Redevelopment: What the future holds |

Redevelopment: What the future holds

The vision is taking shape. The journey has begun.

In several years, expect a complete transformation of Lake Tahoe’s south shore. Open pedestrian walkways, parks and shopping areas will provide visitors and locals alike a reason to experience Tahoe.

Right now, as buildings crumble to make way for the change, it takes a little imagination to envision the Tahoe of the future. But it’s coming.

“I do see a wonderful pedestrian village that is so missing right now,” City Redevelopment Manager Jaye Von Klug said. “I see people walking, not just along a 5-foot strip next to the highway. “Redevelopment has the potential to be immensely successful.”

Von Klug, along with other city and business officials, have worked hard for many years to see the Park Avenue Redevelopment Project begin. Although the Ski Run Project is almost complete, it is just a small part of the big picture. A lot was learned during the wait and a lot has already been accomplished.

Among the biggest satisfactions of redevelopment is seeing the vision spread to private property. Old commercial buildings and motels are being updated, remodeled and refurbished to get ready for the new Tahoe, their owners inspired by the changes being forged by redevelopment’s private/public projects.

“It’s not just the Stateline area. People are now willing to invest in commercial projects,” Von Klug said referring to major plans like the office supply stores proposed for the “Y” area.

She expects the revitalization to spread, not just around the south shore but the entire lake, stimulating the economy of the whole Lake Tahoe Basin.

Project 3 is the last of the specific projects planned, but not the last of the visions.

“Ten years out, we’ll be looking at how to do a monorail,” Von Klug said, continuing the dream. “Considering our climate and our proximity to major population centers, how do we move people around when they want to do more than what’s at Stateline. “People are always going to come in by car to a great degree, even if we have a thriving airport. Our goal is to have them leave their cars once they get here.”

And to enjoy all Lake Tahoe has to offer.

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