Keys marina gets final approval for dredging project |

Keys marina gets final approval for dredging project

Mandy Feder

Dredging will begin in the Tahoe Keys Marina area during the week of April 6.

Final approval from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was received on Friday, according to Lisa Evans, Tahoe Keys Marina bookkeeper.

The Tahoe Keys Marina project will remove accumulated sand in the east channel to the approved depth of 6,215 feet, according to the permit from Lahontan. A total of 4,200 cubic yards of material will be removed at the site with an excavator stationed on a floating barge.

The dredging projects at Lake Tahoe are meant to address some of the boating community's concerns with declining water levels. Lake Tahoe's water level is at 6,222.83 feet above sea level, which is slightly below the natural 6,223-foot rim. The water level is anticipated to drop because of drought conditions.

The marina officials said they expect dredging to be comnplete by June 1.

Turbidity curtains will be used during the dredging process to help contain suspended sediment.