Vikings to scrimmage Colts |

Vikings to scrimmage Colts

Potentially one of the most explosive offenses in Northern Nevada will butt helmets with the region’s traditional power Saturday at South Tahoe High.

Led by defending Northern Nevada 4A rushing champion Jake Hurwitz and an offensive line nearly in tact from last year’s playoff campaign, South Tahoe High will take on 1999 Nevada 4A Division II champion Wooster in an 11 a.m. preseason scrimmage in South Lake Tahoe.

“We feel it’s best to learn from the best to open the season,” said STHS coach Tim Jaureguito. “Wooster is still a real solid program and obviously they are the pick to become division champions this year.”

The full-contact scrimmage will be complete with game officials. Both coaches have alerted officials that they want a quick whistle whenever their quarterbacks are being pressure by the defense.

“For the most part, it’s like a real game. The only difference is we won’t use special teams,” Jaureguito said. “We defenitely want to use all of our players, because it’s a great opportunity to evaluate personnel and put people in the right positions before we start division play.”

The freshman team will scrimmage at the school’s upper field, while the varsity and junior varsity squads will scrimmage back to back on the lower field.

The scrimmage is free to spectators. Adults will be charged a $5 fee to dine at the postgame barbecue put on by the Viking Quarterback Club.

all three levels 11 a.m. Saturdya, frosh on upperfield, jv and varsity back to back on main field.

5 years done this.

full-contract scrimmage, officals there. we won’t QB to get hit all, for most part it’s like a game, onl diff don’t use special teams.

“They’re still real solid program, digision champsin last year, and obvi be pick teh div champsi this year and they hae tradi. we feel best to learn from to open seaosn. if going to learn, learn from the best.

no charge. after scrimmage sponsored by Vikings quarterback CLub, free players and claches, $5 for adults, great oppt for any adult, meet talke with players. It’s fun time for Saturday.

def try to use everybody, that’s our gaol as coaches, becaue we want to get a look at eveyrboyd. rel opp to evaluate personal.

four games, peseson games, it’ grea oppp to put people in right positons before start division play.

Team pictures, 10 a.m. Monday, on main field.

Meet, mornigns booked between practices, 4 p.m., Monday, counseling

batle with wooster, see here in scraimmage, actually homecomn we’ll be against wooste,r so it should be real interesting. It wil be nice to hae twice at our place, it wil be real interesting.

“worked really nice from standpoint when down STMS it was impossible to get down ther afterpractie or between praitc,s it give opt now to wak one field fro mantoehr to see pop warner kids. Im family with lot kids playing, ffom standpoit it’s lot

there is field crunch in this town, and it’s a huge prblem and that nees to solve. lot people working on problem and ti wil be solved we have to do something for youth in community because we jsut don’t hve get more field enough field space.

after schedule, off field 5-5:30 which should get plenty of time before sun goes donw. It whould work for both programs. we’re comm they wear blue and gold and we wear blud and gold. look at reno, so many peop warner tema, lot times nto wearig school colors, real unitque oppt to move on hs program and become big part of that as wel.

handing out jersey, to me it’s big deal to wear the blue and gold.

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