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Wondka high roller in his and hers league


Our hot-shot bowlers of the week are Mike Wondka, Tom Otomo, William Campbell and Don Halvorson.

Mike Wondka rolled the highest series of the week with games of 233-236-202 for a 671 series in the His and Hers League. Tom Otomo shot games of 267-216 for a 648 series in the His and Hers League. William Campbell rolled games of 240-222 for a 641 series in the His and Hers League. Don Halvorson recorded games of 214-227 for a 625 series in the His and Hers League.

All four bowlers, Mike, Tom, William, and Don, qualified as Shott’s bowlers of the week. Great bowling!

Tip of the week

Our guest columnist this week is Russ Anderson and his tip of the week is on “The Explosion Point.”

In bowling as in many sports, there is an “explosion point.” You can be a good bowler without it, but you’ll never be great. It is the point of release in bowling. It occurs with a forward acceleration of the arm swing and whip-through of the wrist, the fingers coming off the ball surface with a snap to create the lift necessary to create the hook. The crispness of the release and the manner in which the fingers leave the ball determines the number of revolutions you impart to the ball. Revolutions determine the amount of hook you will obtain when the ball loses its forward speed and the spinning or rolling action begins to take effect on the surface of the lane.

If you integrate the “explosion point” it will add to the compactness of your entire shot and send the ball on its way with “authority.” This is especially important for the woman bowler. Due to the lighter weight of the balls used by most women, more ball speed can create greater pin counts and drive out that nasty five pin that seem to always rear its ugly head on what appears to be a perfect pocket hit.

Another tip dealing with the pocket hit is something I read a long time ago. The perfect pocket hit for a pro includes one-half of the head pin. Just touching the head pin often does not result in a strike, but you can be sure if you get a lot of the head pin your ball will drive through the five pin and also eliminate some of those 10 pin taps we all suffer from.

As with any experiment you attempt in bowling, try the “explosion point” in practice before you take it into league competition. I think you will find a noticeable improvement in pin counts and knocked-down five pins. Your teammates will appreciate the “new and improved” you.

High scores of the week:

Ho Hum Trio (11/9) – Linda Clark 203, Sue Dickey 215, Candice Castiglione 200, Linda Robinson 188, Chris Henricksen 184. Tahoe Seniors (11/9) – Ed Nauer 185, Virgie Rogez 199, Rande Howell 204-201, Richard Danna 184, Leo Fuller 218, Franz Goepfert 205, Rick Sanchez 200-216. His and Hers (11/9) – David Eckenrode 200, Robert Pederson 220, William Campbell 240-222/641, Mike Kivi 238, John Shott 202-204, Bob Bolinger 221, Andy Massey 216, Bob Stephens 242, Don Halvorson 214-227/625, Mike Wondka 233-236-202/671, Ric Wasilchuk 210, Richard Hart 200, John Hall 202-200, Kevin Iggens 224-214/608, Tom Otomo 267-216/648. Sierra Hi Balls (11/10) – Howard Bittner 219, Linda Robinson 192, Max Withrow 257/609, Ken Kostelnik 230, Carolyn Lewis 242, Norm Attenborough 200, Tom Otomo 210. Goofers (11/4) – Nicolai Andrejeff 207, Ann Fitzsimmons 184, Norman Kellogg 202, Don Mayer 200, Greg Smith 221, Dan Sullivan 201, Brenda Tarbell 177, Joan Vineyard 233. Guys & Dolls (11/11) – Bob Bolinger 209, John Filas 222, Chuck Crites 206-203, George Cretilli 204, Jim Holfeltz 210, Dick Robbins 217, William Campbell 256/622, Shirley March 189, David Smock 201-203, Pat Fountain 225, Jim Klopp 223-200, Franz Goepfert 200, George Alm 202, Jeff Nielsen 235, Rodney Fodran 226, Richard Hart 201-207, Jim Stoke 212, Jim Nichols 202, Steve Sandburn 214, Avery Norman 200, Albert Norman 190. Basin Bowlers (11/12) – K.C. Bodnar 190, Wayne Koch 226, Rande Howell 204-206, Barrett Burgaard 197, Jeremy Agnew 198.

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