Senior bowler rolls a 688 series |

Senior bowler rolls a 688 series

The top men’s bowler of the week at Tahoe Bowl is Larry Coffman. Coffman bowls for Three Dimes and a Quarter in the South Tahoe Seniors League.

Coffman gave his 192 average a beating with sizzling games of 254, 236 and 198 en route to his season-high 688 series.

Coffman will receive a 600 series award from the United States Bowling Congress. His awesome performance on the lanes earned him Shott’s Men’s Bowler of the Week.

The top women’s bowler of the week is Leandra Pierce. Pierce bowls on the DNA No. 2 team in the His and Hers League and holds a 141 average.

Pierce unloaded her season-high game and the high women’s game of the week – 231. Pierce’s awesome game earned her a 200 pin award from the USBC as well as Shott’s Women’s Bowler of the Week.

Congrats to Lenny Lopez and George Alm for rolling the high game of the week. Both scored 289 games, with Lopez finishing with a 708 series in the His and Hers League.

The top junior bowler of the week is Geddy Miller. Miller bowls in the Juniors and Majors and maintains a 125 average. Miller recorded games of 221 and 197 on his way to a season-high 531 series.

Miller’s awesome performance on the lanes earned him Shott’s Junior Bowler of the Week.

High scores of the week

Guys and Dolls (Jan. 17): Pete Lily 203, Chuck Crites 206, Leonard Buckley 204-201-201/606, Willie Campbell 219, Kevin Miller 202, Brian Stanton 202, Glen Comet 217, Steve Beck 211, Marty Montanyo 201.

Basin Bowlers (Jan. 18): Christopher Shott 236, Rob Krazcek 207-203/602, Mike Stewart 212, Dave Miller 212-225/604, Richard Brown 217-238-211/666, Greg McGowan 206, Willie Campbell 202, Jeremy Agnew 226, Anthony Gregorich 211, Lenny Lopez 222-206/608, Bobby Silvius 201-226/608, Kevin Iggens 224, George Alm 222-289/695.

Juniors and Majors (Jan. 18): Matthew Blank 200, Seth Weinberg 180, Geddy Miller 221.

South Tahoe Seniors (Jan. 22): Larry Coffman 254-236/688, Harold Bogardus 200, Margie Stephens 223, Jack Post 205.

His and Hers (Jan. 22): Leandra Pierce 231, Jeremy Agnew 202, Jim Hoehn 215, Richard Brown 214, Jim Clark 204-227-222/653, Dave Miller 207, Mike Stewart 200, Jessica Urias 216-203, Kevin Miller 256/645, Samantha Taylor 202, John Shott 216-242/631, Michael Shott 226-200-225/651, Kevin Root 213, Scott Spivack 213-224, Tony Denunzio 214, Bobby Silvius 221-203-248/672, Matt Silveira 209, Michael Blank 237-227/645, George Alm 213-234/639, Lenny Lopez 201-218-289/708, Anthony Gregorich 230, Pat O’Connell 219-206-208/633, Willie Campbell 216-210-223/649.

Bantams/Preps (Jan. 19): Jake Roe 92, Trieton Kuezi 90, Miles Wilson 115-96, Arnold Higareda 99-93.

Peewees (Jan. 19): Tyler Moore 87, Daniel Aguilar 90, Lucy Vazquez 88, Nehemiah Kaufman 84, Kai Poletti 84, Loreli Kuenzi 115.

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