high school, Mr. Vineyard, taught Root the game. Root bowled in the bantam/junior league.

Root moved to Lake Tahoe in 1976 and began bowling at Tahoe Bowl in 1989 in the Gutter Busters league. Root’s high series, 752, was rolled in the Merchants in 1996 and high game, 279, also in 1996. In his first year of bowling, his team captured first place in the bantam league.

Root’s 1996 city team, Artrageous, captured first place in team event with teammates James Sterling, Tom Otomo and Jim Ealy. Root carries a 185 average and bowls for fun and to socialize.

Regala began bowling at Center and Royal Lanes in Guam in 1981. Regala moved to Lake Tahoe and began bowling at Kingsbury and Tahoe Bowl. Regala carries a 205 average, rolled a career-high 299 game this year and has picked up the 7-10 split. Regala earned the High Series Award in 1984. This year his best was 778. His team captured first place in 1992 and 1993 and also his team won first place in the city tournament in 1992. Regala bowls for fun and recreation.

Capturing the team championship was the Tahoe Bowl team of Vic Nagy, Ken Kostelnik, David Dickinson and Rick Soyland with a score of 2,994.

Nagy, proprietor of Tahoe Bowl, has been bowling ever since I met him in May 1977 when I arrived in Lake Tahoe. Over the years, Nagy has sponsored many teams, many of which I have bowled on. Throughout the years, Nagy has been very generous to the resident bowlers by giving them balls, shoes and other various equipment. Nagy has supported the YABA programs and has made numerous contributions to the bowling community. He is a valued member of the Tahoe community. I would like to thank “Uncle Vic” for everything that he has done for me and my family throughout the years.

Ken Kostelnik began bowling at La Habra Bowl in La Habra, Calif., in 1968 when he was 8 years old. His father, Joe, taught him the game. Ken and his wife, Selina, both bowl in leagues together. Kostelnik bowled in Scotland, Japan, and the Philippines while in the Navy from 1981-1990. Kostelnik has been a past winner of the Most Improved Bowler Award. Ken has been employed at Tahoe Bowl since 1995 and loves competition and meeting new people.

David Dickinson began bowling at Kings Bowl in Milbrae, Calif., in 1994 when he was 19 years old. Lucinda Nahiu, an ex-tour pro, taught Dickinson the basics and fundamentals. In his first year on the Monday Night Trio he averaged 171. Dickinson’s highest series is 689 and high game is 288. In 1995 Dickinson received the high average for the United Airlines league with a 197 average. Also, Dickinson won the NFL league at Kings Bowl first-place doubles division in 1995.

Dickinson moved to Lake Tahoe in May 1997 and began bowling in the Scratch league at Tahoe Bowl with Russ Anderson and John Hall.

Rick Soyland began bowling in September, 1976 at Tahoe Bowl when he was 13 years old. His father, Dick, and mother, Betty, taught him how to bowl. Soyland bowled in the junior programs. Soyland’s highest series is 782 and high game, 289, was rolled in the 1998 team event on the 37th annual city tournament along with the highest series this year, 781. Soyland carries a 201 average and led his team to the trophy.

The All Events Handicap champion is Wayne Koch with a 2,194 total. Koch started bowling in the juniors at Foothill Bowl in Auburn, Calif., in 1961 when he was 8 years old. After a break of 20 years, Koch and his wife, Kim, joined the Sunday Night league at Tahoe Bowl. His father, Leonard, taught him the fundamentals. Koch bowls in the Basin Bowlers league and carries a 181 average. His highest series is 672 (shot in the doubles division of the 1998 city tournament and high game is 279).

Koch attributes his recent success to new equipment from Nagy and expert drilling by Rick Soyland. Koch also bowled in the ABT last summer and carried a 186 average.

The Bowler of the Year Award went to David Ramsay.

Ramsay began bowling at Canoga Bowl in Canoga Park, Calif., when he was 13 years old. Ramsay bowled in the L.A. junior/All-Star traveling league, which traveled to more than 30 bowling alleys every week to participate in tournaments. Ramsay learned the basics from Bill Julian, George Stanley and Barry Asher.

His highest series is 794 and high game is 300 shot at Tahoe Bowl in the Goofers league on Feb. 3, 1996. Ramsay has averaged more than 210 every year since 1988 at Tahoe Bowl. In 1992, Ramsay won all events – singles, team and doubles – in the city tournament at Tahoe Bowl and has won the league High Average Award in every league that he has joined.

This year, Ramsay rolled five 700 series, with 799 as his high in the scratch league. He also averaged 211 per game and enjoyed a 279 game to earn him the 1998 Bowler of the Year Award.

League Champions for 1997-98 Season are:

Sierra Hi Balls – Bills Appliance, consisting of Steve Anderson, Kathy Ciccarelli, Pam Kaczmarek, Jim Tressler, Linda Martinez.

Mixed Scratch Trio – Arlene Hailey, Kevin Blair, Franz Goepfert.

Basin Bowlers – Sue and Ray Wilson, Joe Furino.

Guys and Dolls – Posh Beauty Supply, consisting of Steve Brazil, JoAnn Shope, Monte Reece, Bob and Peggy Swift.

South Lake Tahoe Seniors – The Erratics, consisting of Wayne Logan, Betty Perusits, Roger Bush, Patti and Rande Howell.

Gutter Gussies – Ornelas-McCall Realty, consisting of Barbara Harvey, Ione Wolfe, Doris Aeberli.

Ho Hum Trio – Woodfords Auto Service, consisting of Cami Chavez, Margie Stephens, Elaine Gray.

His and Hers – Kaszman Painting, consisting of Jim Smith, Bob Bolinger, Cheryl and David Miller, Kathy Bolinger.

Summer leagues are now forming, so come on down to the Tahoe Bowl and sign up.

Hope everyone enjoyed the bowling column. See you in September. Good luck to everyone bowling this weekend in the California State Tournament in Bakersfield.

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