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Physical Therapy

Ask a Tahoe Health Professional: Advice for shoveling smarter?

April 5, 2017 — Q: There always seems to be one more storm that comes just when we think spring weather has set in. This winter has tested the strength in my back and going through the motions again might be the straw that breaks it. Any advice on

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Ask a Tahoe Health Professional: How can I avoid injury when shoveling snow?

March 19, 2017 — Question: All of the snow shoveling has taken it's toll on my back. Aches come and go afterwards and sometimes I get spasms. Is there something I should be doing differently or specific treatment I should seek? Answer: Thank you for your question, and I'm

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Massage therapy can enhance prenatal wellness

February 8, 2017 — Relax as stress is melted away by techniques that conform to the many changes experienced during pregnancy. Lying on her side with the supported cushion system, the mother to-be can rest knowing her and her baby are getting the prenatal care that is needed to

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