Track teams tear up Big George Invite

Becky Regan
Boyd Dangtongdee / Special to the Tribune

Boys Results

100 meters

4. Jason Rogers 11.73 South Tahoe

200 meters

2. Jason Rogers 24.03 South Tahoe

400 meters

27. Michael Valney 1:04.31 South Tahoe

28. Chase Stalter 1:04.61 South Tahoe

30. Matthew Herring 1:08.82 South Tahoe

800 meters

1. Mark Waite 2:05.34 Whittell

15. Harley Norton 2:23.15 South Tahoe

23. Dylan Maxwell 2:30.55 South Tahoe

25. Rudy Mata 2:31.22 Whittell

26. Jose Rodriguez 2:32.79 South Tahoe

29. Rodney Aguirre-Rodriguez 2:36.15 Whittell

30. Gabriel Aguilar 2:36.15 Whittell

31. Logan Evans 2:36.94 South Tahoe

1600 meters

1. Mark Waite 4:43.46 Whittell

5. Connor Henderson 4:53.39 South Tahoe

15. Harley Norton 5:03.93 South Tahoe

18. Josh Welch 5:11.54 Whittell

20. Ross Kovac 5:13.68 South Tahoe

21. Dylan Maxwell 5:18.12 South Tahoe

24. Orion Maxwell 5:24.46 South Tahoe

30. Jose Rodriguez 5:43.29 South Tahoe

32. Gabriel Aguilar 5:50.99 Whittell

33. Rudy Mata 5:55.80 Whittell

3200 meters

2. Connor Henderson 10:50.26 South Tahoe

8. Ross Kovac 11:32.57 South Tahoe

13. Orion Maxwell 11:40.34 South Tahoe

14. Dylan Maxwell 11:42.61a South Tahoe

12. Josh Welch 12:10.77 Whittell

22. Joseph Messina 13:10.27 South Tahoe

23. Paul Mutz 13:18.88 South Tahoe

110-meter hurdles

5. Carson Alexander 19.55 South Tahoe

300-meter hurdles

5. Kyle Moreno 47.99 South Tahoe

6. Carson Alexander 48.71 South Tahoe

8. Dylan Stetler 48.90 Whittell

11. Ethan Strain 49.56 South Tahoe

12. Kiegan Shackleton 49.86 South Tahoe

4x400 relay

4. 4:00.77 Whittell

Rodney Aguirre-Rodriguez, Dylan Stetler, Mark Waite, Max Primo

4x800 relay

3. 9:07.77 South Tahoe

Shot put – 12 pounds

12. Kris Hurwitz 36-00.75 South Tahoe

19. Rafa Gutierrez 33-02.00 South Tahoe

24. Justin McKenrick 31-03.75 South Tahoe

31. Matthew Herring 30-00.25 South Tahoe

39. Patrick Stimac 26-03.00 South Tahoe

42. Chase Stalter 23-03.00 South Tahoe

Discus - 1.6 kg

21. Rafa Gutierrez 86-09 South Tahoe

25. Patrick Stimac 81-07 South Tahoe

29. Blair Binns 76-10 South Tahoe

30. Justin McKenrick 76-08 South Tahoe

37. Chase Stalter 58-09 South Tahoe

42. Griffin Hobson 45-05 South Tahoe

High jump

3. Jason Rogers 5-08.00 South Tahoe

Long jump

15. Max Primo 16-08.75 Whittell

18. Rodney Aguirre-Rodriguez 15-11.50 Whittell

19. Ethan Strain 15-10.25 South Tahoe

22. Dylan Stetler 15-02.75 Whittell

28. Michael Valney 12-08.25 South Tahoe

29. Goody Walowit 11-05.00 South Tahoe

Girls Results

100 meters

1. Sierra Forvilly 13.28 Whittel

200 meters

8. Sierra Forvilly 30.49 Whittell

400 meters

4. Diana Gomez 1:05.64 South Tahoe

11. Meagan Thomson 1:11.49 South Tahoe

13. Corynn Bricker 1:12.36 South Tahoe

20. Iran Manzano 1:19.85 Whittell

21. Lindsey Herring 1:24.00 South Tahoe

800 meters

2. Sierra Forvilly 2:33.74 Whittell

3. Karley Martinez 2:34.29 South Tahoe

11. Gabriela Vargas 2:53.09 South Tahoe

25. Christy Walowit 3:26.39 South Tahoe

1600 meters

2. Karley Martinez 5:39.73 South Tahoe

5. Emily Treat 5:51.02 South Tahoe

16. Gabriela Vargas 6:18.42 South Tahoe

28. Erin Moffat 7:40.44 South Tahoe

3200 meters

3. Emily Treat 12:57.98 South Tahoe

13. Bridget Moffat 16:00.29 South Tahoe

100-meter hurdles

1. Sierra Forvilly 16.31 Whittell

300-meter hurdles

2. Jennifer Burks 51.21 South Tahoe

5. Kerry Norton 53.12 South Tahoe

12. Brooke King 57.78 South Tahoe

16. Janelle Spandau 1:02.62 South Tahoe

4x100 relay

2. 54.00 South Tahoe

Shot put - 4kg

12. Kerry Norton 24-08.25 South Tahoe

15. London Gustofson 21-08.25 South Tahoe

17. Christy Walowit 21-00.75 South Tahoe

19. Gisselle Benitez 20-08.00 Whittell

20. Tammi Tu 20-07.25 South Tahoe

21. Ciara Clavelle 19-10.00 South Tahoe

Discus - 1kg

11. Kerry Norton 71-10 South Tahoe

14. Gisselle Benitez 64-02 Whittell

19. London Gustofson 56-08 South Tahoe

20. Christy Walowit 54-08 South Tahoe

21. Tammi Tu 52-11 South Tahoe

25. Karina Garcia 40-11 South Tahoe

26. Ciara Clavelle 39-10 South Tahoe

High jump

13. Kimberly Marquez-Sanchez 4-00.00 South Tahoe

Long jump

11. Corynn Bricker 11-07.75 South Tahoe

12. Haley Lazar 11-04.25 South Tahoe

14. Iran Manzano 10-08.75 Whittell

School size helped Douglas High School claim first place at the latest high school track meet, but the South Shore kids scored points for the underdogs.

“This week most of the schools weren’t even in our league so we were going up against some big competition,” said South Tahoe track coach Jake Hurwitz said. “When we are healthy and have all our athletes back again, regionals are going to be a pretty big event for us.”

The South Tahoe and Whittell track teams again turned in top times against big schools loaded with speedy competition at the Big George Invite at Douglas High School on Saturday.

In the boys competition, Douglas took first (189.5), followed by Carson (127.5), Hug (63), North Tahoe (54) and South Tahoe took fifth (49) despite missing one of its track stars, Brandon Cramer. The Whittell boys tied for eighth place (26).

In the girls competition, Douglas again claimed first (250.5), followed again by Carson (100.5), Galena (88.5), South Tahoe (49) in fourth, North Tahoe (47) and Whittell in sixth (29).

The names Sierra Forvilly and Mark Waite should by now sound pretty familiar. The two Whittell track stars have repeatedly put up the times to beat this season, which is all the more impressive considering they are coming for a school of about 150.

Saturday was no different. Both Waite and Forvilly claimed multiple first-place finished against the tough competition.

Forvilly took first in the 100 meters with a personal best of 13.28. The senior also took first in the 100-meter hurdles (16:57), besting her time from the previous week’s competition. She finished second in the 800 meters and eighth in the 200 meters, which she finished first in during preliminaries.

Waite, a junior, dominated in the 800-meter and one-mile runs. He set a scorching 4:43 one-mile pace for first place, and cut his 800 down by about 4 seconds (2:05.34).

South Tahoe’s Cramer, who usually scores about 30 points for the Vikings, sat the meet out to rest up for the Meet of Champions he will competition in Saturday in Sacramento.

In Cramer’s absence, teammate Jason Rogers stepped up big time.

Rogers took fourth in the 100 meters and second in the 200 meters (24.03). He also added a high jump that measured 5-foot-8 for third place.

“With a little more work he’s probably around the 6-foot mark easily,” Hurwitz said.

South Tahoe’s long-distance star, Connor Henderson, shined in the two-mile with a 10:52 for second place. Henderson also claimed fifth in the one-mile, breezing in under the 5-minute mark.

Ross Kovac wasn’t far behind Henderson in the two-mile, coming in at eighth place.

Kyle Moreno captured fifth in the 300-meter hurdles for South Tahoe, and freshman teammate Carson Alexander took sixth.

“There were some pretty big schools there this week and for a freshman, making it to the finals in any race is a pretty big ordeal. Sixth place is pretty outstanding,” Hurwitz said.

Dylan Stetler took eighth in the 300-meter hurdles for Whittell.

Among the girls, South Tahoe’s Emily Treat continued to impress. The senior shaved a whopping 35 seconds off her two-mile time, finishing in 12:57 for third place. She also clipped 5 seconds off her mile time, for 5:51 and fifth place.

“Literally almost every meet has been a double-digit drop for her,” Hurwitz said. “It’s unbelievable how well she is doing. She’s not out there screaming it, but in truth she’s really put up a good season for her senior year. I think Karley and her, as well as Gabriella Vargas, are really the core group that’s been pushing each other.”

Martinez continued to be at the front of the South Tahoe girls’ charge. She took second in the one-mile and third in the 800 meters.

“Karley’s been our top 800 and mile runner all season,” said Hurwitz of Martinez, who has overcome her fair sahre of obstacles. “I think she’s happy to be back where she is and in the next couple of weeks she really going to burst through this wall.”

The Vikings also had their top hurdle runner Jenny Burks, who took second in the 300-meter hurdles and ninth in the 100-meter hurdles.

“Her times just keep getting better,” Hurwitz said. “She was also part of our girls 4 by 1, they took second place and ran a 54 second 4 by 1, which is pretty phenomenal.”

South Tahoe’s Diana Gomez ran into fourth place overall in the girls 400.

Freshman Kerry Norton showed off her sprinting skills as well as throwing. She took fifth in the 300-meter hurdles and ran in the second leg of the girls 4 by 1 team that took second place.

“She’s been a thrower all season, but she took off like a bullet. She must have gotten 20 meters ahead. It was the first time she’s ever been a part of that and it was incredible. She’s definitely a sprinter,” Hurwitz said. “Ninty percent of track is technic and she’s really shown that.”

UP NEXT: Both teams travel to the 83 Annual Yerington Relays on Saturday. This weekend will be the last weekend the teams can record times to qualify for regionals. South Tahoe will also have a car wash fundraiser in the Lake Tahoe Pizza Co parking lot on Sunday afternoon.

For a complete list of results visit the Tahoe Daily Tribune online and click on the South Shore sports tab.

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