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Something right up your alley

John Shott


On Tuesday, Oct. 7, Mike Kivi rolled his fourth perfect 300 game. Bowling for Pine Tree Printing in the His and Hers League, Kivi recorded the highest series this year – 755 – with games of 190, 265 and 300, qualifying him for his 700 series patch award and his 300 ring from ABC. Kivi is the general manager of Pine Tree Printing on Kingsbury Grade, and has consistently sponsored bowling teams in both Tahoe and Carson City for the past seven years.

Last year, Pine Tree captured first place in the Budweiser Classic League in Carson, with the following bowlers: Jim Sterling, David Miller, Chris Weatherbee, John Shott and Mike Kivi. In March ’97, Kivi recorded his third 300 game in Carson.

Kivi started bowling in a six-lane bowling alley in Racine, Wis., at the age of 8.

“It was the thing to do in Wisconsin,” Kivi said.

His parents, Gene and Janice, both top bowlers, encouraged and inspired their son to bowl. Kivi first started in the bantams, worked his way up through the juniors and into the major leagues. It took him eight years to climb up this chain of bowling. All during this period, his coaches spent a great deal of time teaching him the fundamentals of bowling. They worked on his approach, form, follow-through, eye-hand coordination and his concentration. By developing a good style with the right fundamentals, Kivi became a great bowler.

Kivi moved to Lake Tahoe when he was 17 years old and began bowling at Kingsbury Lanes and Tahoe Bowl, where he bowled in three leagues. When he was 19 years old in 1987, his father, Gene, watched his son roll his first 300 game at Tahoe Bowl in the Wednesday Night League. Mike’s only disappointment was that his mother, Janice, wasn’t there to witness his accomplishment. A few years later, Kivi rolled his second 300 game in the Merchant’s League. In November of 1989, Kivi rolled games of 266, 278 and 279 for an 823 series and is one of only four Tahoe Bowlers to accomplish this mark. The others are George Alm, Bruce Bolinger and Max Epps.

Kivi has bowled in seven Cal State tournaments, the Nationals, NCBAs, an ABC and local tournaments. To his credit, Kivi has four (300 games), two (299 games), one (298 game), two (290 games), and one (800 series). Each of these accomplishments are commemorated by a ring and letter of achievement from the American Bowling Congress. Kivi said that all his bowling dreams have been accomplished.

Kivi is a family man, has a wonderful wife, Marcy, a 1-year-old daughter, Chelsea, and are expecting their second child around Thanksgiving. I’m sure that all of their children will become bowlers because bowling is a way of life for the Kivis.

Kivi has some excellent advice for both young children and adults: For all the young boys and girls, try bowling and be patient. Dedicate your time to the game, but most important of all, have fun. Parents who wish their children to take up this sport must encourage them to take an interest in the game, obtain good coaching and bowl in junior leagues. By following these guidelines your child’s bowling career will begin.

On Saturday, sign-ups for bumper, pee-wee, bantams and junior bowlers will be from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Tahoe Bowl. If you want your children to bowl, come down and sign up.

For all adult bowlers, Kivi’s advice to you is to have fun instead of being serious. Don’t get frustrated when you bowl badly; mellow out and take bowling as a hobby instead of a profession. Only then will you begin to improve your game.

For all adults who wish to attend a seminar on bowling and bowl two games, with coaching from some of the top bowlers in Tahoe, including Mike Kivi – on Sunday, George Alm is holding a seminar starting at 3:30 p.m. The cost is $10, at Tahoe Bowl. Juniors and children may also attend. Come on down! We would love to meet you and help you become a better bowler.

Bowling in leagues is a great night of inexpensive entertainment, where you can meet many new people, gain new friendships and have an enormous amount of fun and excitement. If you wish to sign up for leagues, call Tahoe Bowl at 544-3700 or just come down and we will sign you up.

I’d like to close with a quote from Mike Kivi, “Take bowling like a breath of life and cherish every moment you bowl. Establish a good camaraderie with your friends, enjoy the thrill of bowling and scoring and have fun.”

High scores of the week: Gutter Gussies (10/6) – Paula Yturbide 164, Jamie LaPierre 166, Doris Brozzo 208, Barbara Harvey 194, Doris Aberli 202, Debbie Deacon 171, Donna Baker 185. Ho Hum Trio (10/7) – Margie Stephens 217, Barb Farmer 195, Elaine Gray 202. South Lake Tahoe Seniors (10/7) – Virgie Rogez 202, Bob Allender 196, Franz Goepfert 224-202, Joan Haglund 193, Bill Leonard 195, Donna Baker 175, John Filas 235-205, Kena Brum 177, Doris Brozzo 196, Roger Bush 233, Rande Howell 213-201, Pete Valentino 196, Ken Myron 190. His and Hers (10/7) – Katie Harrison 168, Kimber Wasilchuk 227-203/620, Gary Parsons 191, Mike Kivi 300-265/755, Mike Wondka 215, Sandy Campbell 209, William Campbell 247-204/630, Shawn Nash 195, Jim Smith 225, Margaret Smith 165, Jeremy Agnew 214, Mary Bondietti 201, Al Line 213, George Markis 200, George Alm 242. Merchants (10/7) – Greg Byer 188, Norm Attenboro 226, Bob Talbot 209, Willie Campbell 213, Jim Sterling 218, Bill Garoner 205, Scott Everson 212. Sierra Hi Balls (10/8) – Mario Lomibeau 210-208, Jack Post 201, Mike Heckendorn 238, Chuck Crites 229, 211/635, George Alm 233, 221. Mixed Scratch Trio (10/9) – David Ramsey 234-216/627, John Shott 244/625, Kevin Blair 220-201/619, Scott Everson 223-236/641, Willie Campbell 200, Jason LaForrest 257, Chuck Crites 222-222, Mario Lomibeau 203, George Alm 203, Jeremy Agnew 221, Russ Anderson 204, Mike Blank 223-215-211/649, Dave Petrali 235, Kevin Iggens 236/601, Tobin Mathews 195. Guys and Dolls (10/9) – Ron Ratabun 201, Al Line 232, Cindi Wells 183, Dick Robbins 209, Vern Lee 210, John Filas 213, Chuck Crites 202, Pat Fountain 211, Richard Hart 212, David Smock 203, Brian Stanton 230-219, Bob Swift 201, John Charney 202, Betsy Brunson 201, Dawn Antzer 168, Bob Higgenbotham 216, Jeff Stockton 190, Bob Bolinger 217, Roger Haupt 224, Willie Campbell 226-201-268/695, Rick Soyland 258-277-213/748. Basin Bowlers (10/10) – Mark Terrell 205, Adolph Zertuche 216, Patti Howell 190, Sandy Campbell 199, Russ Anderson 222-210/628, Marie Lange 194.

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