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Wasilchuk’s been on a roll since family started him bowling

John Shott

Welcome! Our featured women’s bowler of the week is Mary Bondietti. Bondietti began bowling in the early ’60s in the Mixed and His and Hers leagues at Tahoe Bowl. Bondietti bowls for recreation, entertainment and the thrill of bowling.

Throughout her bowling career Bondietti has maintained a 180 average and has been employed at Tahoe Bowl for the past 10 years. During that time Bondietti has participated in all local and women’s bowling tournaments. Throughout the ’70s and ’80s Bondietti has won eight Bowler of the Year recognition awards, and the highlight of her career occurred during the 1993 season when she rolled her first 700 series. She is one of only four women to accomplish this mark. The others are Camille Arnold, Arlene Hailey and Cindi Epps. In the His and Hers League, bowling for Dean Witter, with an average of 180, Bondietti rolled games of 190, 193 and 242 for a 625 series, which qualified her for Shott’s Women’s Bowler of the Week. Great bowling, Mary!

Our featured men’s bowler of the week is Ric Wasilchuk. Wasilchuk started bowling when he was 8 years old at Tahoe Bowl. His father, Fred, and mother, Marge – both top bowlers in Tahoe – inspired and encouraged their son to bowl. His parents started bowling in the early 1960s in mixed leagues together and his father bowled in the Mixed Scratch Trio. In 1979, Marge rolled a perfect 300 game at Tahoe Bowl and Fred rolled a career-high 289 game.

Coming from a bowling family, Wasilchuk began bowling in the junior program while a junior in high school. When Wasilchuk was 13 years old, he rolled his first 200 game. He then began bowling in the Merchants League when he was 17 years old, while still in high school. When Wasilchuk was 20, he averaged more than 200 and has continued to average more than 200 for the past 20 years.

Wasilchuk’s highest series is 752 with games of 268, 257 and 227, which he rolled in the 1978 City Tournament at Tahoe Bowl and his highest game is 297, which was rolled in the 1980 Snowflake Tournament in which he received an 11-in-a-row belt buckle from ABC.

The highlight of Wasilchuk’s career was from 1976-80 when he was bowling in all PCCB and NCBA tournaments. During this time, Wasilchuk had the opportunity of bowling against his second favorite hero, Steve Cook. His favorite hero and idol is his father, Fred, who he attributes all his respect, love and success to for his relentless help and inspiration to his bowling career.

“He has always supported and encouraged me to bowl,” Wasilchuk said.

During Wasilchuk’s tournament tour, he cashed (placed in the top 24 bowlers) in at least 12 tournaments and his best finish was eighth place. All throughout his tournaments, Wasilchuk’s average was 210 pins per game.

Wasilchuk has bowled in two leagues, the His and Hers and Merchants, for the past 15 years. Wasilchuk participates in all King of the Hill, State, National and City tournaments. To his credit, Wasilchuk has rolled more than 30 700 series and his dream is to roll a perfect 300 and 800 series. Wasilchuk can also bowl between his legs and has scored over 200 doing so (pretty impressive, Ric).

In 1979, after a CBA tournament, Wasilchuk rolled 300 and 289 games back-to-back with a string of 22 strikes. In the His and Hers League, averaging 201, bowling for the Lake Tahoe Golf Course, Wasilchuk rolled games of 259, 223 and 213 for a 695 series, qualifying him for Shott’s Men’s Bowler of the Week. Good shooting, Ric!

In the His and Hers league, the Dean Witter team recorded the highest pin fall by a team in their third game. After the third game, Bondietti (our featured women’s bowler) rolled a 242 game, Al Line shot 177, Barbara Hoy (with a 151 average) had a beautiful 234 game, George Markis scored 191 and George Alm had an impressive 268 game for an 1,112 total. This is the first team to crack the 1,100 mark this year. An awesome performance by the Dean Witter team and great individual performance by George Alm, who rolled a 741 series.

Also, this week, special recognition goes to Scott Spivack. In the Sierra Hi Balls League, with a 165 average, Spivack rolled games of 232, 191 and 233 for a 656 series, qualifying him for his 150 Pins Over Average award from ABC. Great bowling, Scott!

Some upcoming events of note:

— Tahoe Bowl’s Christmas food drive has been very successful in its first week. Let’s make the next week a great success for all the needy families.

— The Junior/Adult tournament will take place on Dec. 21 at Tahoe Bowl at 3 p.m. Each team will bowl five games and the top three teams will all receive gift certificates from the Women’s Bowling Association of Lake Tahoe. Entry fees are $25 and sign-ups are at 2:30 p.m. Come on down and let’s see what you can do.

Tune in next week for more bowling scores, biographies, and results from all the leagues.

High Scores of the Week:

Ho Hum Trio (12/9) – Becky Hart 184, Margie Stephens 189, Mary Bondietti 219, Ann Fitzsimmons 184, Terri Paul 201, Carmen Withrow 198, Marilyn Milholland 199. South Lake Tahoe Seniors (12/9) – Zelma Gillette 223, Dick Soyland 194, Bob Peterson 189, George Markis 201, Vern Lee 202, Ray Horton 187, Tony Manfredi 189, Gary Gruber 199, George Cretilli 205, Leo Fuller 197, John Filas 225, Don Wingate 182, Wayne Logan 201, Roger Bush 209, Rande Howell 192, Mac Miranda 200, Bill Leonard 191, Ray Bennett 189, Audrey Fuller 181. His and Hers (12/9) – Presley Driskill 192, Tillie Allen 203, Janis Recanzone 204, Ric Wasilchuk 259-223-213/695, Barbara Hoy 234, Mary Bondietti 242/625, Don Dendauw 198, Al Line 200, George Markis 201, George Alm 226-247-268/741, Roman Vondriska 192, Jim Smith 214, Bob Bolinger 208, David Miller 204-200, Greg Brittain 185, David Olivo 232-200/618, Cheryl Miller 187, James Sterling 225-212/618, Daryl Regala 225, Josh Gioscia 216, Rob Krzaczek 245, Robert Talbot 199, Jeremy Agnew 206. Merchants (12/9) – Norm Attenborough 244, Mark Shehadi 186, Jon Hansen 219, John Zimmerman 242, John Filas 213-205/617, Willie Campbell 206, Tommy Younger 201, George Alm 225, Fred 230. Sierra Hi Balls (12/10) – Howard Bittner 213, Tom Otomo 239/619, Kevin Root 199, Tink 188, Bert 222, Jack Post 221, Al Gustafson 215, Barb Gustafson 187, Steve Anderson 203-203, Jim Tressler 189, Mike White 190, Mitch Stockton 200, Scott Spivack 232-233/656, Mario 202, Chuck Crites 215-200/603, Larry Johnson 207-206, George Alm 233-239-225/697. Goofers (12/4) – Dixie Lee Surano 214, Tom DeGuide 224, Don Mayer 200, Chris Prebezac 183, Juan Bach 191, Dan Sullivan 193, Denny Minami 221-207, Nicolai Andrejeff 200, Harold Guidry 181, Albert Norman 187, Bobbie Wingate 189, Jodie Vineyard 179, Becky Grunewald 172. Mixed Scratch Trio (12/11) – Mario Lomibao 205, George Alm 200, David Ramsay 258-236/672, John Heza 220, B 235, Ken Kostelnik 204, James Sterling 232-232-205/669, Kevin Iggens 256-247-690, Kevin Blair 238/600, Albert Norman 205, Dave Dickinson 202, Jeremy Agnew 207, Russ Anderson 213, John Shott 222-233/624. Guys and Dolls (12/11) – Rick Soyland 237, Bob Allender 203, Kathy Bolinger 214, Bob Bolinger 194, Reggie Swift 184, John Charney 197, Benji Haynie 203, Don Figeroa 211, Judy Houle 182, Ron Rathbun 216, Al Line 210-204, Roger Haupt 183, Steve Sandborn 196, Carol Redinger 182, Jere Petrie 205-232/624, Pat Fountain 198, Richard Hart 214, Gene Topham 186, Tom Nobriga 212-210, Chuck Crites 234-204/634, Peggy Swift 186, Bob Swift 190, Monte Reece 222, Vern Lee 194, Ed Johnston 191, John Filas 202. Basin Bowlers (12/12) – Bob Jones 198, Willie Campbell 268, Howard Chamberlain 191, Matt Fowler 193, Adolph Zertuche 229, Rande Howell 225, Jay Brown 214-200, Patrick Heath 200, Wayne Koch 190, Ray Wilson 205, Russ Anderson 243-206/632, Mark Terrell 226/606. Junior/Majors (12/12) – Nicole Irish 164, Trevor Lewis 162, Sarah Bauwens 149, Pat Reardon 172, Kenny Tidwell 124, Georjan Bergman 172, Adrian Cook 128, Jason Bergman 192, Brian Ware 226, Jessica Vasconcellos (85 avg. 318 series) 117 YABA Award patch). Peewees (12/13) (3-7 years) – Joey 45, Chelsey 57, Jared 48, Dylan 43, Delaney 104, Brian 72, Nils 86, Gary 81. Bantams (12/13) (7-8 years) – Jonathan Kibbe 89, Janelle Alessi 72, Joel Morris 93-90, Derrick Sweet 81-92, Chantal Steburg 75-79, Mitchall Taggart 76, Andrew Stuck 126-132, Jonny Walker 94, Alexis Diaz 84, Mayela Carver 95-99, Jason Heitger 75, John Heitger 64, Justin Stanton 66. Preps (12/13) (9-12 Years) – Christopher Shott 137, Samantha Taylor 167, Matt Ault 111, Jeffrey DeGuide 139, Samantha Smith 91, Vanessa Hodges 144, Andrew Gregorich 122, Jordan Boles 138, Anthony Gregorich 185, Aaron Davis 98, Julian Jameson 121, Tyler Der Hoeven 114.

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