South Tahoe to host Whittell in postseason volleyball |

South Tahoe to host Whittell in postseason volleyball

The volleyball match between South Tahoe and Whittell high schools’ volleyball teams tonight isn’t worth anything in the eyes of the NIAA. But the 6 p.m. match means a lot to the Whittell Warriors, who hope to attain bragging rights playing against a larger 4A school.

“We have nothing really to lose and everything to gain,” said Whittell senior Shelly Zaskoda about playing the larger program.

If Whittell wins, the Warriors can say they played a school that was two divisions larger and won. If they lose, then everything is hunky-dory; the big school won — as it should — and the little school played tough and lost.

That’s what happened last year. The match went five games before the Vikings ended the Warrior rally to win.

That was one of the closer matches in recent history.

In other years the Vikings have won in three games. It’s been a about four years since Whittell won.

“It’s kind of intimidating in a way,” Zaskoda said of the match. But she and her teammmates try not to focus on that and choose to focus on playing their best game. “As long as we go out there and have fun and play hard it’s worth it.”

Both teams view the match as a good way to split up a long week away from the court before zone.

Whittell finished the 2A season runner-up. South Tahoe is a third seed in the 4A, and both teams will begin zone later this week.

The Warriors see the game as a competitive primer for zone.

Hawthorne, who leads the 2A, could beat many 4A teams in the eyes of some.

The coaches, who are more friends than foes, are looking forward to seeing and competing with girls who they recognize from youth and club teams.

“I’m looking forward to watching them play,” said Whittell coach Danny McLaughlin. “I have a great deal of respect for their program. Many of those players are personal friends of mine.”

As well, many South Tahoe players are looking forward to playing Whittell.

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