Sierra Nevada College senior’s project benefits Bijou Bike Park in South Lake Tahoe |

Sierra Nevada College senior’s project benefits Bijou Bike Park in South Lake Tahoe

The Bijou Bike Park in South Lake Tahoe is receiving a new donated addition, due to the work of a senior at Sierra Nevada College and a crew of workers from Healthy Home Consultants.

Recently, Weston Park and the workers from Healthy Home Consultants have been putting in hours of work during their downtime to erect a new concession stand at the park, which will be used during races and by park volunteers.

“For such an awesome park, we thought they deserved an awesome shed,” Park said. “It’s going to act as a concession stand, and a little hangout spot for the crew.”

While working on backflips at the bike park on Tuesday, Oct. 24, Jonah Teetsel, who said he’s been practicing at Bijou over the past few months, said the shed will add more value to an already great place to ride.

“The track is awesome, I love that track,” Teetsel said. “(The shed) will be perfect. It will definitely be good for everyone.”

The shed’s construction is part of Park’s senior project at Incline Village’s Sierra Nevada College as a sustainability major, and will be a donation to the bike park.

“Our first thing that we wanted to do is give back to the community,” Park said. “This is an awesome park, South Lake Tahoe is an awesome area, awesome citizens and residents here, so we thought the least we could do is give them this shed, donate it to the park. It’s really just a cherry on top of what already is an amazing bike park.”

Through one of his counselors at Sierra Nevada College, Park was able to reach out to Healthy Home Consultant’s owner Bret Hackett, and together they have laid the foundation for a new company — Tahoe Shed.

“Weston was just really interested in developing a construction company,” said Hackett. “He really enjoys working with his hands and building cool things. He’s a really smart guy that realizes there’s more to running a construction business than just the work.”

Healthy Home Consultants is a green building, and sustainable design firm, according to its website, and is located in South Lake Tahoe.

The 10 feet by 12 feet shed that is being constructed at Bijou Bike Park is typical of what the company will provide. The dimensions are the largest California allows without obtaining a building permit, said Park, and the shed only takes a handful of days to erect.

“We want to utilize that space to do office studios, art studios, greenhouses, saunas — we really want to make custom sheds tailored to the home owner’s lifestyle,” said Park. “She shed, man cave, Airbnb, workshops, garages — whatever people want we can build it.”

The crew was adding corrugated metal siding to the shed at Bijou Park on Tuesday, Oct. 24, and will put the final touches on the project later in the week. Park said he plans to reach a point of efficiency in the process where sheds are prefabricated and are erected in day or two.

“We’re going to have a few models lined up that you can pick and choose from, but we also offer custom sheds,” he said. “We’ll sit down with you guys, we’ll design it with you, you’ll be a part of the entire process, and we’ll create something that blends into your existing home already, and really just add value to your life and real-estate.”

Quality is what separates Tahoe Shed from other mass-manufactured structures, according to Park, with sheds that are built to last over the years, endure Tahoe’s heavy winters, and blend into the natural surroundings.

“I’m a sustainability major, so my goal is to build something that lasts,” Park said. “We’re up here in Tahoe and the weather is crazy, we want to build something that can handle snow loads, and really is just aesthetically pleasing and beautiful as well, so in 20 years you won’t be able to tell if this shed was built a year ago.”

Park said the project at Bijou Bike Park has already garnered the attention of potential customers, and that he’s working on his business plan next semester and will graduate in the spring.

At this point, Tahoe Shed is just getting underway with customer purchases of sheds. For more information email or call 805-210-1996.

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