Torres goes back to work |

Torres goes back to work

Juan Torres has been so anxious to resume fighting, he’s almost willing to box for free.

Of course, he might say that he is anyway, but the 31-year-old South Lake Tahoe resident will test Stevie Quinonez on Saturday in Palm Springs, Calif.

It’s Torres’ first fight since absorbing a first-round knockout by promising junior welterweight Zab Judah in April. He was required by boxing commissions to take a mandatory 45-day rest after the knockout and had two fights canceled in the past month.

“I guess I haven’t been training three months for nothing. I definitely want to stay busy. I don’t have much use for waiting around right now,” said Torres, who wants to make his dwindling time left in the ring count.

He’s also anxious to show his doubters that the Judah fight was a temporary setback and that the accusations of taking a “dive” in that bout are preposterous.

“Even though it didn’t hurt my feelings, I need to shut some people up. I need to get back more in the limelight as far as TV and bigger paydays go,” Torres said. “Those wounds haven’t penetrated me. Are they going to criticize the last kid for taking a dive after getting knocked down four times? Zab Judah is one bad dude.

“What they want to see is blood, and it probably would have been bloody if I had beaten the count. Unfortunately I didn’t beat the count.”

Torres, 12-6, received his next assignment from manager Jorge Marron on Monday. Neither know much about the 18-3-1 Quinonez, other than that he’s susceptible to knockouts at weights above 135 pounds.

Hence, Torres bumped up the weight limit to 138 for this bout, hoping to become the fourth fighter to knock out Quinonez.

“This way I can eat three meals a day without worrying about making weight,” said Torres, who has been running 10 miles per day to help keep his weight at 135 pounds. “I feel real strong right now.”

Quinonez reportedly has supplanted Torres as California’s No. 1 lightweight contender. Torres has dropped to No. 2.

“I guess it’s time to go claim what’s mine,” he said.

Torres isn’t worried about fighting in Quinonez’s hometown, despite losing a controversial decision to Hector Camacho Jr. in his backyard in Miami in January.

“It doesn’t matter. I’ll drop in the middle of the ring and not move if they give a decision to him and I know I’ve won the fight. That would top the whole thing off,” Torres said. “I’m going to push myself a little more … sort of gamble … I’m looking more for a knockout. I’ll go in and give 120 percent and see what comes of it.”

Marron reportedly is working on putting a card together with Torres’ employer – the Horizon Casino Resort.

“It all comes down to politics, and I have good politicians on my side now. I’ll let them call the shots and I’ll worry about training and getting into the ring and winning,” he said.

A mandatory 45-day rest after being knocked out by Zab Judah in the first round in April slowed the local fighter’s momentum.

Call came in. fighting Palm Springs on Saturday, Fighting Stevie Quinonez, Palm Springs, 18-3-1, 8 KOs.

No. 1 contender in California and I’m No. 2, I was ranked NO. 1 for three years, due to lack fighting in Calif dropped to NO. 2.

So guess time to go claim what’s mine.

“those wounds haven’t penetrated me. Zab Judah, are they going to criticis kids for taking dive and geting four times. Zab judha is just one bad dude, I guess.

what they want to see is bood, probbaly would ahve been bloood, unfortuantley didnt’ beat count, perhaps it was fourtuante.

I’m a Warrior.

“IT was threemonths or so, I’m knd of used to not fighting so often, because happend. I def want to stay busy now, I don’t have much use for wating around time.

I haven’t seen him. name sounds very familiar, heard that he usually fighting 130-135 pounds.

three losses have been above 135 also.

knocked ou;three times, one 137, 138 and 139.

record 12-6, two KOs both in first round. they’ve been above 140-

138 and under never lost.

we were going to make at 135 that’s how ben making of my wiehgt, so we’re going tootake adv of his losses going to make 137-138, sothis way can eat three meals a day without worrying about making weight.

I feel real strong right now. My trainer have slow down, so want to keep going. I’ve peaked, since trainign three motnhs for nothing. I’ve peak

running 10 miles a day for six days a week.

Very important, even thought didn’t hrut my feeligns go, I need to shut some people up. I need to get back more in limelight as far as tv goes and bigger paydays goes.

promoter talke to couple casinos, want to cut all bulcrap somebody undercard. keep bsuy, 6 fights a eyar, get me some kid fo title fight.

It’s been awhile fogth for them, if money is good and igve chance, def. It al comes dow poltiics now, and I have couple good politicicans o nmy side now. I’ll let the calling shots and I’l worry about trainign and getting into ring and winning.

Joe Lopez and Jorge Marron will work corner.

gave call on MOnday. talked to management, noticed all three loses above 135, so we decided to make at that weight.

“It dont’ matter. I fought under someyd else’s home town. I’m not going to and I thik drop in middle of ring and not move if they give decsion. that would top whole thing off, liek they did with Camacho. I feel real strong, I’m not trying to go distance anymore, I’m goig to mpuh myself a littlemore, sort of gamble, go in give 120 percent and see what cmes out of it.

Lookng more for knockout and stoppage, he’s trainig sea level, I feel prty srong.

Trying to talke casnos, looking convention cente or something.

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