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Incline man charged with attempted murder in Kings Beach shooting

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. — A man has been arrested for attempted murder in North Lake Tahoe after authorities say he fired a gun at the head of another person when a dispute between the two escalated.

Samuel Reyes Navarro

Samuel Reyes Navarro, 27, of Incline Village, was arrested around 1 a.m. Monday in the area of Kings Beach on multiple felony charges, records show. Navarro faces one count of attempted murder, one count of assault on a person with a firearm, and numerous other firearm related felonies.

In addition to the firearm felonies, Navarro is also being charged for obstructing a police officer, and for being in possession of over a half ounce of suspected methamphetamine, according to a press release issued by the Placer County Sheriff’s Office.

Navarro was initially transported Monday morning to the Nevada County Jail following his arrest, and then was moved to the Auburn Jail in Placer County later that day. There, he is being held without bail, due to the attempted murder charge, according to a spokesperson with the Auburn Jail. A date has not yet been set for Navarro’s first court appearance.

Deputies originally responded early Sunday morning to an incident after they received a report of gunshots from the area of Bear Street and Rainbow Avenue, around Kings Beach.

At the scene of the shooting, reported around 3:40 a.m. Sunday, deputies contacted the alleged victim, an adult male. The man told deputies that Navarro had fired multiple gunshots over his head after a verbal altercation between the two of them had apparently escalated. Bullet casings were found at the scene, and other witnesses told authorities that they had seen a vehicle fleeing the area after the reported gunshots, a press release states.

Early Monday, a Placer County deputy observed Navarro driving in the Kings Beach area, and a police pursuit of the suspect began, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

During the pursuit, Navarro abandoned his vehicle and fled from law enforcement on foot, according to sheriff’s Lt. Nelson Resendes. However, he was quickly apprehended and taken into custody. The arresting officers on scene found a gun on Navarro’s person matching the gun alleged to have been used in Sunday morning’s shooting, and they also found meth on him, according to the release.

While Navarro surrendered to deputies peacefully after he was tracked down, he will face the charge of evading arrest for fleeing from officers, according to Resendes.

It is not clear what prompted the initial altercation between Navarro and the victim, Resendes said.

Stephen Wyer is a staff writer with The Union, a sister publication of the Tribune. He can be reached at swyer@theunion.com.

Delicious dining – a top amenity at Revel Rancharrah

The monthly Chef’s Table showcases the culinary creativity of Revel Rancharrah’s culinary team in a fine-dining setting.
The monthly Chef’s Table showcases the culinary creativity of Revel Rancharrah’s culinary team in a fine-dining setting.

Thanks to made-from-scratch, cooked-to-order meals that rival any fine-dining restaurant in Reno, the residents at Revel Rancharrah haven’t had to sacrifice delicious food during the pandemic.

Dining at Revel Rancharrah — at Ovation or The Social Club — is a culinary experience, with the same flexibility, choice and service you’d find at other exceptional restaurants. Why would an independent living community settle for anything less? With Unidine providing food and dining management services, resident preferences delivered with a commitment to fresh food are the priority.

“We’re totally different than what other senior living communities offer, many of which do batch-cooking and have just a couple of options for lunch and dinner,” said Leo Timatyos, dining services director for Unidine Lifestyles, which runs the restaurants at Revel Rancharrah. “We offer an a-la-carte menu and daily specials, at just about any time of day, and our residents really enjoy the food here.”

Resident Driven Menus

Dishes at Ovation, a modern-American restaurant, feature fresh flavors and ingredients, with imaginative presentations. Depending on the season, residents can savor a roasted beet and citrus salad with honey, goat cheese and candied walnuts, or a seared salmon with charred fennel, spinach and a garlic chili vinaigrette. 

Timatyos’ background is in fine dining — he has worked in casinos and in sports entertainment. The chefs on staff come from a similar background, and their passion really shows in the customized dishes they create. 

But at the heart that drives culinary excellence are our residents, who attend a town hall meeting once a month to provide direct input to the kitchen staff. 

“Our mission is to make sure we’re delivering what the residents enjoy,” Timatyos said. “This is their home, and we want to make sure they want to visit us often.”

Favorites on the menu include classic fish and chips, chicken milanese (breaded chicken cutlet with arugula and lemon), truffle French fries and various versions of pasta, seafood and steak dishes. 

“We run a lot of specials daily and always get feedback from residents on our comment cards, which are a great tool for us to learn more about culinary preferences so we can incorporate these items into the permanent menu,” Timatyos said. “We recently featured a pork schnitzel Ocktoberfest special and our residents were wow’d, as a result we added it on the menu to enjoy on a regular basis.”

Ovation is Revel Rancharrah’s modern-American restaurant, featuring fresh flavors and ingredients, creative presentations, an open kitchen and an elegant dining room.
Ovation is Revel Rancharrah’s modern-American restaurant, featuring fresh flavors and ingredients, creative presentations, an open kitchen and an elegant dining room.

Fun yet Elegant Atmosphere

At The Social Club, the vibe is exactly as it sounds. Of course, COVID-19 restrictions have altered the dining but not the hospitality experience.  Revel Rancharrah has continuously innovated to come up with ways to maintain the social aspects and amenities of an authentic restaurant experience. “Typically, residents might have a drink at the bar while indulging in an appetizer as they socialize while waiting for their table at Ovation,” Timatyos said.

Both restaurants have a full bar with a full array of classic spirits, including inventive cocktails and a robust wine list. At the adjacent Ovation, the concept features an open kitchen and a beautiful dining room that opens up to al fresco dining.

Taste of Revel Competition 

Every month, the culinary teams at the various Revel Communities from around the country come up with a dish that each chef must create and personalize. The resulting dishes are then prepared for residents, who not only indulge in the competition’s menu items but determine their favorites. Past competitions have featured creative variations of cookies, a BBQ-style salad and chilled soup. In September, the chefs each created their own version of cheesecake bites. 

“We develop all the recipes then each chef is challenged to create the eight dishes. We offer these items on the menu and our residents’ score, rank and judge the culinary outcome,” Timatyos said. “It has created great camaraderie among the chefs, and the residents enjoy it too because they can taste what the chefs at the other properties are making.”

Recent Dinner at Ovation
Recent Dinner at Ovation

Fine Dining Reimagined during COVID-19

In such a challenging time for restaurants, Ovation and The Social Club have also had to reimagine how they offered not just the cuisine, but also the entire dining experience, to their customers. 

“It has really been an unprecedented time. We’re fixing the plane while it’s flying,” Timatyos said. 

The management team put their heads together and Unidine resources to do what they do best: provide a high-quality experience. They researched to-go containers that would best preserve the food and its presentation for residents eating it in their homes. They also implemented room service delivery and a curbside pickup option.

After dining rooms were able to reopen with social distancing measures in place, the dining team reconfigured the furniture to make sure everyone stays safe. Timatyos said he’s noticed an increase in business as many residents feel more comfortable dining on-site than leaving the community to go to restaurants in the city. 

Many of the Revel Rancharrah schedule of restaurant events are also carrying on. Resident’s are engaged through programs such as the popular Chef’s Table event held on the last Friday of each month, in addition to the outdoor BBQ with live music every other Monday and on holidays.

“The Chef’s Table showcases the culinary creativity of our chefs. It’s a more fine-dining setting and we bring in tablecloths, flowers and live music such as a piano player or harpist. We also pair the dinner with wine,” Timatyos said. “Residents enjoy dressing up for the occasion and many want these events scheduled more often.”

Wine Down Wednesdays and Happy Hour Fridays, which feature varieties of cocktails, wines and bites, and sometimes live music, are two more resident favorites. 

“It’s been a very difficult time for everyone during COVID-19, so we make sure we’re giving residents all the amenities and hospitality services we can to keep their minds off from what’s going on in the world,” Timatyos said. “We are all family and we’re all in this together.”

Mental Health Awareness Month finds Americans severely impacted by the pandemic

Editor’s Note: Paid Advertorial


Every year in May, we celebrate the Mental Health Awareness Month to break the stigma and raise awareness on the importance of seeking treatment for conditions like anxiety and depression. This month, we’re encouraged to spread the word on mental health disorders, support the ones we know to be affected by them, and look after our own mental health. In the US, we’ve been doing this since 1949, but this year’s Mental health Awareness Month finds us in a particularly tricky spot.

With the COVID-19 crisis still sweeping across the US and affecting communities, its ramifications have inevitably extended to mental health and caused a surge in psychological distress. Preliminary data from researchers at San Diego State University and Florida State University shows that, in April, one in four Americans met the criteria for a mental illness diagnosis, which is a whopping 700% increase from the same period two years ago.

Although mental health distress has been reported in all blankets of the population, it seems that parents staying at home with their children are among the most affected, their distress rising from 3% to 37%. Researchers say that they expected to see a worsening in mental health, but, even so, the numbers are surprising and paint a bleak picture for Americans’ wellbeing.

The Coronavirus pandemic is not just a health crisis, but also an economic and social one, so it’s bound to affect all areas of our lives. Apart from the shock and uncertainty that one of our loved ones or we could get sick, there are the side effects of isolation and the stress of losing our jobs. Besides, the general stress and anxiety induced by the current state of events had led to an increase in alcohol, tobacco, and drug consumption, and led to worsening symptoms for those who were already experiencing mental health issues before the pandemic.

For the past few months, people have been dealing with social isolation, set against a dire background. According to the CDC, stress during this infectious disease outbreak includes symptoms like worry for our own health and that of those around us, irregular sleeping and eating patterns, difficulty focusing, as well as the worsening of existing chronic and mental health conditions.

Younger adults and seniors are affected in different ways

From a physical health perspective, the Coronavirus is likely to affect people over 65, who have weakened immune systems and preexisting health conditions. At the same time, older adults who live alone or in nursing homes are more likely to experience loneliness, which should affect their mental health. However, so far, research points to the contrary: only 9% of Americans over 60 have been reported to suffer from serious mental distress, compared to 38% of Americans aged 18-29, and 37% of Americans aged 30-44 and 45-59.

That could be partly because seniors are less likely to experience the economic effects of the pandemic (but they’re just as likely to be affected by the emotional challenges of the lockdown). Gen Z and Millennials come from a different economic background: they’re less likely to own property, they’re struggling to keep up with rent/mortgage payments, and may not always have stable jobs. The causes vary depending on social and economic backgrounds. For example, young restaurant, retail, and hospitality workers, who already had a vulnerable financial situation, lost their jobs, and the ones in essential industries had their lives changed dramatically. For them, the new normal means facing an increased risk of transmission at work, working longer hours, and worrying that they might infect their families too. 

Parents who now work from home with underage children are torn between doing their jobs, looking after their kids, and homeschooling. Needless to say, healthcare workers are facing unprecedented stress levels, and the measures taken by individual institutions aren’t always enough to counter the toll of the pandemic. Overall, the nation is under serious stress, which is why wellness solutions like the ones from OrganicCBDnugs have gained more popularity. As calls to mental health hotlines are surging, mental health advocates point out that policymakers should allocate more resources to this sector.

How to look after your mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic

According to Rhiana Holmes, a trauma therapist specializing in disaster psychology, “depression and anxiety thrive on social isolation and disruption of routine,” so, now more than ever, we have to pay attention to our mental health, be kinder to ourselves, and stay emotionally connected to our loved ones, even amidst social distancing.

Here are some tips specialists recommend:

  • Practice meditation every day. Meditation has been proven to reduce stress, induce relaxation, and control the anxiety that many of us are feeling at this time of crisis.
  • Limit your daily TV and social media exposure. While it’s important to check the official guidelines from the CDC and World Health Organization, tuning into the news multiple times a day and constantly refreshing your social media feed can exacerbate anxious thoughts. Checking your phone compulsively for updates may seem like a small measure of control, but psychologists warn that this can be harmful in the long run.
  • Try to stay physically active as much as possible. Even if you can’t go out, indoor fitness exercises can lift your spirits and help control anxiety.
  • Practice your hobbies or take up new ones. Keeping up with your favorite TV shows, reading, cooking, blogging, or painting can relax you and boost your self-esteem.
  • Take time for self-care. With more time to spend at home, indulge in long baths, skincare, and body care.
  • Stay in touch with your loved ones. Even if you’re social distancing, you don’t have to be emotionally distant. Call your elderly relatives regularly and schedule video calls with your friends.
  • Make video appointments with your mental healthcare provider whenever possible, and continue the treatment if you have one.

If you or someone you know is experiencing extreme emotional distress, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is available 24/7 for phone calls and online chats.